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  1. Hello. Yes it is... well the problem of this loadiine version is you can't use it because the cos.xml contained in it to generate a good nuspacker wupinstall version is bad...You should try to do it by using a good cos.xml (by extracting the one from yo kai watch scene wud) and replace the bad one in the loadiine version of jdj. After that you just have to execute the command: java -jar NUSPacker.jar -in "c:\data loadliine folder of jdj" -out "c:\jdj wupsinstaller files" -encryptKeyWith "wiiu comon key". You can try... it worked for me ! ;-)
  2. thanks
  3. Thanks seems to be a nice game!
  4. Well hello world, i have a wii u and search news about it...