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Found 437 results

  1. [Hidden Content] languages: FR, DE, IT developer: Junction Point publisher: Disney Interactive release date: 2012-11-21 genre: action, adventure rating: 7 content: violence players: 2 req. accessorieswiimote, nunchuk accessories online players: 0 version: 1.00
  2. [thumbnail][Hidden Content]] This hack was made by the Newer Team.. Special credit goes to JasonP27 for compiling this WBFS.. This version is for USB Loaders only. If you have the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii Disc, and Riivolution, you can download the Riivolution version here: [Hidden Content] You can download a 100% Save File to play everything right off the bat here: [Hidden Content] Features: Game Soundtracks: Game Screenshots: Custom Banners: Covers: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. grabthembythepussycat

    TheGHOST Guitar Hero Tool Wii

    source: [Hidden Content] links on post are dead and can't find the tool anywhere, need a most recent version.
  4. ExNihilo

    Spider-Man 3 [RS3X52] - PAL-D

    [Hidden Content] languages: DE developer: Vicarious Visions publisher: Activision release date: 2007-5-4 genre: action, platformer rating: 12 content: violence, language players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote, nunchuk accessories: online players: 0 version: 1
  5. SKNE52 1.46gb [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi i just wanna ask that how can i make a wii inject that has wad folder and apps folder? i'll include a picture of what i'm talking about can you help me? thanks Bence (1st picture is outside of every folder like wad and apps and the 2nd picture is the inside of the apps folder) (and i need that kind of one that if you start the channel in wii it starts the rom in a emulator)
  7. [hide] [Hidden Content] [hide]
  8. [Hidden Content] *ENGLISH PATCHED Integrated "Original Release" **The alternative v0.4 (patch files only) and instructions how to integrate the files into an iso are located HERE on DarkUmbra. language: EN Patched developer: Mistwalker, AlexBertoni publisher: Xseed Games release date: 2012-8-14 genre: role-playing, action RPG, tactical RPG ratingT content: violence, language, mild suggestive themes, use of alcohol players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote, nunchuk accessories: classic controller online players: 6 online features: online connectivity (any problems just pm me HERE. also i take request for Wii games HERE so just put "[exNihilo]" in the topic of the post so that i can see it easily and i will do my best to fulfill the request.)
  9. Henry62187

    Golden Sun REGIONFREE

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  10. [Hidden Content] languages: EN, ES developer: Spike publisher: Atari (Infogrames) release date: 2016-7-17 genre: fighting rating: T content: violence, language players: 4 req. accessories: accessories: online players: 4 online features: online connectivity, online download (any problems just pm me HERE. also i take request for Wii games HERE so just put "[exNihilo]" in the topic of the post so that i can see it easily and i will do my best to fulfill the request.)
  11. [Hidden Content] languages: EN, ES, PT developer: Kaxan Games publisher: SLANG release date: 2012-4-27 genre: party rating: E players: 4 req. accessories: wiimote accessories: nunchuk online players: 0
  12. Henry62187

    DKC Competition NTSCU.wad

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  13. [Hidden Content] languages: EN developer: Mindscape publisher: Mindscape release date: 2009-11-26 genre: music, karaoke rating: 12 content: language players: 2 req. accessories: wiimote, microphone accessories: online players: 1 online features: online players, online download version: 1
  14. [Hidden Content] (this demo was handed out by lottery) languages: JA developer: publisher: Sega Japan release date: 2007-1-1 genre: rating: A players: 1 req. accessories: wiimote accessories: online players: 0
  15. Henry62187

    Emergency Heroes [REHE41].wbfs

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  16. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  17. You need the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl Disc to use this.. This hack was made by Patt Anderson. Videos: Game Description: Progress: Character Replacements: Stages: Songs: To Do: Known Glitches: Status: Root of SD should look like this: Instructions: Hacked Wii Instructions: Dolphin Instructions: Instructions: Character Replacements: Stages: Audio: Covers: MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  19. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  20. [Hidden Content] languages: DE developer: publisher: Nordic Games release date: 2012-11-22 genre: music, karaoke rating: 3 players: 4 req. accessories: wiimote, microphone accessories: online players: 0
  21. ExNihilo

    ExNihilo's PAL Index Thread

    Wii PAL INDEX (ExNihilo) ############################################################### WORK IN PROGRESS! ############################################################### Clicking any of the links below will send you to the thread with the download link. If you are looking for a game but it is not in this index please first check out Normanity's Wii PAL index then use the site's SEARCH function (at the very top left) to see if anyone else here has it. If your search is negative start a new topic in the REQUESTS SECTION . i personally take request so feel free to just place [exNihilo] in the request topic of the post, so it will catch my eye. i'll do my best to fill the request! i try to check that section weekly. i have a complete collection, (minus 4~5 DEMO's) of the North American releases and a ton others from around the globe (official and custom) so feel free ask. Enjoy! and please click the LIKE button and a special thx to Normanity and bouncingbaby for all the support! # A - B Blast Works - Build, Trade, Destroy [RBRX5G] - English, Deutsch, Region Free - C Call of Duty - 3 [RCDD52] - Deutsch Call of Duty - 3 [RCDX52] - Español, Français, Italiano, Region Free Call of Duty - Black Ops [SC7D52] - Deutsch Call of Duty - Black Ops [SC7F52] - Français Call of Duty - Black Ops [SC7P52] - English Call of Duty - Black Ops [SC7S52] - Español Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 [SM8S52] - Español Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 [SM8X52] - English, Français, Region Free Call of Duty - Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition [RJAX52] - Español, Italiano, Region Free Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle [SKKXHY] - Français, Italiano, Region Free Cocoto Magic Circus [RMRXNK] - Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Region Free D Deal Or No Deal: The Banker Is Back [RLAPMR] - English Def Jam Rapstar [SJRXA4] - Deutsch Def Jam Rapstar [SJRPA4] - English Def Jam Rapstar [SJRZA4] - Español Die drei Fragezeichen - Das verfluchte Schloss [R4DDUS] - Deutsch Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two [SERF4Q] - Français Doctor Who - Return to Earth [SDOPLR] - English - E - F FIFA - 09 - All-Play [RF9Y69] - Español, Italiano, Region Free FIFA - 10 [R4RY69] - Español, Italiano, Region Free - G Golden Balls [R6GPMR] - English Guitar Hero - World Tour [SXAP52] - English H Horse & Pony - My Riding Stables [RL2PFR] - English Hysteria Hospital - Emergency Ward [RJVPGN] - English - I - J Junior Fitness Trainer [SJFXGR] - English, Español Just Dance - 3 - Special Edition [SJDX41] - English - K - L - M My Animal Centre [RJDPKM] - English My Pet Hotel - (Mijn Dierenpension) [RMNHMN] - Nederland My Vet Practice - (Meine Tierarztpraxis) [RTEPFR] - English - N Naruto Shippuden - Dragon Blade Chronicles [SN4XGT] - Français - Region Free Nicktoons: Attack Of The Toybots [RN3X78] - Region Free - O - P Pétanque Pro [R7TFJW] - Français Planet Rescue - Wildlife Vet [R8VP41] - English Puppy Luv [RPTD52] - Deutsch - Q - R Real Stories - Veterinaire [RVTFMR] - Français Real Stories - Veterinaire [RVTXMR] - Deutsch, Italiano, Region Free - S Spider-Man 3 [RS3X52] - Français, Region Free Springdale: Riding Adventures [SPKXPV] - Region Free - T Télé 7 Jeux - Mots Fléchés [RJ7FWP] - Français The Godfather - Blackhand Edition [RGFF69] - Français The Godfather - Blackhand Edition [RGFI69] - Italiano The Godfather - Blackhand Edition [RGFP69] - English The Godfather - Blackhand Edition [RGFS69] - Español The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess - (La leyenda de Zelda - Crepúsculo Princesa) [RZDS01] - Español The Magic Roundabout [RT6PKM] - English The Simpsons Game [RSNF69] - Français The Simpsons Game [RSNX69] - Region Free The Voice, la Plus Belle Voix [S32FJW] - Français Titeuf le Film [STIFKM] - Français Top Trumps - Doctor Who [RWHP4F] - English U U-Sing - [R58FMR] - Français U-Sing - [R58IMR] - Italiano U-Sing - [R58PMR] - English U-Sing - Girls Night [SUSPMR] - English U-Sing - Johnny Hallyday [SUSFMR] - Français U-Sing - 2 [SU3FMR] - Français U-Sing - 2 [SU3DMR] - Deutsch U-Sing - 2 [SU3SMR] - Español U-Sing - 2 - 35 Hits + U-STORE [SU4HMR] - Nederland U-Sing - 2 - 40 Hits + U-Store [SU3PMR] - English U-Sing - 2 - Australian Edition [SU3UMR] - English U-Sing - 2 - Popstar Edition [SU3HMR] - Nederland - V - W We Sing - Deutsche Hits [SITPNG] - Deutsch We Sing - Deutsche Hits - 2 [SU8PNG] - Deutsch - X - Y - Z - COLOR KEY CODE (where applicable): YELLOW: Deutsch | WHITE: English | RED: Español | BLUE: Français | GREEN: Italiano | ORANGE: Nederland | SILVER: Region Free | PUMPKIN: Swedish | #C96: Danish | #C66: Norwegian
  22. [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide] File name:Turbo Super Stunt Squad [SOSEG9] File size:265.1MB Region:United States of America
  23. Hola amigos: Les escribo porque quiero pedir su ayuda. En el video que les comparto está el inicio de un Streaming para Wii. Y con la ayuda de todos podremos hacer algo grande. Los invito a ver el video para que vean que si es posible. Los enlaces a los videos que realicen me los pueden enviar por mensaje interno como también pueden escribirme a mi cuenta de Twitter: [Hidden Content] Saludos mis amigos.