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    back home in kentucky!
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    cb and ham radio, snes , nes, 80s rock. rock n roll , emulators, the original xbox, wii, guitars, drums, spider-man and otehr great comic books. cassettes the list goes on and on

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  1. dudekindjack

    New super mario All stars WBFS

    EDIT : MODS, PLZ DELETE THIS POST. posted info that was already known and posted about this game.
  2. dudekindjack

    [WBFS] MKW Hack Pack NTSC

    thank you
  3. dudekindjack

    New super mario All stars WBFS

    thanks to both who posted different links for 2 different versions of this demo. A Note for those who may be interested, both links in this thread are 2 different versions of this custom . the original post is the oldest one, and at this time, has more stuff then the 2nd link has. if you download the original post, you may want to rename the ID,, as it has the same ID as the pal version of nsmb.
  4. dudekindjack

    [WBFS]Newer Super Luigi Dark Moon [NTSC]

    thANK YOU, love these mario customs
  5. dudekindjack

    New Super Bowser Wii - WBFS

    thank you
  6. dudekindjack

    Super Mario Bros. Frozen Edition WBFS

    thank you
  7. dudekindjack

    Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii 1.3.1 - WBFS

    THIS hack has a glitch , or i dont know how to play. it does not let me go into 1-1 at all, i can only go to the castle and see the credits . anyone else have this issue ?
  8. dudekindjack

    Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii 1.3.1 - WBFS

    thank you
  9. dudekindjack

    MLG Super Luigi Bros. Wii - WBFS

    thank you
  10. dudekindjack

    Please Welcome our new Staff!

    congrats to the new staff members. hey guys, i donated $25 in the donation section . since i found this place back in 2012, i have felt at home here. i thought id help a little, and donate to help keep this place going. thanks everyone for making this place a great place.