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  1. Can someone make a psnes or pfba type emulator for turbografx/pcengine??? thanks
  2. It means course inject lol
  3. not working on smash 3.0.1. Though smash injector succesful no stages found on custom
  4. godhelpme

    Xbox emu soon

    switch has no chance. Go fuck yourself op
  5. godhelpme

    [RELEASE] Retroarch 1.7.7

    video settings crash
  6. none of the googlefdrive mirrors are working. Due to drivelimit quota. please upload to zippy or mega
  7. cuphead update can be installed using goldleaf latest cheers latest update is 1.2.2
  8. godhelpme

    Cuphead nsp or xci available?

    So if tkey was fake, what's the problem? Can this result in a brick?
  9. godhelpme

    Cuphead nsp or xci available?

    Saw cuphead nsp in the wild. Is it really available?
  10. Hi, Can someone please upload walking dead episode 4... it got released today.. thanks all
  11. godhelpme

    MEGAMAN 11

    Thanks i got it from anothr source, this website itself... but thanks for your concern for sharing
  12. godhelpme

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Can someone just precompile all 880 nes roms for nes online app and share the files for download??? As the OP i guess has abandoned the project.. thanks i know i am asking too much.. but if it is possible please share. thanks once again
  13. Worked like a charm.. thanks If you do get Megaman 11 from some source please share that as well. once again thanks for TORNA