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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm not using a trainer...never heard of it. Just some of the arrow collecting exploits that they phased out after the first patch. There was another one so my friend topped up to 999 using the existing exploit before he patched BOTW. Looks like i'll be good to go. I figured they wouldn't update the WII U firmware ever again but it's worth worrying about just a bit in order to protect the massive mods I've applied. It's still a great little unit for vWii homebrew and, obviously, loadinne content. I don't want to lose any of that. I'd sooner just buy the Switch before the new Mario comes out versus risking losing all I've put into mod'ing my Wii U
  2. My friend has a switch and the purchased version of BOTW running on it. He bought the DLC and it forced him to update. So, he went and stocked up on arrows ans such as fear of those exploits going away with an update. I have a Wii U and purchased BOTW and plan on buying the DLC. I've heard the Wii U firmware will NOT ever be updated again. When I bought BOTW, I switched off my proxy DNS server to get the game itself updated, then just turned the proxies back on to block. Game worked perfect and all my mods are running great. No problems. I just want to make sure the DLC doesn't force some sort of update on my Wii U that blasts all my mods...I'm running VWii and Loadiine and don't want to lose all that capability. Thanks in advanced for any help / info on this. -J
  3. Thank you. trying to sort this out. EUR version just gave me a black screen after trying to load
  4. Can I play downloaded wii games on wii u?

    I play them using the VWii exploit method. Google Vwii and you will find tutorials EVERYWHERE on youtube and other places to do this.
  5. Help with Zelda Botw update, please.

    Thanks to both of you. I do have my system setup to run Wii games on an external, Gamebox games, and on and on. I've got the the VWii exploit in. When your guide says, "must be clean," does that mean, I cannot proceed with your guide given that I have modified it using the VWii setup? Last how about existing loadiine games and their save data on the SD Card? I assume that can all be pulled over to correct folders once the game is loaded to the usb drive? Thanks again for the guide and thanks for your feedback as well @malikoman
  6. [Wii U] 5.5.1 USB Loader

    Thank you
  7. Help with Zelda Botw update, please.

    Looking forward to the guide as it looks like THE solution to slower load times using the standard loadiine method. Problem here is, it's cheaper to buy the game than another Ext HDD and SD Card. The existing SD Card I have is used for Loadiine content and my External drive with Y Adapter is used for WII games. Therefore, does anyone know if I can run the physical disc with the DNS Proxies set to prevent updating. I'm on 5.5.1 - Last, how do I update the BOTW physical disc while keeping my loadiine setup safe. Thanks for the help! -J
  8. Thanks....had issues with that other version and the update package that you (I think) posted wouldn't unrar for me. I'll try this.
  9. Awesome!!! Thank you