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  1. toddtj

    [UL] Nintendont for Wii U and Wii

    Thanks for the guide, BM. Today is the first time I've checked into GCN loading in over a year and I didn't know anything about Nintendon't. It's great to have a guide right here on DU. Thanks again!
  2. toddtj

    Where Else To Download Wii Games?

    I'm in a bind, DU. A few days after Basmkt took down his Wii games index my Wii's external drive experienced some unknown error and wiped out my whole WFBS folder >:\ I've looked through the rest of our Wii section here and I was able to replace about 20% of my collection. Unfortunately, our community is a little lacking in this department (Wii games). So now I'm looking around for another site to fill in the gaps in my collection. Does anyone have any suggestions? If possible, I'd like to find someplace that has their games already in WFBS format and uploaded to MEGA. That's just my preference, though; any recommendations at all would be really appreciated. ALSO, I want to give a HUMONGOUS thanks to the generous uploaders in this community who's work helped me download the 20% I was able to! Twenty percent might sound like a small number but it's actually around twenty games and that's nothing to shake a stick at! The uploaders here are amazing and I don't want to trivialize the help I've already been given! DU rocks!
  3. toddtj

    [Mega] Nights: Journey of Dreams [wbfs]

    I had no idea this franchise had a game on the Wii. Cool! Thanks for the upload.
  4. toddtj

    [MEGA] De Blob (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thank you