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Found 184 results

  1. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes [NSP] (6GB) [hide][Hidden Content]] Update (90MB) [hide][Hidden Content]] Huge thanks to Slater Nix and xpd ain for the original uploads
  2. Switch Mega Installer AIO By RiPPERD - UPDATED TO v1.1 So this is my first release for the Switch, It's basically a remake of my Wii Mega Installer. It contains all available apps for the switch, cfw files and hacks, the main used apps by switch users. This app is good for those new to switch hacking / those wanting to save time and also those who just want to add extra apps to their SD Card. First time hackers all the files you need for this are on here. Those who want to change firmware without conflicting files or formatting sd card. Those who formatted cards and want to customise their firmware. What this app does is installs all the needed/chosen files to your sd card. This includes: Kosmos Kit LockPick (Dumping Keys) FTP for Switch Cheat Engine for Switch Homebrew App Store Homebrew Menu Media Player Checkpoint (Save Manger) Edizon (Save Manager) JK's Save Manager GoldLeaf (NSP Installer) Tinfoil (NSP Installer) ZeroTwoXCI (XCI Installer) NX Shell (File Manager) Theme Installer Briccmii Key Dumpers Emulators (Snes, GB, GBA, Arcade, ScummVM) RetroArch with ALL emulators Few i missed but your see them in the list. If you want your homebrew app/game added to the installer let me know and ill add it to next version. You can add your own files to the sd card after if required but this includes most available apps for the switch. If you are a Dev and you want your app added to the mega installer then drop me a PM and ill get it added to the list. I will add more info later... if you think ive missed anything let me know There are currently 2 versions for this app: - Atmosphere Edition: this will install Atmosphere as the main CFW -RieNX Edition - this will install RieNX as the main CFW UPDATED TO V1.1 NOW AN AIO VERSION DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello, I had fun developing a small program to download nsp and xci. This program download through torrents (Torrent verified, fast and reliable) The advantage is that it is super easy to use and allows you to have a presentation of games quickly. I hope you will like it. For the future : -Optimization (a little long, but the more you use it the faster it is fast => cash system) -Improve the design -I'm waiting for your suggestions The download games are in the downloads folder of the program [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Quick theme for TMNT 1989 Arcade game. [Hidden Content]
  5. Can Someone dump The deer god For nintendo switch nsp format? I'm looking For it in all the web But there are no signs. Thanks!
  6. Dark26

    Goldleaf and Goldtree help

    How can I install NSP games through USB installation on Goldleaf when I'm using Goldtree on my PC? I get stuck on Goldtree and I can't seem to install a NSP game. I'm using ReiNX with atomsphere on Nintendo Switch and I have windows 10 on my computer.
  7. NSPs for Horizon 6.1.0, tested on 6.2.0 too, all functional(Look for them they're mixed with others): [Hidden Content] Classic FPS Games NSPs.rar?dl=0 ,... This available forever in that dropbox account!. XCIs for Horizon 6.1.0, tested on 6.2.0 too, all functional: [Hidden Content] ,... This available forever in that dropbox account!. NROS for Half-Life and all its expansions, Oppossing Force and Blue Shift: [Hidden Content] Switch.7z?dl=0 ,... This available forever in that dropbox account!. xash3d folder must be placed on sd card root with all full expansions(bshift folder and gearbox folder including the core game valve folder) provided here(They're all prepared! just need to place them in the root of the sd card): [Hidden Content] ,... This available only for 30 days in that dropbox trial plan account beginning with now!. Alternate Link if other expires: [Hidden Content]
  8. vJoySetup.exe and joycon-driver.exe needed for this controllers mappings(mainly the joy-cons combined as one controller)to Xbox 360 layout mapper for use in Padstarr on PC for PC Games and even Retroarch, Citra, and even Dolphin emulator for GC games or also WII games or any other emulator or PC game that supports xinput controller driver. I am going to provide the configurations for Dolphin, Retroarch-Windows and Padstarr and some Padstarr Game Configurations. Note 1: Add your Joy-Cons(first the L... then the R through sync button, for Windows 10: Add Bluetooth device option), then on your PC first then install vjoy, and configure the combination of L and R joycons as one and enable vjoy... later open joycon-driver.exe and then push start with the option "combine joycons" as default and let the program sync completely the Switch Joycons to PC... later you can access Padstarr and import the controller mappings to Xbox 360 layout mapper as also the Padstarr Game configs, for dolphin the controller .ini profiles in controller config menu import and in Retroarch also import the cfg. configs to your setup. Note 2: for citra you configure manually in the emulator the mappings. Note 3: When the Joy-Cons from the switch are paired already to Windows Bluetooth first connect the Joy-Con R then later the L to sync first the L and R for vjoy and then open joycon driver and connect completely the Joy-Cons. Note 4: you must first sync the Joy-Cons first on Windows Bluetooth, the later on vjoy and finally to joycon driver and dont close the windows of joycon driver if you want the function to be applied to whatever use on windows. For a wired Switch Pro controller, it is detected inmediately as xinput, for a wireless Switch Pro Controller use bluetooth options on Windows to detect as the joycons are detected too!(The same method, just let install the needed driver and detect) and with this one I recommend BetterJoyForCemu, also reccomend the joycons better for BetterJoyForCemu. And for Cemu Emulator import the controller mapping configs trough controller configuration menu. Padstarr Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] Dolphin Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] Cemu Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]] RetroArch Wired Switch Pro Controller and Joycons (L and R) mappings: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Torrent Magnet Links /// Updating... (Actualizando...) Only upload games on .xci and some DLC of a important game, DONT upload Updates in .NSP Solo subiré juegos en .xci y algun DLC de juegos importantes, NO subiré Updates en .NSP All Games Includes Spanish Language /// Todos los Juegos Incluyen Español All Games are Trimmed /// Todos los Juegos estan Trimeados (Ocupan menos en SD/HDD) _________________________________________________ Pokémon Let's Go Evee (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 4.16Gb [Hidden Content] Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 4.51Gb [Hidden Content] **ATENCION, RENOMBRAR EL XCI PORQUE EL SX OS DA ERROR CON LOS ACENTOS Y APOSTROFES** **WARNING, CHANGE THE TITLE OF THE XCI POR POKEMON LETS GO WITHOUT COMAS** _________________________________________________ **** AVISO **** NO BORREIS EL TORRENT YA QUE AL TENERLO MAS GENTE LAS DESCARGAS IRÁN MAS RAPIDO DONT REMOVE THE TORRENT BECAUSE IF MORE PEOPLE HAVE IT THE DOWNLOAD WILL BE MORE FASTER _________________________________________________ 1-2 Switch (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 1.75Gb [Hidden Content] Arms (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.59Gb [Hidden Content] Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 5.61Gb [Hidden Content] Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 1.83Gb [Hidden Content] Carnival Games (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 1.95Gb [Hidden Content] Diablo III Eternal Collection (EUR) + Voces en Español (NSP) - Trimmed .XCI - 13.6Gb + 5,19Gb (Voces) [Hidden Content] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (rev001) (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 7.02Gb [Hidden Content] Doom (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14Gb [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Builders (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 1.15Gb [Hidden Content] FIFA 19 (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14.1Gb [Hidden Content] Gear.Club Unlimited (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 5.69Gb [Hidden Content] Go Vacation (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 9.19Gb [Hidden Content] GRIP (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 1.96Gb [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 13.20Gb [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2019 (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 7.39Gb [Hidden Content] Kirby Star Allies (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.24Gb [Hidden Content] LEGO DC Super-Villains (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 11.2Gb [Hidden Content] LEGO Harry Potter Collection (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 12.4Gb [Hidden Content] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 12.4Gb [Hidden Content] LEGO The Incredibles (USA) - Trimmed .XCI - 8.43Gb [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.70Gb [Hidden Content] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 7.14Gb [Hidden Content] Mario Tennis Aces (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.22Gb [Hidden Content] Mega Man 11 (USA) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.49Gb [Hidden Content] Mega Man Legacy Collection (USA) - Trimmed .XCI - 712Mb [Hidden Content] Minecraft (Rev001) (USA) - Trimmed .XCI - 882Mb [Hidden Content] Octopath Traveler (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.30Gb [Hidden Content] Pokken Tournament DX (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.62Gb [Hidden Content] Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.28Gb [Hidden Content] Resident Evil Revelations (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 12.40Gb [Hidden Content] Rocket League (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 5.21Gb [Hidden Content] Sonic Mania Plus (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 749Mb [Hidden Content] South Park The Fractured But Whole (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14.50Gb [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.50Gb [Hidden Content] Sports Party (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.98Gb [Hidden Content] Starlink Battle for Atlas (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 7.22Gb [Hidden Content] Super Mario Odyssey (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 5.58Gb [Hidden Content] Super Mario Party (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 3.13Gb [Hidden Content] The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14.6Gb [Hidden Content] The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild (Rev002) (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14.7Gb [Hidden Content] The World Ends with You -Final Remix- (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.76Gb [Hidden Content] Urban Trial Playground (EUR) - Trimmed .XCI - 2.73Gb [Hidden Content] Vegas Party (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 698Mb [Hidden Content] Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 14.1Gb [Hidden Content] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (WLD) - Trimmed .XCI - 13.3Gb [Hidden Content]
  10. FInally!! enjoy! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. hi, I have a nintendo switch jailbroken with sx os pro. today I tried injecting hekate into it . When I injected the hekate payload, it got a black screen after booting. It went wrong I guess. When I tried injecting the sx os payload again, tegraRCM said it was "waiting for device in RCM mode", but my switch was already in autoRCM mode. can you help me please?
  13. Here's my custom switch theme. Not sure if anyone is interested, but thought I'd share anyways. for 6.xx. Initial: [Hidden Content] Alternate: [Hidden Content] (see post below for screenshots) Added Alternate #3: [Hidden Content] (see post on second page for screenshots)
  14. Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 download:
  15. Clustertruck Nintendo Switch download:
  16. XlaPot

    The Legend of Evil NSP

    plz if you have this game, give some link to download.
  17. ------------------------------------------ Server: Zippyshare - 4,47Gb - 10 Links (490 Mb each) Name: Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu (Correct version) Region: EUR ------------------------------------------ NSP Download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  18. Puts Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! songs into the Switch Taiko game. All credit to EmEE @ [Hidden Content] I simply did the work of acquiring the game files for you If you're using SXOS make a folder sdcard:\sxos\titles\0100D9A005ED6000 and extract romfs folder here. If your using anything else its pretty much the same Updated with newest DLC. GAME VERSION 1.0.3 ONLY [Hidden Content] NEW HOTFIX: Fix missing songs. Same installation method (install on top of mod) [Hidden Content] song list in this ver: [Hidden Content] old ver
  19. It seems to be almost impossible to track down all DLC, updates and a valid NSP. Can someone please help a brother out?
  20. I just learned how to make my own themes and made this one, thought I'd share. Use NXTheme.nro to install. Previews: Lock Screen Home Screen Settings User Page All software tab Download: [Hidden Content]
  21. omegachaoszero

    Installed game doesnt show up on menu screen

    Good day. I just installed Smash Bros U using reinx but it isnt showing in the menu so i cant play it or delete it. The instalation finished but it said that it failed, but the storage space is still occupied. Do i have to format everything or what options do i have? Can i open the switch internal memory files and manualy delete the smash files?
  22. tidusec

    Should i update?

    Hi guys thanks in advance for the help! So my switch is still on 5.1 version, i have reinx installed and play my games normally such as pokemon lets go or smash, recently i have seen that certain game such as stardew valley the latest update need the 6.1 fw update, also yesterday i was installing kingdom 2 crowns and couldnt install the update not sure if its because i need to update the switch or not the base game starts but tinfoil couldnt install the update. So my question would be should i update? If so how would i go about updating? Since i installed reinx, i have had my switch offline pretty sure if i go online ill get banned. Or should i wait and not update?
  23. Gustavofg28

    Lego DC Super Villains DLC

    Can anyone tell me where I can find Lego Super Villains's DLC?