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  1. Daltron

    [Request]/Info - Bloodstained:Ritual of the Night

    Came across some switch gameplay, Brazil come through!
  2. Daltron

    Super Cane Magic Zero

    Comes out tomorrow, figured I'd fish for a leak if anyone has it, Thanks!
  3. Daltron

    [Request] Nidhogg 2

  4. Daltron

    [Request] Nidhogg 2

    Total shot in the dark but if it's out there I'd really appreciate it
  5. Daltron

    Dark Souls Remastered .nsp

    I would also greatly appreciate the unintended early release of this ported dungeon crawling action role playing game
  6. Daltron

    Child Of Light NSP NoBS NoADS

    You're slaying it my dude! Thanks!
  7. Daltron

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    Damn bro this shit rules! Can't wait to check this out, your work is greatly appreciated!
  8. Daltron

    [gdrive] Mark of the Ninja

    Great post! Thank you so much.
  9. you are a gentleman and a scholar
  10. Daltron


    This is 'wipes away tear' beautiful
  11. Daltron

    [MEGA] Dokapon Kingdom (WBFS NTSC-U)

    mmmm thats some good stuff
  12. Daltron

    [MEGA] Boom Blox (WBFS NTSC-U)

    boom bloxxx