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  1. Wii U USA REGION USB READY GOOGLE DRIVE LINKS [Hidden Content] UPLOADBOY LINKS [Hidden Content] REDNAND OR IOSUHAX ONLY E-SHOP USA GAMES UPLOADBOY [Hidden Content] GOOGLE DRIVE [Hidden Content] REDNAND/IOSUHAX The E-Shop games are for Rednand or IOSUHAX installation only. You can install the E-Shop games to your System memory or USB device. Host Links For everyone to have different options for your downloads I will be adding different hosts. Please understand that the games take a time to upload due to their size. I will try to catch up with the different hosts to what I already have in Google Drive. Note: Some of this game will not work if you do not update them to their latest versions.
  2. If you are not using a EUR 3DS then you will need to use the NTR CFW with the language plugin according to your region. Here is a pack with NTR 3.2 & all language plugins. All the files you'll need to make the game work are included in all download links. Tutorial source: gbatemp.net/threads/ntr-cfw-3-0.393710/ 1. place the NTR.BIN in the ROOT OF SD CARD,the image (QRCODES) files are used only for NINJHAX. 2. place the PLUGIN folder in the ROOT OF THE SD CARD , i also recommend placing all the .PLG files in the ROOT OF SD CARD for easy access 4. now you'll need the Title ID 0004000000132800 5. Create that folder in the PLUGIN folder ( for example: D:/plugin/0004000000132800) 5.1. And then copy paste the .PLG of the game region in the Title ID folder (for example: D:/plugin/0004000000132800/langemu_en.plg) langemu_en.plg -> English/USA langemu_en_europe.plg -> English/EUR langemu_jp.plg -> Japanese/JPN langemu_cn.plg -> Simple Chinese langemu_cht.plg -> Traditional Chinese You probably won't use the chinese ones You can put any other .PLG here files here like cheats 6. Eject the SD CARD and put it in your 3DS,and BOOT EMUNAND (RXTOOLS OR GATEWAY-3DS) 7. If you haven't installed BootNTR.cia,enter FBI/Devmenu/BigBlue Menu and install it 8. BootNTR has chances to freeze during the "patching svc check",to reduce freeze chances,let some icons load first and then load an app like Health Safety, BigBlue Menu or Devmenu press home menu (then X to close it),and open BootNTR , if it freezes press the power button until it power off and redo it 9.open BootNTR,if the upper screen flashses it means success,and after the last line which says to press Home,press Home and load the game you want to play -The fixed "laziness edition" doesn't requires pressing home You can press XY to open the NTR CFW Menu , which has some options like hotkeys and screenshots If the upper screen flashes during the 3DS logo then the patches are applied and it will load the DLC Edit: this may not work with games that requires a "semi-reboot" like smash4 and MH4 because it wipes the NTR patches Note: Works on Old 3DSXL Gateway-3ds firmware spoof 10.3 Packed With WinRAR Password To Open Game File (LaLecheParaLosNinos):Milk Mega Decrytion Key:!HFHED9q61cv2UvUFk_U6ew [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. [Mega]Chibi Robo Zip Lash [USA]

    Chibi Robo Zip Lash [USA] [Firmware Spoofed] [Hidden Content] Note: Firmware spoofed means you can play games as a rom that would need firmware 9.8 although you only have 9.5 without the need to update your consoles firmware. Great for new 3DS users that can not update beyond 9.5 emunand .
  4. Here's a Cryptofixed Version of The Legend Of Zelda - Tri Force Heroes (EUR). This is not my dump it was made by CellenseresX93. It was test on New 3DS (FW 9.0.0-24E) and with PastaCFW + Firmlaunch in SysNAND. [hide][Hidden Content]] PASSWORD:loadingplus.blogspot.com
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  17. @grimmjow2016 working on it but the games are 16GB and 13GB. You're welcome everyone
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  20. @JuuaniJuuani keep checking the post. It's uploading but understand that most of this games are 2GB plus so it takes time to upload them. I have two computers running 24/7 uploading so it should be up soon. You're welcome everyone..
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  22. @supermario18 I will try to but I;m running out of space in GDrive so I have to make sure I upload popularity games only.
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  24. You're Welcome everyone @tallpr24 I will test the game today and if it does not work I will upload a version that does.
  25. You're welcome everyone..