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Found 27 results

  1. Release Date: 2019, October Category: Simulation Publisher: Microids Developer: Microids Language: French Voice: French Game Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSZ, NSP, XCI Multiplayer: Up To 4 Players Age rating 7+ Performance checked: Yes (on 8.0.1, SX OS 2.9.2 ,Atmosphere 0.9.4) Avec plus de 3200 questions/réponses officielles rédigées par des formateurs d’auto-école diplômés d’État, Réussir : Code de la Route propose jusqu’à 4 joueurs de s’entraîner à l’examen, de tester leurs connaissances façon party-game ou encore de s’affronter dans des mini-jeux inédits. Les joueurs auront le choix entre différents modes de jeu et plus de 130 niveaux pour progresser seul ou à plusieurs. Ils pourront également bénéficier d’un parcours d’entraînement personnalisé pour travailler leurs points faibles avec des séries thématiques adaptées. Le permis de conduire n’aura jamais été aussi proche ! XCI[1.5 GB] [hide][Hidden Content]] NPS [1.4 GB] [hide][Hidden Content]] NPS Update 1.0.1 [66 MB] [hide][Hidden Content]] NSZ [1.3 GB] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. rafaelbrx

    Ittle Dew 1 – 2+ [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, August Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle Developer: Ludosity Publisher: Ludosity Format: NSP Version: 1.0.1 Language: EN, Multi 9 Size: 3.4 GB Adventure seeker Atle Dew and her friend Tipsy crash and find themselves on an unknown island full of trophies and inhabited by mysterious inhabitants. Our two heroes quickly realize that this could be the biggest adventure of their life. Isle Dew has reduced the classic adventure formula to such an extent that only interesting things remain. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Release Date: 2019, Oct Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Rebellion Publisher: RebellionInteract Language: EN, Multi Format: NSP XCI Version: 1.0.1 Face the infamous Afrika Korps of World War 2 in this award-winning third-person shooter. You are the turning point. Because one bullet can change history. Sniper Elite 3 is a tactical World War 2 third-person shooter with stealth gameplay, authentic ballistics and huge open levels. Download NSP 6.3 GB [hide][Hidden Content]] Download XCI 6.3 GB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. rafaelbrx

    FIFA 20 ™ Legacy Edition

    Release Date: September 2019 Category: Sports Publisher: Electronic Arts Language: English, Multi 6 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP, XCI Size: 12 GB EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Legacy Edition launches September 27th on Nintendo Switch™ featuring the latest kits, clubs, and squads from some of top leagues around the world. It will also feature some of the world’s most famous stadiums, including some brand new to FIFA 20. Gameplay features and modes will have parity with FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch. Download NSP [hide][Hidden Content]] Download XCI [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. rafaelbrx

    Northgard [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, September Developer: Shiro Games Genre: Strategy Language: English, Multi 7 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP, XCI After years of tireless searches, brave Vikings discovered Nordguard – a new land full of secrets, dangers and riches. The bravest of the northerners raised their sails and set off to conquer the shores of others in the hope of glorifying their clan and making history through their conquests, trade, and zealous service to the gods. Download NSP 650 MB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Release Date: 2019, September Developer: Nintendo Language: English Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 14 GB A new chapter in the series that defines the genre of role-playing games will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The absolute version of DRAGON QUEST XI! Ready for a massive adventure with catchy characters, an engaging storyline and classic gameplay that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime? This absolute version of the famous role-playing game contains not only all the content of the original game, but also additional character stories, a fully instrumental soundtrack, side quests in the worlds of past DRAGON QUEST games, English and Japanese dubbing, as well as the ability to switch between graphics in HD and 16-bit . Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. rafaelbrx

    Fight’N Rage [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, September Developer: sebagamesdev Language: English Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 430 MB The plot in the game is made in the spirit of the classic games of this genre. Once, in the distant future, an electromagnetic pulse of high power occurred, disconnecting and destroying all electrical appliances around the planet. Now mankind is enslaved by a gang of mutants led by a Leader who has proclaimed the law of the jungle among all living beings. But .. There were three heroes who were ready to fight the despotism of mutants! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. rafaelbrx

    Contra Rogue Corps [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, Sep Genre: Action Developer: Konami Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP, XCI Size: The return of the famous Contra franchise in 3D, which takes place several years after the events of Contra 3: The Alien Wars. Choose your hero from four different characters and complete missions in PVE campaigns, collect resources to improve your weapons and destroy everything that stands in your way. All characters have unique skills and special attacks that can be customized using improved organs and cybernetic implants. Download NSP 3.8 GB [hide][Hidden Content]] XCI 7.44 GB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. rafaelbrx

    Jet Kave Adventure [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, Sep Genre: Platformer Developer: 7Levels Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP, XCI Size: 3 GB Meet Cave! He is the elder of his tribe, or rather, he was until now. Now, driven out by his own people, he accidentally finds … a jetpack! This cunning and unknown device turns him into the first (and only) primitive man who is able to withstand the “invader from outer space” – a very unpleasant character who has arrived from heaven, who will readily cause a volcano to erupt on people’s heads in order to fix his spaceship. From this moment begins the adventure of Cave, in which he can save his island and regain the trust of the tribe. Download NSP [hide][Hidden Content]] XCI [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. rafaelbrx

    Flipping Death [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2018, Aug Genre: Adventure, Platformer Developer: Zoink Games Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 2.8 GB Puzzle adventure platformer Flipping Death – replace Death, inhabit the living, help the dead and move between worlds. Will new abilities help reveal the secret of your own doom? Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. rafaelbrx

    ONINAKI [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019 Genre(s) Action, Role-Playing, Adventure Developer Square Enix Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP, XCI Size: 3.1 GB The new Action-RPG, ONINAKI tells the story of one Watcher on a journey to protect Life, after Death. ONINAKI features exciting hack and slash style battles, with deep customization of your daemons and weapons. Experience unique action gameplay combined with a deep and satisfying story. Download NSP 3.1 GB [hide][Hidden Content]] XCI [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. rafaelbrx

    SUPERHOT [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, Aug Genre: Action, Shooter Developer: SUPERHOT Team Language: EN, Multi 10 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 3.5 GB SUPERHOT blurs the line between thoughtful strategy and rampant madness: this is a first-person shooter where time moves only with you. There will not be a replenished health bar. There will be no well-dispersed ammunition. Only you – one against all, with bare hands. Snatch weapons from falling enemies, shoot, cut and dodge bullets, like Neo. The unique style of SUPERHOT graphics is a long-awaited breakthrough in the genre of shooters. Her Spartan minimalism helps to focus on the main thing – the smoothness of gameplay and the cinematic beauty of the battle. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Release Date: 2018, Nov Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing, Action Developer: Capybara Games Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 669 MB In a journey through the mysterious world, the sword will not only allow you to fight, but also create special spells to solve musical puzzles. Immerse yourself in a video game where even the phases of the moon are important, and help the wandering nun fulfill her sad mission. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP contains an entire album of music by renowned composer Jim Guthrie. Superbrothers Inc. was involved in the artwork and design, and programming was done by video game wizards from the Canadian company Capy (Toronto). Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. rafaelbrx

    Cryogear [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, Aug Genre: Action, Platformer, Role-Playing Developer: Adrian Zingg Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: Swiss indie studio PolarityFlow announces the launch of CRYOGEAR, the pixel-perfect metro-platformer platform. Being in an open sci-fi world, the player controls a reprogrammed clone that comprehends the world, learns new abilities and reveals the secret of the Emperor’s AI Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Release Date: 2019, July Genre: Role-play, Strategy Developer: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo Games Interface Language: EN Language Voice: JP Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 11 GB Three houses. Your own adventure. Become a hero that this world needs so much in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch game! The scene of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game will be the Foldan Continent, where Seyros Church has a huge influence. The player will not only fight; in some locations, he will be able to move freely and interact with other characters to build relationships and collect information. Download NSP [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Release Date: 2019, Aug Genre: Action Developer: Paranoid Productions Language: EN, Multi 4 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 1.6 GB A project with an interesting story proposing to investigate the crimes of a mysterious cult in the 1970s. Playing as a former employee of the police department, you will visit the City of Freedom and you will encounter incredible events there. Each of your decisions will affect the development of the plot and lead to a particular ending. Play the way and where you want! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. Genre: Arcade Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 3.8 GB Arcade Archives is a series of emulated arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s. Arcade Archives was first released in May 2014. It also supports various system functions. A version of the Nintendo Switch service was launched in Nintendo eShop during the launch of the system in March 2017, including Nintendo’s own games. In the distribution are 52 games with the latest updates. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. rafaelbrx

    Sweet Witches [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, July Genre: Arcade, Platformer Developer: Lumen Section Language: EN, Mult 5 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 1 GB Sweet Witches is a modern rethinking of arcade classics with cheerful girls! .. An arcade platformer tells about the adventures of lovely little sorceresses who went in search of sweets. Despite the children’s appearance of the game, in its process you will encounter ruthless trials. Since your heroine does not know how to jump, on the way to victory you will have to rely on magic stairs, spells and amplifications. Defeat all the dangers, repulse enemies, cover the world with flowers and get a deserved treat as a reward! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. rafaelbrx

    The Forbidden Arts [1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, Aug Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer, Role-Playing Developer: Stingbot Games Language: EN, Multi 10 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 2.3 GB Description: The Forbidden Arts is an adventure platformer with a stake in exploring the world around it. Players find themselves in the role of a pyromancer nicknamed Phoenix, who is looking for a way to protect her world from the invasion of the forces of the evil necromancer. Download (1.9 GB) [hide][Hidden Content]] update (283 MB) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. Release Date: 2019, July Genre: Action, Platformer Developer: Taito Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 672 MB Taito Studio recreates the classics with ninjas who have to clear the road from the villains! .. Arcade beat ’em up game of 1994 Ninja Warriors Again is now on the Nintendo Switch. In it, you are given a choice of three characters: kamaitati-cyborg, kunoichi and ninja. Each of them has its own unique attacks and techniques, and the main task of the game will be to destroy as many opponents as possible on your way. Now she has a new name – The Ninja Warriors: Once Again. As it turned out, not only one name was changed, but also the updated art of the main characters. It is also interesting that there were two new characters who were not in the original arcade version: Yaksha and the robot Raiden. In the game, the character sprites, locations and game menu were completely redone! .. Ask the opponents of the heat! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Release Date: 2018, July Genre: Arcade, Action, Adventure Developer: Kaiko Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 3.3 GB The Legend of Kay is an action-adventure adventure computer game with platformer elements developed by German company Neon Studios originally for the PlayStation 2. The game’s plot tells of a young warrior cat named Kay who is trying to save his once-peaceful island from the evil armies of gorillas and rats that conquered it. The player assumes the role of a kitten warrior Kay, who is the hero of the game. The hero must perform various actions to advance and overcome obstacles: climb the ropes, use different types of jumps, solve puzzles, etc. To help the hero, you can choose from three types of weapons that open as you progress through the game: sword, claws, and combat hammer. Download
  22. Release Date: 2018, Sep Genre: Platformer, Action, Arcade Developer: Black Forest Games Language: EN, Multi 6 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 1.3 GB Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a fascinating and dynamic platformer with an unusual gameplay. You can transform the world of dreams Jian, thereby changing the set of abilities of the heroine and the objects surrounding her. Gian travels around the world of dreams, depends largely on her desires and moods. Having met an obstacle in the way, she can either break it into pieces, or gracefully flip it over. The choice is yours. Download
  23. rafaelbrx

    Defunct + [update 1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2018, Sep Genre: Racing, Action, Adventure Developer: Freshly Squeezed Language: EN, Multi 11 Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 2.4 GB You are a “broken” robot that fell from a cargo ship onto an Earth that was deserted and inhabited by robots alone. You need to have time to go back home! Your body is equipped with a gravitational gravitational device. It creates your own gravity around you. When driving downhill, this means a set of speed. But be careful: on the rise, additional gravity will slow you down! There are a lot of ways to accelerate around you – you just have to find them. Download
  24. Release Date: 2019, July Genre: Action Developer: KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD., Team NINJA Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 13 GB Epic battle in the Marvel universe! In the role-playing action MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch you will have to search for the Infinity Stones. Gather a powerful team of superheroes Marvel – Avengers, Guardians of the galaxy, characters in the series about Spider-Man, X-Men and others – to crush the forces of evil! In this heroic adventure, you decide who will challenge Thanos and his ruthless generals. Joining the ranks of your supporters, you can choose four fighters to perform missions. These can be classic units from the Avengers or Defenders, but you can also experiment with incredible combinations of heroes and villains. Download
  25. rafaelbrx

    Furwind + [update 1.0.1]

    Release Date: 2019, June Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle Language: EN Version: 1.0.1 Format: NSP Size: 147 MB Furwind is a colorful pixel action-platformer, reviving the best traditions of old hits of the genre. Little fox goes on a dangerous journey to fight the ominous darkness enveloping the world. At the end of the ancient battle of one of the Forefathers, Darkhun, imprisoned. A few epochs later, he managed to get free and sent madness to an ungrateful world. The forest was the first on the path of darkness … Vervind, the young inhabitant of the Moontail, does not yet suspect that the greatest and most dangerous adventure of his life will soon begin. If you love classic platformers and bright graphics, charming music and challenging battles, Furwind is made for you! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]