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  1. [MF/MEGA][WBFS] New Super Mario Bros. Wii - The Next Levels 2

    i don t own a wiiu
  2. adding time to new super mario brosu level

    has anybody figured out how to say make 1-1.szs i n new super mario brosu be above 400?
  3. list of fan made NSMB games!!!

    good list
  4. Add a new tileset to NSMBU szs file

    i need to learn what compression tools to use to add a new tileset to a NSMBU Level File; Example 1-1.szs How would i add a Pa3_1-1_1 (created with puzzle hd) to the original 1-1.szs. What Compression tools should i use to create the new 1-1.szs so the tileset is recognizable in the ReggieNextU v0.6a editor and the CEMU emulator. also how to add time to any level in the new super mario bros U or Luigi U Loadline Ready Games SZS Files.
  5. New Super Mario BrosU Dangeruss WII Version 1.0

    Just Released New Super Mario Bros U Dangeruss WII Version 1.0 Best Map Ever Created with Koopatlas Link =[hide][Hidden Content]] New super mario bros u has super Mario galaxy in extra levels in my masterpiece.
  6. New Super Mario Bros. U Hacking Starter Kit

    i created compiled reggie nextu windows exe runs fine, i need to know how to properly Yaz0 Compress Edited Levels
  7. Newer Kpmaps Download

    Where can i get the original newer kpmaps?