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  1. Justyn83


    Nice to meet you too. Have Fun
  2. Justyn83

    Wii backup manager caused hard drive to stop working

    If your Computer showed all Data of your HDD before, you can right click on to your HDD and go to properties and tools than scan and repair. Your data is safe then. Your games are not gone, but if your 2TB is technically defective then you cant just easily get them.
  3. Justyn83

    Can you go online with cfw

    Even if you have the ofw installed again, im not sure if you can easily play online, without paying for the online membership?! Before you are doing anything. Backup your save files and everything of cfw. If you give it a try.
  4. Justyn83

    Can you go online with cfw

    As far as i know, one method to go online again is to restore your original system nand and put in the original catridge. Youtuber Nevercholt Tech did alot of tutorials about anything. Perhaps you can get any information out of his videos?
  5. I unfortunately lost my Switch save file. I hope someone can help me out? Before or at Heliord Save would be awsome. Ty ❤️
  6. ty ❤️❤️❤️