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Found 67 results

  1. Hey guys, i am new in this forum! and sry if i am in wrong thread i tried to search this game The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia PKG, but i cant find it! i am using Jailbreak 5.05
  2. Does anyone have the fire emblem if (JPN), if possible with all DLC's (including invisible kingdom/revelation)? I don't care if it has fan translation or not, I need to learn japanese anyway. I don't even care if it is RF or not, it'll somehow work with luma3ds region options, I hope. I searched low and high, even on japanese and chinese websites, where I understand nothing without google translate. PS: CIA or (encrypted/decrypted) ROM doesn't matter.
  3. Maleon

    Attack On Titan Request

    Could somebody please post Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains?
  4. MasacoMike

    (Request) Traditional Chinese Wii Games

    I've been searching EVERYWHERE but I don't think I have found anyone upload Taiwanese iso/wbfs yet. ......Except for the spam websites from China, which I don't want to use. Does anyone have the Taiwanese versions of Mario Party 9 and Super Mario Galaxy 2?
  5. Can anyone please link me or upload Call of duty Ghosts for USB loading please? all the links i found here are dead. Thanks
  6. Hey-o! I'd like to ask anyone who is able to do VC injects to help me out. I'd like to get these two games ready to play on the Wii U VC with Loadiine: Battletanx Battletanx: Global Assault A search of the forums showed me that someone had made a Battletanx inject for the Wii VC, but no results for Wii U. I took a look at a compatibility list from GBATemp ([Hidden Content]) but the games don't even show up in the list. RIP.
  7. Hi All, I would really like to add this to my custom guitar hero collection. Can anybody share? [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Kristiqn5

    [WiiU] Bayonetta 2 .wud file

    Hello , can someone upload Bayonetta 2 .wud file (not extracted) on MEGA?
  9. monkeyman4412

    wiiu watch dogs dlc sde caffine?

    has someone made a dlc mod for watch_dogs, so I don't have to buy it? for sd caffine/caffine use, I would really aperaciate it, and i wish the best to the wiiu hacking scene
  10. I've been looking for Japanese ISOs of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Mega Collection, and Sonic Adventure DX for a while now and the only ISOs I've found are either broken or various prototypes. I was wondering if someone could upload the retail releases of these three games?
  11. Could someone extract it for Loadiine and upload it onto MEGA, please? I've been looking everywhere, and just can't find a good host.
  12. HI can anyone upload the kamen rider battride war 2 (JPN ver) for the Wii U ?
  13. bobbyleejones

    [REQUEST] Starwhal Loadiine Ready

    Looking for a Loadiine-Ready version of Starwhal for the Wii U. Thanks in advance.
  14. wonaprince

    [Request][MEGA] FIFA 13

    hey guys, I've been searching the internet for ages now and still can't find a good source to download FIFA 13 for the WII U. So I would like to request FIFA 13 for the WII U Loadiine Ready preferably on a free easy source like MEGA. Thank you, WonaPrince
  15. Littlemc101

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (NTSC-U) (REQUEST)

    Hello public, I have seen SSBB WBFS files around this site but none of them seem to work, i assume because they are missing a 'WBF1' along side with 'WBFS' files. If you happen to have both of these RSBE01.WBFS and RSBE01.WBF1 files, I would greatly appreciate it! :')
  16. I Scearch for long time the Game "Dragonball Z Sparking! Meteor" for the Wii. Its the Japanese version of Tenkaichi Budokai 3, and the Differents of the Versions are the Musik... In the Japanese Game are Classic DBZ Musik and I Love them... I hope anyone can me Help... THX
  17. Requesting Signature, plus testing JJ-KwiK™ GFX talents Signature details: 1) Obama being pointed at by Uncle Sam 2) Uncle Sam saying "Got a problem ?, Blame Obama!" 3) Custom DarkUmbra Logo, "Brought to you by, DarkUmbra" 4) Be creative with the back ground Thanks "if you do this"