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  1. download quota exceeded for the update made a copy added it to my drive and it let me download thanks for the nsz.. been looking for nsz formats
  2. Thanks. Been using this game to work out with the resistance real high. That’s a world class workout
  3. jportiz831

    🧝EarthNight [NSP] | Google Drive | 1Fichier

    says could not read nsp when I try to install
  4. looks good my favorite wolf
  5. jportiz831

    What about backup loaders for the switch ?

    No because the scene cares more about function than looks especially since the switch has limited ram
  6. jportiz831

    [RELEASE] SX Autoloader 1.1 - USB HDD Support

    Why do we want this when sx os already has this feature built in
  7. thans for the xci ill have to try and insall the nsp later I know what im doing today
  8. Nintendo has a replacement ring and leg strap without the game
  9. Nintendo has replacement equipment Without the software