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Found 154 results

  1. LynxBlade

    Weird SX OS License Issue

    Hello all, I experienced a weird licensing issue with SX OS today. Wondering if anyone else experienced the same. I'll number each step below as it occurred. I own 1 Nintendo Switch. Purchased SX Pro in May. It arrived, activated it. It works great. Yesterday, purchased a 2nd separate Switch. Plan to use this solely for playing NSP eShop games. Purchased a separate SX OS code (just the OS code, no dongle) Code arrived Booted 2nd switch into SX OS, license request file created Went to Xecuter License File site. Was expecting to upload my request file, and ask to enter the key I purchased Instead, website says "Success" and randomly just gives me a license.dat file (What...? What about the code I paid for)? At this point, I don't trust that file, so I boot into the OS on 2nd switch using TegraRCMSmash New License Request File Created Upload this file to Xecuter license site, NOW it prompts me to enter code. I enter code, validated. Switch works great. What's with that 2nd auto generated license code I got at Step 7? Does this invalidate the first switch because I booted using the dongle? It shouldn't, TX says you can use the dongle with more than 1 switch, so I was curious. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Atlxilance

    Hunting Simulator SWITCH

    I'm looking for Hunting Simulator, can't seem to find it anywhere even though it has been dumped already.
  3. SwitchHack

    [REQUEST] NSP Japanese GAME

    Is it possible to have a complete list of all eShop games available on the Japanese eShop of switch?
  4. Here is my Torrent for Resident Evil Revelations 2 since the only source at this moment is MEGA. [Hidden Content] Add udp://public.popcorn-tracker.org:6969/announce as tracker please Oh, and please don`t hit&run, give other people also the chance to download the file. So Seed it for 24 hours or so.
  5. I have sx os and xenoblade chronicles 2 and dlc and updates downloaded.How do I install updates and dlc.I also have devmenu.
  6. Can any good soul share the NSP of "Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition" and "Darkest Dungeon - LAST ESHOP UPDATE"? Tks!
  7. Outlast Bundle of Terror EUR NSW eShop Downlaod Link Click Here
  8. Hello people! Here we have Resident Evil Revelations 2 [010095300212a000] .nsp format ! [hide][Hidden Content]] enjoy!
  9. neoryu

    REQUEST eShop dumps .NSP

    I wanna make this thread for ppl requesting in advance for .nsp eshop dumped games (like Yooka Laylee, Layers of fears or Brawlout) while we wait for SX SO to get support for this files. mire are: Ikaruga, Celeste, Golf Story and Worms WMD Also If anyone knows how to dump eshop games and wanna share how to do it here so ppl can dump and share their games feel free to do it
  10. [Hidden Content] Replaced with torrent. Seeding @ 20 Gbit/s. Torrent fixed. Sorry. -Sorrow
  11. Hello everyone! I wonder if someone has been able to dump the xci of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 which is a download only game and if there is a way for everyone to get it. Thanks!
  12. Would really appreciate dumps for Shovel Knight and Hollow Knight, thanks!
  13. Hello Community! I have seen that games have been released lately in eShop format for LayeredFS and I love this game because it is like a "A link to the past" maybe someone could dump it? thanks in advance!
  14. [hide][Hidden Content]] Removed from FTP due to too much traffic. Sorry. Sorry for the delay on this one; I was doing stuff. EDIT: FTP back up. Please be mindful and limit your max simultaneous downloads to 1. -Sorrow
  15. Publisher / Developer : Nintendo | Retro Studios Release: May 04, 2018 Genre : Platform Format: .XCI Language: Multilanguage Region: Free-Region Size : 6,90 Gb Dump :BigBlueBox [Hidden Content]
  16. [hide][Hidden Content]] FTP is currently under heavy load, so don't complain if you can't access the files or your download cuts off mid way through downloading. -Sorrow
  17. [hide][Hidden Content]] -Sorrow
  18. [hide][Hidden Content]] FTP is currently under heavy load, so don't complain if you can't access the files or your download cuts off mid way through downloading. -Sorrow
  19. 4 New BBB releases just dumped, new links will be updated as soon as possible (USF already had a EUR dump this one is US) : Hyrule.Warriors.Definitive.Edition.NSW-BigBlueBox 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] UPTOBOX [Hidden Content] TORRENT [Hidden Content] The.LEGO.NINJAGO.Movie.Videogame.USA.NSW-BigBlueBox TORRENT [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER (EUR dump) [Hidden Content] Ultra.Street.Fighter.II.The.Final.Challengers.USA.NSW-BigBlueBox TORRENT [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER (EUR dump) [Hidden Content] Farming.Simulator.Nintendo.Switch.Edition.NSW-BigBlueBox 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] UPTOBOX [Hidden Content] TORRENT [Hidden Content]
  20. [hide][Hidden Content]] Sorry for the delay. FTP has been down for a long time. -Sorrow
  21. [hide][Hidden Content]] -Sorrow
  22. [hide][Hidden Content]] -Sorrow
  23. [hide][Hidden Content]] -Sorrow
  24. 8710482

    [FTP] de.Blob.NSW-BigBlueBox

    [hide][Hidden Content]] -Sorrow