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  1. jportiz831

    Never Give Up

    file not found
  2. jportiz831

    Dr. Mario avaliable, but not on my Country...

    Use a VPN
  3. jportiz831

    cheat sxos search engine to mod almost any game

    Stevens you don't have to save anything because you're modifying the game data it will save on its own when you Jump back into game, that's why you don't want to modify to a crazy value because it could crash the game Seems like a lot of people still need help with this so I'm gonna make a video right now heres a video of me moddin nba playgrounds 2 let me know if you need help with anything specific [Hidden Content] uploaded to my mediafire
  4. I had kefir but it wasn't working so I restored my original emunand copy and it got rid of kefir
  5. custom xci didn't work for me it would start to load and crash as soon as it got to title screen im on 8.1.0 with emunand
  6. when I install the update it says I have to update my firmware works great without the update though
  7. the one drive link with all the xcis aren't woring for me