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  1. thank you for uploading this..
  2. thank you for uploading this man..
  3. thank you for uploading this..
  4. thank you very much for uploading this
  5. thank you for uploading this..
  6. thank you for uploading
  7. thank you for uploading it
  8. I disagree with u. im not expecting much for the graphics in PS1. Silent Hill 1 (PS1) is still the best for me, because the idea is original (at that time) , and also because it was made by japanese team (mostly)
  9. i think PS3 is good for RPG games, because we cant find it much in PS4
  10. ok, got it
  11. to run the game, u must put those games in usb 3.0 and run it via usbloadergx. SD card is only for storing apps, like usbloadergx, wiiflow, etc. also for backing up save game files, and storing covers images for games. hope it help
  12. Newbie heree..