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  1. zipfile cannot be unzipped (signature not found)

    Hi, well all others seems to use this file on pc so ... Apparently this file is protected with a password, check your linux program if it support the extraction of protected archives? and if it support this zip pc version ? (like for example the rar4 on winrar 5.0 that i not compatible with a older winrar version)

    Hi, just upload your keys.txt to this url to know the list of your titles..title id containing FF charset are custom made...So it should be an unknow among the list... and the legitimate title.tik file is only 696 bytes not 848 bytes as all fake or disc tickets ... it should be easy to find it! [Hidden Content]
  3. [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    update wupinstall version cfw only! [Hidden Content]
  4. anyone have the title.tik for this game ?

    Hi, you just have to look on the title key site... ;-)
  5. [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    Hello. Yes it is... well the problem of this loadiine version is you can't use it because the cos.xml contained in it to generate a good nuspacker wupinstall version is bad...You should try to do it by using a good cos.xml (by extracting the one from yo kai watch scene wud) and replace the bad one in the loadiine version of jdj. After that you just have to execute the command: java -jar NUSPacker.jar -in "c:\data loadliine folder of jdj" -out "c:\jdj wupsinstaller files" -encryptKeyWith "wiiu comon key". You can try... it worked for me ! ;-)