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  1. godhelpme

    MEGAMAN 11

    Thanks i got it from anothr source, this website itself... but thanks for your concern for sharing
  2. godhelpme

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Can someone just precompile all 880 nes roms for nes online app and share the files for download??? As the OP i guess has abandoned the project.. thanks i know i am asking too much.. but if it is possible please share. thanks once again
  3. Worked like a charm.. thanks If you do get Megaman 11 from some source please share that as well. once again thanks for TORNA
  4. godhelpme

    MEGAMAN 11

    Hi, If any of you gets hold of XCI or cartridge dump before october 2nd, please post on Darkumbra. If i get a dump, or locate one, i will put it up surely.. thanks all
  5. Worked perfectly on sx os. Thanks so much.....
  6. worked like a charm.. Only a request to include 16:9 if possible... thanks and much appreciated for your hard work.
  7. godhelpme

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    @KibitzAG Hi there, Was wondering are you adding any more roms?? It has been a long time since any updates from you. Hope everything is well at your end. take care.
  8. godhelpme

    Dragon Ball fighter Z XCI JAP version

    does this have english subs and voice?? @HervinHervey
  9. godhelpme

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    @KibitzAG Working perfectly on SX OS .. Please include more roms to make it a true nes classic.. thanks for your hard work.
  10. godhelpme

    CDNSP 4.1 CERT. error

    oh fuck.. i guess gameover then if nintendo ninjas are doing something on eshop. But i went online to eshop on my official switch. Nothing i could find of any maintainence??
  11. godhelpme

    Request: Spiderman

    @komarto This guy, check on reddit, spiderman requires 5.55 and patch 1.04 already is out. Also shadow of tombraider is not out. But many reviewers are playing it, and it will therefore definitely require 5.55 or above. @komarto
  12. godhelpme

    Request: Spiderman

    arey yaar @ankieth. Have some sense that was hacked by russians they had keys of 5.05 and not 5.55 and they replaced some files of HZD. For spidey it is impossible. Just buy the game. Only 2 games were done payback and hzd. Dont talk if u know nothing