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  1. did you make sure the sd card is set up right? example pic, sry its shitty '(-_-) once you extract the rar it should be a main folder called "hyrule warriors [BWPE01]" it goes directly into the games folder of your sd card, ex: root:/wiiu/games/ everything in the folder is set up already to load dlc. when using the new loadiine app, make sure that when you start the hyrule warriors game, to enable both dlc options. if for some reason the option box isnt popping up before loading the game, you might want to see if there is a settings file in the loadine app folder on your sd card and delete it. that way it will create a fresh one when you go to start a game letting you choose load method, dlc options, etc.
  2. Full game updated and all DLC. A lot of annoyances and trials to get this to work because it wasn't explained properly, but I've made it easy for everyone now! all pieces are set for 2GB size in 4 parts, also includes a link to a modified loadiine, which allows Non Legit DLC Support. just extract the folder contained in the archive and everything is ready to go from there. ex: F:\wiiu\games\Hyrule Warriors [BWPE01]" [Hidden Content] Hero of Hyrule Pack Master Quest Pack Twilight Princess Pack Majora's Mask Pack Boss Pack Dark Link Costume (Link) Master Quest PackCia's Tale Guardian of Time Costume (Lana) Guardian of Time Costume (Cia) Horse Weapon (Link) Master Quest Map Twilight Princess PackTwili Midna Dominion Rod Weapon (Zelda) Postman Uniform (Link) Ilia's Clothes (Zelda) Twilight Map Majora's Mask PackTingle Young Link Era of the Hero of Time Outfit (Impa) Skull Kid's Clothes (Lana) Termina Map Boss PackBoss Challenge Ganon's Fury Legends of Hyrule Pack & Link's Awakening Pack Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack A Link Between World Pack Legends Character PackLinkle Toon Link Tetra King Daphnes Skull Kid Trident Weapon (Ganondorf) Link's Awakening PackMarin Boots Weapon (Linkle) Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks PackNew Warrior Weapon for Toon Link A Link Between Worlds PackTwo new Warriors?