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Found 2140 results

  2. The Escapists Complete Edition (USA) (XCI) + Update v1.0.2 Download
  3. Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition (USA) NSP Download XCI Download
  4. Softcobraweb

    ✅ Sea King (Eshop)

    Sea King (Eshop) Download
  5. Warlocks Tower (Eshop) Download Update v1.0.1 Download
  6. Hob The Definitive Edition Update v1.1.2 Download My Time at Portia Update v1.0.4 Download Taiko no Tatsujin Drum n Fun Update v1.0.8 Download Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version Update v1.1.0 Download Tennis World Tour Update v1.15.0 Download
  7. Straight up copy-and-paste kind of an undub, but it works perfectly fine, except for a single stray English line at the beginning of a very first cutscene. DL (404MB): [Hidden Content] If you have a EU version of the game: delete reAddcont folder, rename PCSE00015 folder to PCSB00049.
  8. Full uncut gore + Japanese audio for both games. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus: you can apply this undub to European version of the game if you wish to do so, but you'll miss out on uncut gore. DL (782MB): [Hidden Content] Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus: this one is different due to it being a save "mod". Works with every region. Not mandatory but highly recommended to use it in conjunction with LOLIcon + VitaGrafix combo and 1st & 3rd person camera speed set to fast. DL (celan save, Japanese audio and full gore enabled): [Hidden Content] OG reddit post – if you want to read a short version on how this was achieved and how to make one yourself (stupid easy). If you're confused about what to do with this save or you already have a save with some progress on it but want to enable gore or Japanese audio, read here.
  9. NBA 2K19 Update v1.0.7 (NSP) Download
  10. Retro Games FullSet Roms | Nes | Snes | GBC | GBA | Sega 32X | Game Gear | Genesis | Neo Geo Fullset Roms Platform Nes Fullset Roms Snes Fullset Roms GBC Fullset Roms GBA Fullset Roms Sega 32X Fullset Roms Sega Game Gear Fullset Roms Sega Master System Fullset Roms Sega Genesis Fullset Roms Neo Geo Fullset Roms Download
  11. Starlink Battle For Atlas Update v1.0.5 Download Dragon Ball FighterZ Update v1.17 Download
  12. Rep kiss [JAP] 010022E00C9D8000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Toho Fantasy Wagon W [JAP] [0100EEF00BBE2000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Learn with Nanami! Japanese Advanced Tips Theory [JAP] [010001A00C840000] [NSP] [Hidden Content]
  13. Warlocks 2 God Slayers (Eshop) Download
  14. FIFA 19 Update v1.0.6 Download Dead Cells Update v1.2.1 Download RPG Maker MV Update v1.10 Download Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet Update v1.0.3 Download
  15. Softcobraweb

    Resident Evil 4 (Eshop)

    Resident Evil 4 (Eshop) Google Drive Download
  16. Warlocks 2 God Slayers [0100E0400E320000] [NSP] (1.7GB) Release Date : 07/06/2019 Genres : RPG, Action, Adventure Language : English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish Mode : Single Player, Multi Player [Hidden Content]
  17. Refunct [01007A800D520000] [NSP] (220MB) [Hidden Content] PICO PARK [01004EA00DF70000] [NSP] (20MB) [Hidden Content] Neon Junctions [010085900E3B6000] [NSP] (270MB) [Hidden Content]
  18. Softcobraweb

    ✅ Neon Junctions (Eshop)

    Neon Junctions (Eshop) Download
  19. Softcobraweb

    ✅ Submerged (Eshop)

    Submerged (Eshop) Download
  20. Refunct + Update (Eshop) Download
  21. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Update v1.1.1.0 Download Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Update v1.0.7 & DLC Volume 1,2,3,4 Download The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame Update v1.0.3 Download
  22. Legend of the Tetrarchs [01007E900DFB6000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] The Sushi Spinnery [010044200D2C4000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Fat City [01001CC00CB54000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Dyna Bomb [01007DD00DFDE000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Dyna Bomb [Update v131072] [Hidden Content] Word Wheel by POWGI [01002A600E346000] [NSP] [Hidden Content]
  23. Submerged [0100EDA00D866000] [NSP] (830MB) [Hidden Content] Mojutsukai to Ojisama Flower and Snow [JAP] [01001B900C0E2000] [XCI] (7.4GB) [Hidden Content] Another World [01003C300AAAE000] [XCI] (1.8GB) [Hidden Content]
  24. The Little Acre [0100A5000D590800] [NSP] [Hidden Content] The Little Acre [0100A5000D590800][v1.0.2][v65536] [Hidden Content]
  25. Super Smash Bros. (USA) + Update v1.1.7 + DLC 3DS CIA & Decrypted Rom .3ds Decrypted Rom for Citra .3ds Encrypted for Getaway or Sky3ds+ .cia for Devmenu or Bigbluemenu Download