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Found 8 results

  1. Release Date: 2017, Dec Genre: Platformer, Adventure, Action Developer: Playtonic Games Language: EN, Multi 9 Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 3.6 GB Two buddies named Yoka (the one that is green) and Leyli (the nosed bat with a sarcastic disposition) are waiting for huge wonderful worlds, meetings with unforgettable characters and a fight with the sinister Corporation Capital B, which decided to collect all the books in the world and turn them in net income! Using a whole arsenal of special tricks, our heroes have to solve various puzzles and perform feats on platforms in search of Pagies – treasures that allow you to discover new dizzying worlds, teeming with all kinds of cranks and villains, as well as races, arcades, quizzes, team games and much more! Download NSP [hide][Hidden Content]] XCI [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Release Date: 2019, Aug Genre: Racing Developer: N-Racing Language: EN, Multi 7 Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 6.7 GB The only official simulator that combines all the unique characteristics of the ETRC and offers fans of the races a whole new test: get behind the wheel of a huge 5-ton truck with a capacity of 1000 horsepower and fight against 12 opponents. Follow the rules to avoid getting fines. The European Truck Racing Championship is one of the most exciting and challenging racing competitions. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Release Date: 2018, Nov Genre: Music, Arcade Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Language: EN Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 4 GB A cult music arcade from Japan in your home! Drum wholeheartedly using joysticks! Characters from your favorite games and unique in-game skills. Play characters from other Nintendo games and use their skills! Game with motion sensors. Play joysticks on drums in the “arcade style”! Game with friends. Up to 4 people at a time! The favorite music! The new “team” mode. In which new complexity is available “expert”! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. rafaelbrx

    Pokémon Quest [1.1.0]

    Release Date: 2018, May Genre: Strategy, Adventure Developer: Game Freak Language: EN Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 263 MB Tumblkyub Island will be the scene of the most exciting role-playing game Pokémon Quest from the studio GAME FREAK inc., Which has developed many of your favorite games in the Pokémon series. The landscapes and inhabitants of Tumblkyub Island are notable for some cubism, so the visual component of this game is not similar to any previous Pokemon adventure. But we have to admit that these cubic versions of Pokemon, which were originally opened in the Kanto region, look incredibly cute! Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Release Date: 2019, July Genre: Arcade, Platformer, Puzzle Developer: Handsome Box Language: EN Version: 1.1.0 Size: 918 MB A physics-based mix of platforming and puzzle with classic music. Help Jim get out and see the world! Jim is leaving! This is a physical game where players have to pay attention to the environment, carefully plan their next move and be ready for anything! From the concrete jungle, through the country of the sun and the dunes to the northern desert – Jim will take you on an adventure that you will not forget, especially in cooperative mode. If you like to solve puzzles, like classic music and like playing together games, you need to try this game! Collect vinyl in story mode and get access to new levels in the “Laboratory” and “Death Match” modes. There is also a Time Trial mode for family contests. See you later, Jim! Download
  6. Release Date: 2019, June Genre: Arcade, Racing Developer: EnjoyUp Games Language: EN Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 307 MB Get ready to ride at full speed with your family and friends! In Rally Rock ‘N Racing, you will enjoy a variety of landscapes, such as deserts, snow-capped mountains, forests, where you can demonstrate your driving skills to become the fastest. Download
  7. rafaelbrx

    Fort Boyard + [update 1.1.0]

    Release Date: 2019, June Genre: Arcade, Simulator Language: EN Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 1.8 GB Enter Fort Boyard and challenge yourself in more than 10 trials combining action and social game genres! Endurance, dexterity and perseverance – these are your main trump cards in order to collect the baiyar coins. Fort Boyard – as if you were there! In this stone ship, as if sailing on the sea waves, you will feel the excitement of the teams that set foot on the land of Fort Boyard! Try your hand at each test of the Fort, go through all the stages alone or in multiplayer mode and collect all the keys that will lead you to the treasure. Your turn! Collect as many baiyars as possible. Download
  8. rafaelbrx

    City of Brass + [update 1.1.0]

    Release Date: 2019, Feb Genre: Action, FPS Language: EN, Mult 9 Version: 1.1.0 Format: NSP Size: 1.8 GB Become a daring thief in the City of Brass (“The Copper City”) in a first-person adventure from the main developers of BioShock! Armed with a shemshire and a multi-purpose whip, you will fight and bite, making your way to the heart of a rich metropolis in the spirit of Arabian fairy tales. Download [hide][Hidden Content]]