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  1. [WBFS] Samurai Shodown Anthology PAL

    Hi and thank you SO MUCH! For one week already part 2 says that no free-user slots are available :-/ The rest are super fine. Maybe is necessary to reupload it
  2. [WBFS] Donkey Kong Country Returns PAL

    Hi! Thank you so much! It seems that parts 6 and 9 suffer of a permanent problem of "no free slots available" :-( Reupload maybe???
  3. [WBFS] Disney Micky Epic PAL

    It was fixed. Thank you so much!
  4. [WBFS] Disney Micky Epic PAL

    Hi! Thank you man I've been trying to download the fourth file for some days and always seems to be unavailable to download because no free-slots are available. I may say your upload got corrupted there :-/ Any possibility to get the 4th file re-uploaded?? Cheers
  5. Normanity’s PAL Index Thread (WBFS)

    Well, this index has not been updated in ages. Nobody on charge?
  6. [WBFS] Mario Sports Mix PAL

    Vielen Dank!
  7. [MF] 25th Anniversary NES VC wads AUTHENTIC :)

    Cannot format my Wii cause I would lose the DKO. Fine to find a backup!