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  1. Are these kosmos/ hekate programmers aware that their software needs certain updates to properly install nsp´s?
  2. Get an other nsp file maybe the file is corrupted. Before you install again, look if you uninstalled the game properly.
  3. What he said what? Its early in the morning here Im not using sx os, am on atmosphere. How to use masterkey 7 isnt that all set and inclusive with the cfw 8.1? Is there an unpatched version of the game?
  4. Cant install it on cfw 8.1, Goldleaf 6.1 -.- any advice? 0x235e02 Invalid NCA ( missing sigatches or low Firmware) (4527)
  5. Justyn83

    Grandia HD Collection

    The same here
  6. Justyn83

    Grandia HD Collection

  7. In goldleaf during installation: Ignore required firmware yes or no? What did you check?
  8. Maybe you need to install the dlcs by order just look at the last number 1, 2, 3 and so on and maybe you install the update to the last or at the very beginning? If it doesnt work you need to deinstall the dlc via goldleaf and try again with another method. Also Custom Fireware must be updated via choidujour
  9. Can you pm me, pls? Why do you not kindly share your knowledge? Do you have to install the dlc in order? I give it a try you need to click the skip the ad button to continue