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Found 89 results

  1. @topic I just want a savefile with ALL of the halloween items brought from the capsule shop. In order to unlock all of the halloween content, every main roster characters and dlc characters must be already unlocked in the savefile. Since I use sx pro, I can't risk going online. ( The halloween shop is online exclusive ) If anyone can share the savefile, I'll deeply appreciate it Thanks.
  2. Can someone upload Just Dance 2019 for Wii U or Wii? It doesn't make sense that all the JD2019 archives that are online at the moment are from Switch...
  3. Hanetosu

    [Request] Azure Reflections

    Hello I've been looking for the Nintendo Switch game "Azure Reflections" however nobody has posted it yet. The game was released on Aug. 30th of this year. Please if somebody can upload this game I would appreciate it greatly.
  4. Hey guys, anyone does have any of these games? Can't find'em anywhere. Alchemic Jousts Death Mark GRIP Manual Samuel Monster Loves You Snake vs Snake
  5. I do not normally play this kind of game as I find them all too repetitive to be fun in the long term. But, as this game has caught my attention but I cannot find a credible source to get it from, I would like to request an upload of the fan-translated Rondo Duo: Yoake no Fortissimo. Thank you in advance! Update: I actually found a good source for it. However, the provision does not come without a catch: the hosting site asks for a premium subscription. [Hidden Content] If there is anyone here who could make a mirror of this to another host, that would be great!
  6. [Hidden Content] I'd do it myself, but I'm on 5.05, no intent to lose my homebrew. Thanks in advance!
  7. Im looking for a NSP of Victor Vran OVerkill Edition. Unless i'm blind (probably) there doesn't seem to be one. I've tried converting the XCI myself but i am unable to get my switch keys for some reason. Please can someone either point me to the NSP (if it exists) or convert one from the XCI. Many Thanks
  8. diigimatrix

    Alchemic Jousts

    Don't suppose anyone has this yet? Been out for a while. Was into the alchemical games. This has a twist with it. I wouldnt mind trying. Don't want to buy it, if I don't like it. Like I did with a game call "Unbox: Newbie's Adventure". Damn waste of money.. Would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Just there, i read the game no need toys, only dlc for ships. Anyone can obtain the game and DLC?
  10. Can someone share this game?
  11. Techk

    request games

    hi all can i request Lego The Incredibles, goosebumps and crash bandicoot thanks
  12. [Hidden Content] Can someone dump this when it comes out, please? Thanks!
  13. Please I need Overcooked 2 Surf 'n' Turf Overcooked! 2 [UPD][01006fd0080b2800][v196608] Overcooked! 2 [DLC][01006fd0080b3002][v0] BIG TKS
  14. einfuchsdrache

    DBFZ Preorder Bonus Game

    If somebody who preordered the game on eshop could dump the bonus SNES game, that would be nice.
  15. Can someone give me a link to super mario party if it gets leaked
  16. These 2 games were realesed (according to nintendo.com) at Feb 15, 2018 (Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway) and Aug 23, 2018 (Fernz Gate) and i can't find it anywhere... someone could put the link to download? Thx
  17. I've been looking very hard for The Escapist Complete Edition Milanoir Please and thank you!!! 
  18. lil_muesli

    Shadow Fight 2

    Can someone Post shadow fight 2 nsp or xci please?
  19. Looking for the following NSPs of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (base game) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (latest update) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (new challenge pack) I have tried downloading this from both the eshop and CDNSP, and Tinfoil's verification says in yellow text they are corrupted. Please? Thanks in advance!
  20. Does anyone have an ISO file of Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3? I only found WBFS files. Thank you.
  21. rbcrews1984

    Lightspan Games For PSX

    First off let me say that I really love the site. Does anyone happen to have these games for the PS1? They are all developed by Lightspan and they were educational games. Science is Elementary 1 -USA Science is Elementary 2 -USA Science is Elementary 3 -USA Story Lane Theater 1- USA Story Lane Theater 2- USA Story Lane Theater 3- USA Story Lane Theater 4- USA Story Lane Theater 5- USA Thanks in advance to anyone with information on how to obtain these games.
  22. Hey guys, i am new in this forum! and sry if i am in wrong thread i tried to search this game The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia PKG, but i cant find it! i am using Jailbreak 5.05
  23. Does anyone have the fire emblem if (JPN), if possible with all DLC's (including invisible kingdom/revelation)? I don't care if it has fan translation or not, I need to learn japanese anyway. I don't even care if it is RF or not, it'll somehow work with luma3ds region options, I hope. I searched low and high, even on japanese and chinese websites, where I understand nothing without google translate. PS: CIA or (encrypted/decrypted) ROM doesn't matter.
  24. Maleon

    Attack On Titan Request

    Could somebody please post Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains?