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Found 2 results

  1. MS's Themed Emulator Forwarder Collection: 2nd Edition Here is the 2nd Edition of the biggest collection of emulator forwarders out there! 34 in total (+3 alternates), all with a matching theme. All of their Title ID's are made to match GameTDB (So you can D/L covers with the click of a button!) They also all use Fix94's v14 forwarding source (Thanks Fix!). I did however include a simple forwarder for smsplus and hugo-gx, in case you don't have the modded versions of those emulators. See spoiler tags for more info. Update List: Forwarder v14 Source Features: -Uses WiiXplorer as a forwarder base -NTFS, FAT32, ext2, ext3 and ext4 partition support -IOS58 for USB 2.0 speed -Can load from USB and SD -Can load dol, dollz and elf files -meta.xml arguments support All Forwarders Include the Following Paths: SD:/apps/????/boot.dol SD:/apps/????/boot.elf USB:/apps/????/boot.dol USB:/apps/????/boot.elf Sidenotes: -These look really good with all the Dark-Wii Themes. -If you're angrified that your favorite games screenshot isn't in the forwarder and you're familiar with customizemii, just replace one of the following images in the banner: samplebanner_a; samplebanner_c; samplebanner_i; samplebanner_j - with a .png of your favorite screenshot, and it should size out pretty darn close! -If there's anything else Emulatorwise you'd like to see up here, put in a request and I'll get to it. Please hit the LIKE button if you like what you see! Check out my other forwarder threads: Second Generation Console Emulators Include: Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, Odyssey2, and Vectrex. Third Generation Console Emulators Include: Atari 7800, Commodore 64, NES, and Sega Master System. Fourth Generation Console Emulators Include: Sega Genesis (+PAL version), SNES (+PAL version), and TG16/PCE (Both Hugo-Gx and WiiEngine). Fifth Generation Console Emulators Include: Neo Geo CD, Nintendo 64 (Both Wii64 & Not64), Playstation, and Sega Saturn. Handheld System Emulators Include: Atari Lynx, GB/GBC/GBA (Both VbaGX & GnuBoy), Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Virtual Boy (Okay so VB was more face held, or desk held, but what'ere i don't have a face held section and I'm not making one). Arcade Emulators Include: M.A.M.E. and Neo Geo Computer Emulators Include: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 800/XL/XE/5200, DOSBox, MSX, ScummVM, and Sinclair/Spectrum ZX. Introducing the 2nd Edition of my themed emulator forwarders! (Note - UAE Amiga, GnuBoy, GxGeo v1, WiiEngine, and PAL versions of GenPlusGX and Snes9xgx are not featured in this video, either are the recent updates to the bluemsx-wii, desmumewii, wiituka, and vbagx forwarders. See the individual vids below) You can download them all in one .rar file here! [Hidden Content] You can download them all individually here! [Hidden Content] Second Generation Console Emulators: Atari 2600 - (Wii2600) ColecoVision - (WiiColem) Intellivision - (JzintvWii) Odyssey2 - (O2em) Vectrex - (VecXWii) Third Generation Console Emulators: Atari 7800 - (Wii7800) Commodore 64 - (Frodo) Nintendo Entertainment System - (FceuGX) Sega Master System / Game Gear - (SMSPlus) Fourth Generation Console Emulators: PC Engine - (WiiEngine) Sega Genesis - (GenPlusGX) Sega MegaDrive - (GenPlusGX) Super Nintendo Entertainment System - (Snes9xGX) Super Nintendo Entertainment System PAL Edition- (Snes9xGX) TurboGrafx-16 - (Hugo-GX) Fifth Generation Console Emulators: Neo Geo CD - (neocd) Nintendo 64 - (Wii64) Nintendo 64 - (Not64) Playstation - (WiiSX) Sega Saturn - (Yabause) HandHeld System Emulators: Atari Lynx - (WiiHandySDL) Gameboy / Gameboy Color - (GnuBoy) Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance - (VbaGX) Neo Geo Pocket - (NeoPopWii_TheStripper) Nintendo DS - (DeSmuMEWii) Nintendo Virtual Boy - (WiiVB) Arcade Emulators: M.A.M.E. - (SDLMame-Wii) Neo Geo - (GXGeo) Neo Geo - (GXGeo) - Version 2 Computer Emulators: Amiga - (UAE) Amstrad CPC - (Wiituka) Apple II - (WiiApple) Atari 800/XL/XE/5200 - (WiiXL) DOSBox - (DOSBox-Wii) MSX - (BlueMSX-Wii) ScummVM - (ScummVM) Sinclair Spectrum ZX - (fbzx-wii) Please hit the LIKE button if you like what you see! Thanks for checking out my page!!
  2. Mastershoes 2nd Edition App/Loader Forwarders Re-skinned some apps to match the 2nd Edition emulator forwarders! They all use Fix94's v14 forwarding source, and their title ID's are made to match GameTDB! Check out my other forwarder threads: HBC Apps: HBC: 2nd Edition InspectMii: 2nd Edition Mighty Channels: 2nd Edition NetFlix: 2nd Edition Nintendont: 2nd Edition Settings Editor GUI: 2nd Edition SystemCheck HacksDen Edition: 2nd Edition Wad Manager 1.7 Channel: 2nd Edition WiiMednafen: 2nd Edition WiiMC: 2nd Edition WiiRadio: 2nd Edition WiiXplorer: 2nd Edition USB/Disc Loaders: CFG USB Loader: 2nd Edition GameCube Backup Launcher Channel: 2nd Edition USB Loader GX: 2nd Edition WiiFlow: 2nd Edition Please hit the "Like" button if you dig this, Thanks!