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Found 439 results

  1. [Hidden Content] Game ID: S7DE52 Format: .wbfs Description: May the birds be with you! The Angry Birds adventure set in a galaxy far, far away makes the jump to hyperspace and comes out on consoles! The megapopular mobile game lands on Wii with over 20 new levels created just for this big-screen experience. Play through the Star Wars universe, Angry Birds-style, as you wield your lightsaber, use the Force, and blast Pigtroopers. Become a true Jedi Master as you journey from the sands of Tatooine to the Pig Star in over 25 hours of addictive Angry Birds play. Join friends in all-new multiplayer modes featuring co-op and head-to-head options.
  2. Found a few of Treeki and ZementBlock's Newer SMBW programs, if anyone wants them. Anyhow, here's the link to all the Newer SMBW Game files that are compatible with Reggie Next, and tons of extraction and decompression programs for Wii game files and whatnot. [Hidden Content] Edit: You actually don't convert the .arc files back into .arc.LH files. They will work as .arc files, but only if you replace all the .arc.LH level files in your SD card with the decompressed level files found in the .zip file above. Here's the template XML: [Hidden Content]
  3. Bienvenue Chez Les Chtis - [RVEFMR] Rar Password HeyH&y8*6f2
  4. [Hidden Content] languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT developer: PsyKos publisher: PsyKos release date: 2010-7-21 genre: music, karaoke rating: 3 players: 2 req. accessories: wiimote, microphone accessories: online players: 0
  5. SK8E52 4.04gb [Hidden Content]
  6. [Hidden Content] languages: FR, DE, IT developer: Junction Point publisher: Disney Interactive release date: 2012-11-21 genre: action, adventure rating: 7 content: violence players: 2 req. accessorieswiimote, nunchuk accessories online players: 0 version: 1.00
  7. [thumbnail][Hidden Content]] This hack was made by the Newer Team.. Special credit goes to JasonP27 for compiling this WBFS.. This version is for USB Loaders only. If you have the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii Disc, and Riivolution, you can download the Riivolution version here: [Hidden Content] You can download a 100% Save File to play everything right off the bat here: [Hidden Content] Features: Game Soundtracks: Game Screenshots: Custom Banners: Covers: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. grabthembythepussycat

    TheGHOST Guitar Hero Tool Wii

    source: [Hidden Content] links on post are dead and can't find the tool anywhere, need a most recent version.
  9. ExNihilo

    Spider-Man 3 [RS3X52] - PAL-D

    [Hidden Content] languages: DE developer: Vicarious Visions publisher: Activision release date: 2007-5-4 genre: action, platformer rating: 12 content: violence, language players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote, nunchuk accessories: online players: 0 version: 1
  10. SKNE52 1.46gb [Hidden Content]
  11. Hi i just wanna ask that how can i make a wii inject that has wad folder and apps folder? i'll include a picture of what i'm talking about can you help me? thanks Bence (1st picture is outside of every folder like wad and apps and the 2nd picture is the inside of the apps folder) (and i need that kind of one that if you start the channel in wii it starts the rom in a emulator)
  12. [hide] [Hidden Content] [hide]
  13. [Hidden Content] *ENGLISH PATCHED Integrated "Original Release" **The alternative v0.4 (patch files only) and instructions how to integrate the files into an iso are located HERE on DarkUmbra. language: EN Patched developer: Mistwalker, AlexBertoni publisher: Xseed Games release date: 2012-8-14 genre: role-playing, action RPG, tactical RPG ratingT content: violence, language, mild suggestive themes, use of alcohol players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote, nunchuk accessories: classic controller online players: 6 online features: online connectivity (any problems just pm me HERE. also i take request for Wii games HERE so just put "[exNihilo]" in the topic of the post so that i can see it easily and i will do my best to fulfill the request.)
  14. Henry62187

    Golden Sun REGIONFREE

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  15. [Hidden Content] languages: EN, ES developer: Spike publisher: Atari (Infogrames) release date: 2016-7-17 genre: fighting rating: T content: violence, language players: 4 req. accessories: accessories: online players: 4 online features: online connectivity, online download (any problems just pm me HERE. also i take request for Wii games HERE so just put "[exNihilo]" in the topic of the post so that i can see it easily and i will do my best to fulfill the request.)
  16. [Hidden Content] languages: EN, ES, PT developer: Kaxan Games publisher: SLANG release date: 2012-4-27 genre: party rating: E players: 4 req. accessories: wiimote accessories: nunchuk online players: 0
  17. Henry62187

    DKC Competition NTSCU.wad

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  18. [Hidden Content] languages: EN developer: Mindscape publisher: Mindscape release date: 2009-11-26 genre: music, karaoke rating: 12 content: language players: 2 req. accessories: wiimote, microphone accessories: online players: 1 online features: online players, online download version: 1
  19. [Hidden Content] (this demo was handed out by lottery) languages: JA developer: publisher: Sega Japan release date: 2007-1-1 genre: rating: A players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote accessories: online players: 0
  20. Henry62187

    Emergency Heroes [REHE41].wbfs

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  21. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  22. You need the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl Disc to use this.. This hack was made by Patt Anderson. Videos: Game Description: Progress: Character Replacements: Stages: Songs: To Do: Known Glitches: Status: Root of SD should look like this: Instructions: Hacked Wii Instructions: Dolphin Instructions: Instructions: Character Replacements: Stages: Audio: Covers: MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]