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Found 115 results

  1. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  2. Now play Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA, Sega Genesis Roms on your SNES Classic system. New verison of Hackchi complete with Retro Arch. [Hidden Content] Enjoy Fallow Tutorial:
  3. Use a Bluetooth device to by enabling your Joy Con to your PC. Joy Con Tool Kit is design to enable the Home Button LED & edit the internal color of your Joy Con. 1. Sync with "Bluetooth" choose "without pairing code" on your PC. will install and ready to use. 2. Enable the software as "Administrator" 3. Once loaded choose "Backup ISP", this will save all your Joy Con data, Later on, can restore all data back to it's default setting. 4. Select "Body & Button Color" Choose any Color, change whatever custom color of your choice. 5. on the main menu, select "Write Color" and your done. enjoy [Hidden Content]
  4. So you downloaded an update or DLC for a Wii U game to use in CEMU, but you have no idea what to do with all those files. Thankfully, getting everything set up is not that complicated. Updates: First things first: You need to decrypt the update/DLC before you can use it in CEMU. There are many ways to achieve this, but if you already have the update files, the most efficient way is to use a tool such as CDecrypt 1.0b. Once CDecrypt has finished its work, you should be left with three decrypted folders: code, content, meta. Perfect! This content is now in a format that is readable by CEMU, but you're not finished yet. In order for CEMU to recognize and load the content, we need to copy the decrypted content into the CEMU folder under the \mlc01\usr\title\00050000\XXXXXXXX directory. The directory you paste your update folders in must be named to coincide with the Wii U Title ID. You can find these at the Wii U Title Database. Each game has a unique title ID, formatted as such: 00050000-XXXXXXXX. In order to know what your folder must be named, find the game you're looking for in the Wii U Title Database list and use the last 8 digits of the title ID. Here are some examples, using The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9300 (for JPN) C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9400 (for USA) C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9500 (for EUR) DLC: DLC must be decrypted in the same way as update files. After they are decrypted, you will again be left with 3 decrypted folders: content, code, meta. These DLC files (not updates!) go under an additional folder named "aoc" under the update directory for that title. For example, if you were to install the Language Pack DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you would place the folders under this directory: C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9300\aoc (for JPN) C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9400\aoc (for USA) C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9500\aoc (for EUR) And that's it - launch the game after doing the above and the update and DLC will automatically be applied when the game is loaded.
  5. wannadownloadshit

    [REQUEST] Kirby Air Ride (NTSC-J)

    I'm looking for the Japanese iso, as I cannot find it for the life of me. Only reason why I want to play it is due to certain differences in how the game controls (from what I've heard), please help me.
  6. grabthembythepussycat

    TheGHOST Guitar Hero Tool Wii

    source: [Hidden Content] links on post are dead and can't find the tool anywhere, need a most recent version.
  7. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  8. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  9. Ghostly Super Ghost Boos Wii This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by LOrbSheddy. Features: Screenshots: Story: Videos: By Superkingboo: Download Here: MEGA: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. Original retail version. [Hidden Content]
  11. This is my new thread with fresh 2015 links. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  12. Helipro500

    PS1 on PSP sound Issues

    Hi PSX-Scene community! I'm new here and I have a question for anyone who knows the answer or knows someone who does. I've recently got my "JOY" of a PSP back out and started to put some PS1 games on there using POPSTATION. The problem I'm having is no gaming music in some of them. What I HAVE noticed is that the ones that have sound, when loaded up in UltraISO, it says it's a "PS CD". The ones with no gaming sound except only sound effects like sounds of shooting and enemies blowing up ETC, when loaded up in UltraISO, it says it's a "Mixed Mode CD". So is there ANY way to like convert these title's (mixed mode cd) so as to have sound? I've tried EVERYTHING, extracting the files, then using different programs to create ISO's or BIN/CUE files. I'm alittle worn out and need help from someone with ALOT more expertise than I have. The games I'm working with are REALLY cool SHMUPS with REALLY cool soundtracks, one of them being STAHLFEDER. Thanx for any help guys in advance, and have a good one. KEEP GAMING!
  13. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  14. Larsenv's MEGA Video Game Music Thread Wii U Music was dumped by Crediar, while I converted the files to .wav format also. Other music was hosted by JoshW. Credit also goes to everyone else involved with uploading, playing, and dumping this music. So here's my thread of video game music which may be updated at a later point, and it may not be as complete as possible at this time, since there's so much video game music to collect in this thread, lol. Yes, for the people who want to know, the music's lossless, meaning it didn't lose quality. That's why the files are so large. Important Stuff You Need to Know Before Downloading: Here's all of the video game music to download here: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2 Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Super Music Collection: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U ♪ — A Smashing Soundtrack: Download Here: Wii Music Albums: Depot Super Mario Bros. Wii 2: The Lost Levels: Newer Holiday Special: Newer Summer Sun: Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii: Wii U Music Albums: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Hyrule Warriors: Game & Wario: Hyrule Warriors 1.3.0: Hyrule Warriors 1.4.0: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Mario Kart 8: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2: NES Remix Pack: Nintendo Land: Pikmin 3: Super Mario 3D World: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: Wii Party U: Wii U System Music: Wii U Chat: Wii U Daily Log: Wii U Friend List: Wii U Menu: Wii U Mii Maker: Wii U Miiverse: Wii U Nintendo eShop: Wii U Nintendo TVii: Wii U Notifications: Music Archives: FM Towns Music Archive: Game Boy Music Archive: Game Boy Advance Music Archive: GameCube Music Archive: Hoot Music Archive: MSX Music Archive: Neo Geo CD Music Archive: NES Music Archive: Nintendo 3DS Music Archive: Nintendo 64 Music Archive: Nintendo DS Music Archive: PC Engine Music Archive: PC Streamed Music Archive: PlayStation 1 Music Archive: PlayStation 2 Music Archive: PlayStation 3 Music Archive: PlayStation Portable Music Archive: S98 Music Archive: Sega Dreamcast Music Archive: Sega Game Gear Music Archive: Sega Genesis/Sega CD Music Archive: Sega Saturn Music Archive: SNES Music Archive: Wii Music Archive: WonderSwan Music Archive: Xbox Music Archive: Xbox 360 Music Archive:
  15. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  16. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. Grand Dad ROM with FCEUGX cover support! Hello everyone! Here you will find an NES file ROM of the bootleg game titled "Mario 7-in-1." This bootleg, better known as Mario 7 or Grand Dad, became popular from one of Vincesauce Joel's streams where he played bootleg games. Not only is it a Mario 7 in 1 ROM, but the ZIP File also contains four different (fan-made) covers of the title to function in FCEUGX, a popular NES emulator for the Nintendo Wii. You can either play the ROM on any NES emulator on a PC, or simply use it with one of the four covers in FCEUGX. How to install on FCEUGX First off, download the included ZIP file in the downloads section. Once that is done, put your SD card with FCEUGX already on it into your PC. Open up the ZIP file and drag the Mario 7 in 1 ROM file into the roms folder. To get a cover for Mario 7 in 1, select the one you like and drag it into your covers folder. Once completed, remove the SD card and pop it into your Nintendo Wii. Load up FCEUGX, and just like that, you've got yourself your very own emulated copy of Mario 7 in 1. Cover Images 2D BOX ART 2D CARTRIDGE 3D BOX ART 3D CARTRIDGE DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] (I do not take credit for making the Mario 7 in 1 ROM, as I did not create it myself. I also do not take credit for the image used in the covers, as I did not make it myself either, just simply modified it in Photoshop to match the FCEUGX look and requirements.)
  18. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 3DS Video in 3D This video was made by iKurtiss, while Tecnical.K encoded this for 3DS.. Instructions: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]