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Found 105 results

  1. bigerdave

    pokemon moon sun legit cia

    dose any body know if these are available in legit cia and where to find them tia
  2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 3DS Video in 3D This video was made by iKurtiss, while Tecnical.K encoded this for 3DS.. Instructions: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 3DS Video in 3D This video was made by iKurtiss, while Tecnical.K encoded this for 3DS.. Instructions: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Wood R4 for R4i Gold 3DS v1.64 This was made by Yellow Wood Goblin.. Game Description: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Part 1 3DS Video in 3D This video was made by iKurtiss, while Tecnical.K encoded this for 3DS.. Instructions: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. A Japanese Nintendo 3DS owner has already managed to complete Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and has uploaded the game’s surprise ending onto Youtube. Obviously the video does contain spoilers, but if you’re desperate to see exactly what happens then be sure to check out the video. Kingdom Hearts 3D should be coming to the West sometime in the Summer. Just for any "noobs" = WARNING - Major spoiler alert!!! [Hidden Content]
  7. Rumours were abound recently that Epic Mickey will be heading for the 3DS. Well it turns out that those rumours are almost definitely true, as confirmed by the cover of the April edition of Nintendo Power. According to the magazine, 3DS Epic Mickey will be developed by Dreamrift, who also developed Monster Tale, and be hitting stores at some point during this fall, most likely at the same time that Epic Mickey 2 hits consoles. While it isn't an official announcement, it’s probably safe to call it a confirmation of the title. This will sure be an interesting and interactive bit of fun, but we don’t know much about it as of yet. If you do want to read a bit more on it, then you can find out some more info from the latest edition of Nintendo Power. What do you want to see utilized on the 3DS with Epic Mickey’s adventure? ADDITIONAL - Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion, will be a direct continuation of the classic game of the 1990s, Castle of Illusion, Mickey and take the central role, armed with a paintbrush to solve puzzles and combat. Each phase will be based on a Disney films and even the most modern join the adventure, as Wound (The story of Rapunzel). The mouse will also have the company of classic characters from the studio. Stay tuned for more details soon. In the meantime, check the European Boxart below...... source: qjnet/Nintendo Power
  8. Maxconsole is claiming that Nintendo is readying a 3DS update for launch in just a few days. There would be a number of features in the firmware, such as a “Game Preview” mode on the eShop, a Nintendo Network application, and more. A full listing of the functionality included in the rumored update is as follows: Ability to access Nintendo eShop account from other internet enabled devices including computers and smartphones. This system update will allow users to take pictures of QR codes with the 3DS from the other device’s screen to redeem purchased content. This update will add the application “Nintendo Network” to the 3DS. Ability to update physical Nintendo 3DS Games via Nintendo Shop (DLC feature). A “Game Preview” Mode for the Nintendo 3DS system Nintendo Shop. Enhances the speed of the handheld. Increases the system security with automatic security updates. Nintendo Zone will be automatically added to European 3DS owners. We’ll be able to determine if this rumor is legitimate or not soon. If nothing becomes available within the next few days, that would be a pretty good sign that the above speculation is fake!
  9. Square Enix recently held a Kingdom Hearts premiere event in Japan to show off all things Kingdom Hearts related, and to give fans a closer look at the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on the Nintendo 3DS. Kingdom Hearts 3D is due for release in Japan on March 29th, and is rumoured to be coming to Europe sometime in July.
  10. lostbhoy

    3DS Rayman Origins Delayed

    Rayman Origins, released in November for Xbox, Wii and PS3 and in February for Vita, is supposed to hit shelves for 3DS owners tomorrow, March 20. If you’ve already taken the day off to kick back on the couch with the 3DS platformer, now might be a good time to call your boss and see if he/she still needs you—Rayman Origins won’t be dropping for 3DS anytime soon. Ubisoft, speaking with CVG, indicated that the 3DS version needed a little bit of extra development time for “fine-tuning.” The company is tweaking the game in order to make sure it’s “perfectly optimized” for the Nintendo 3DS handheld. There’s no official release date on the books, but Eurogamer claims the 3DS version of Rayman Origins is now scheduled for June 8. We’ll have to wait and see what Ubisoft has to say once they’re finished messing with the game. Were you picking up Rayman Origins on 3DS, or did you already play it somewhere else? source: Edge
  11. Hey Kingdom Hearts fans – want some (very) mild spoilers about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D? If so, read on. Tetsuya Nomura, director of the game, has gone on the record with Famitsu regarding the game’s ending, and has just a bit of tantalizing info for players eager to jump back into its world. According to Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3D will have the longest finale cutscene of any game in the series. Additionally, players will learn the true forms of Ansem and Xemnas, the primary villains of the series. Apparently, we’ll learn what their primary motivation in being villains is, as well. Nomura is promising that the 35+ hour game will reveal “many truths”. Fans will get to find out for themselves on March 29, when the game officially hits shelves. Are you ready to jump into another Kingdom Hearts? source: silliconEra
  12. The latest data from Media Create showed that the Nintendo 3DS has now sold 5 million units in Japan, breaking records. According to a chart created by Nintendo and featured on Andriasang, it only took the device 52 weeks to sell 5 million to consumers through Japanese retailers. It managed to just beat Nintendo's previous handhelds, its predecessors the DS took 56 weeks, and the Game Boy Advance took 58. Last week the first pieces of paid for DLC went on sale for the 3DS.
  13. Resident Evil Revelations is due out for the Nintendo 3DS in just a couple of weeks, and up until now we were fully expecting to pay $49.99 for the game. This price, a bit higher than normal for 3DS titles, was apparently the result of the game being installed on a 4GB card instead of the usual 2GB. While Capcom noted that it was confident the game’s quality was well worth the extra cash, they didn’t seem happy about the higher price point. And, according to a statement on their official site, they’ve been looking for weeks to find ways to eliminate the discrepancy. It looks like they figured it out. As of now, Resident Evil Revelations is priced at the normal rate of $39.99. It’s worth noting that the price change only applies to United States version of the game – if you live somewhere else, you’ll need to stay tuned to Capcom for further updates. What do you think of the pricing change? Is Capcom really fighting for the wallets of consumers, or just afraid the extra $10 will scare off potential buyers? source:Capcom unity
  14. Think New Super Mario Bros., but newer. (not THAT one!) Nintendo president Satoru Iwata assured investors today that a new 2D Super Mario game is in the works for 3DS, this one distinguished by its "side-scrolling action." Iwata offered no further information about the game in his presentation, but expects it to launch sometime within Nintendo's next fiscal year. That places the new Mario's debut sometime after March 2012 -- just far enough to complete Super Mario 3D Land and yearn for the days when things were nice and flat. Source: nintendo & joystiq
  15. lostbhoy

    Nintendo News Roundup.....

    Here's the gorgeous Mario Party 9 BoxArt.... Nintendo has finally revealed the super-colourful box-art for Mario Party 9 which is due to be released in Europe on the 2nd of March. Mario Party 9 sees a few new gameplay addition to the popular franchise which is exclusive to Wii. Mario Party 9 also comes out in North America a few days later on the 11th of March. Sega All Star Racers 2 coming to WiiU and 3DS? A tipster who wishes to remain anonymous has told Sonic Stadium that Sumo Digital is hard at work creating a sequel to Sega’s competent Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. The game is apparently being developed for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Surprisingly PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions weren’t mentioned by the developer. Nintendo reconfirms the WiiU controller isn't final..... Nintendo reconfirmed to Industry Gamers at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the company still hasn’t finalised the Wii U controller. IGN had previously took issue with the fact that the Wii U controller features Circle Pads instead of Analogue Sticks and that the controller features two traditional shoulder buttons instead of Xbox 360 style triggers. It admittedly seems fairly unlikely that Nintendo will change these features, but you never know. We shall see the final Wii U controller design at E3 in Los Angeles in June. Nintendo also told online gaming publication Industry Gamers at this years Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas that third party developers have already received final Wii U development kits. Nintendo has already stated to various press outlets that it plans to launch the Wii U sometime after this years E3 event which takes place in Los Angeles in June. Nintendo is preparing Nintendo Network? Twitter user @joshua_x has Tweeted the official box-art for TheAtRhythm: Final Fantasy which has a Nintendo Network logo clearly shown in the top right hand corner. Nintendo Network is likely to be a unified service to connect both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS online, much like Sony’s PSN and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Maybe we will hear more about Nintendo Network at the Japanese investor conference next week? Capcom had Resident Evil 5 up and running on 3DS Capcom has revealed that the development team behind Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D initially started developing both games by running Resident Evil 5 on the Nintendo 3DS. The development team were so impressed at how Resident Evil 5 ran on the Nintendo 3DS that they began starting work on Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in parallel with each other. Here you can take a look at Revelations video that was posted to the 3DS Video app....
  16. The Nintendo 3DS has broken Enterbrain’s monthly sales record in December as the system sold an astonishing 1,492,931 units during the Christmas period. Sankei News says that this is the highest single month sales total since Enterbrain started tracking hardware sales back in 1997. Did you get yours yet?
  17. The following is taken from JailbreakScene. Apparently there are some confirmed reports that it works but generally there is no universal confirmation from a reputable source as yet. However..........
  18. Audio tours are one of the most interesting ways to browse a museum. With headphones in ear, you can often learn much more about the work you’re browsing than you would by wandering around the museum and conducting your own research. It’s certainly more engaging. However, audio tours may be an endangered activity; museums across the world are looking for ways to improve the interactivity of their exhibits beyond simple headphones. In Paris, for example, the Louvre has recently announced that it will be replacing its existing audio tours with 5,000 Nintendo 3DS devices. The handhelds will contain special content developed by the Louvre with the help of Nintendo, and will serve to help visitors find their way around the museum and interact with the works of art on display. The devices will also come packed with pre-built itineraries that allow users to explore works by theme and age group. Apparently, only four percent of Louvre visitors take advantage of the current audio tour system – the museum hopes that offering more familiar and engaging technology will encourage patrons to jump deeper into the experience (and spend a bit more money). It’s an interesting move, one other museums may mimic if it turns out to be effective. We’ll just have to wait and see. Would you take a 3DS-guided tour through the Louvre? source:Edge (not the U2 guitarist )
  19. And Flashcards...we hope!!! Could this mean the 3DS will start to get a better rep from all the haters now? Source:GI.Biz
  20. An early Black Friday advert from Gamestop shows that the limited edition Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS which comes bundled with Ocarnia ofTime 3D will be heading to North America. The advert also shows that North America will be getting a Flame Red Nintendo 3DS which comes bundled with the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land. Source - MyNintendoNews
  21. lostbhoy

    Mario Kart 7s 3DS Wheel?

    Mario Kart Wii came boxed with a plastic wheel you could connect to your Wiimote for a more “realistic” driving experience. In other words, you could tilt the controller to steer instead of tapping the analog stick in one direction or the other. The wheel proved to be imprecise and I don’t know a single person that prefers it over the Wiimote, unless it’s as a rule for some obscure drinking game! Nintendo’s wheel accessory makes sense in terms of fun and I’m sure there are plenty of people that enjoy using it, but for players serious about performance it’s never going to replace the analog stick. It’s just too sloppy for consistent performance. It looks like Mario Kart 7 will be no different, with Nintendo offering a wheel attachment for the Nintendo 3DS. There are a few things that don’t add up here. Number one, anyone who’s played a 3DS knows that moving the screen even a little completely disrupts the 3D experience. Number two, even if you turn the 3D off, you’re still moving the screen all over the place when you steer. It works for Mario Kart Wii because you’re tiling a controller, not your television – with the 3DS you’ll have to tilt your head along with the wheel. Nintendo is testing the wheel release in Japan, and I suspect they may try and drop it in North America as well. The question is, how many people want to tilt their 3DS all over the place just to get through a race? My guess is very few. Do you think adding a wheel accessory for a handheld device can work?
  22. lostbhoy

    3DS Easter Eggs!

    This may be old news but I was amused when I came across them!! 1. On the main menu of the 3DS try blowing in the microphone...It makes the selected App spin! These few are for AR: 2.In the 3DS Globe App, if you keep shooting it, the world will be destroyed! The 3DS will tell you to take better care of our Earth and you will have to buy it again with coins you collect by walking! 3. In the clock App, If you move the 3DS close enough to the AR card and the press A, the bird will pop out and break your screen! (not literally of course ) and If you let it do that for a while the whole screen smashes!! 4. In the camera app, pressing "Down" on the D-Pad brings up a line that tells you if you are holding the 3DS perfectly straight when taking pictures! 5.In the 3DS sound app, there are 2 minigames you can play while listening to music. The first is the Game and Watch style game in which you can move the circle pad to move the little man around and keep the ball in the air. The second is the starfox-esque game in which you can move around the circle pad to move the ship and press the shoulder buttons to fire the laser! 6. When you play a DS game, if you click the icon for it while entering the game and then hold in START, and SELECT, it will be displayed in the DS game's native resolution! This is for people who don't like the screen to look stretched while playing. 7. Also if playing virual console games hold start and select when booting and you get a nice frame of what ever console your ment to be playing from on the top screen. GB ones can be turned green by holding L and R and pressing Y when playing.
  23. Nintendo have announced today that the next Firmware update to the 3DS will be on November 4th in Europe. The new FW will see 3D video recording, a new StreetPass game and improvements to the StreetPass Mii Plaza and Nintendo Eshop. I would however stress that if you use a flashcart, turn off your automatic updates and do not upgrade your FW until or if a patch becomes available. That is all.
  24. Nintendo has announced that they’ll be bringing the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords to your handhelds in September as DSiWare. But not only that; you’ll be getting it free as part of Nintendo’s celebration of Zelda’s 25th anniversary. Being DSIWare, the GameCube and GBA game will be available as a download for the 3DS and DSi. Four Swords was initially released as a multiplayer add-on to the GBA re-make of A Link to the Past. This concept was later beefed out into a full game - The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure - for GameCube. Nintendo has also confirmed 3DS Virtual Console versions of classic Game Boy titles Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins and Metroid II - Return of Samus. Both will launch before the end of the year. ​Not bad at all if you ask me. SML2 & Metroid most likely NOT to be free however!!! multiple sources
  25. lostbhoy

    3DS Circle pad....closer look

    Nintendo unveiled a closer look at the circle pad peripheral at their conference last night. The unit will run off the power of a single AAA battery, inserted into the underside and Nintendo also announced that Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kingdom hearts 3D, Ace Combat 3D and Dynasty Warriors will all support the device. It still seems to receive mixed reviews so, again...thoughts?