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  1. TvjunkTJ

    [MF] Fry's Themes

  2. Hi, this is my first upload, is in WBFS format you can run on CFG USB Loader on HDD or IPOD 30GB 5th generation with FAT32, NTFS or WBFS. Also if you want, can convert WBFS Game in ISO format with Wii Backup Mangager. Its passed on 7zip and splitted with HJSplit so you can Joining with that program, link: [Hidden Content] Works on: Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME Size: 304 Kb Please sorry my English, i explain best in Español. 3 parts of 100MB + 1 part of 54MB [hide][Hidden Content]] Now is the correct Cloud, sorry by mistake, enjoy it Please Rename WBFS file removing this symbols: _ (UnderScore) This Upload is of my Property. TVJunkTj
  3. TvjunkTJ

    [MF] Dark Umbra Wii Theme

    Gracias y lo mio no son habladurias espero poder aportar pronto.
  4. Gracias, ojala en verdad puede aportar algo a esta comunidad, pronto subire un tuto sobre jugar con Ipod como disco duro ojala y sea de ayuda