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  1. snoofly

    Request: Ikaruga and Romancing Saga 2 eshop.nrp

    Odd. I definitely saw Ikaruga ID/Key posted up on a refreshed page (probably Zotans one) yesterday evening but skipped over it as I already had it. And now when I try to check what I'm sure was same page it is missing. I'll try to find it again when I can next get to my Switch to run devmenu to find Ikaruga titleID and then maybe hit a search against a missing title record.
  2. snoofly

    Request: Ikaruga and Romancing Saga 2 eshop.nrp

    ikaruga id/keys have been uploaded yesterday on one of the spreads here but I can't find it again now. just saying, if you search you'll find that one. i actually bought it for the online leaderboard stuff and outta respect of it being my favourite game ever..
  3. your copy worked for me, but my own failed as above. same file size as well as I followed the same exact steps in the tut. strange..
  4. snoofly

    1001 Spikes [WM9ENV] (eShop) (Loadiine Ready)

    thx boss
  5. snoofly

    [WBFS] Agent Hugo Lemoon Twist PAL