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Found 54 results

  1. http:// Welcome to my collection I've got many .cia request. so here we go.. i'll share some .cia All my upload rom here are from Public Release + USA/EUR/JPN Region + some are RegionFree (Some are my own Private Dump) I'm using Google Drive because awesome speed for upload/download, i think its better than MEGA for .rar, i usually add recovery record... so if corrupted, you can repair using winrar you can contact me if anylink is dead or anything wrong be sure to check this thread everyday guys don't forget to leave a REP+ for me CLICK HERE TO download +500 CIA GAME in 1 file exel :)) http:// http:// http:// http://
  2. Top 3DS CIA Collection | 300+ Games | USA ~ EUR ~ RF | 2016 UPDATES! Note: Would you like to be aware of the best videogames deals (Preorders, Bundles, Skins, DLC, Prepaids, Guides)? --> Check it now! <-- Would you like to earn some money with videogames? --> Join Now! <-- GUIDE --> How to make money <-- If you have any questions contact me. NOTE: If you have a PS Vita or a Wii U you can view my posts here. Thank you for your support Latest Updates - Added 86 Games Please let me know of any bad links. I'm working on updating the list. Most of the links are REGION FREE! BELOW THERE IS A LIST OF 300 GAMES. YOU HAVE TO REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF YOU WANT TO SEE THAT. THANK YOU EVERYONE. Games [Hidden Content]
  3. MEGA thread CIA Games more than 350+ [hide][Hidden Content]] If you are free user your max speed 100mb/s You can download same time 5-8 files You can make registration free to download faster
  4. ALL Nintendo 3DS Roms 0001-XXXX *currently online until 1553* Format: 3DS File Size: 500 MB Parts / ~ 1 MB - 4 GB per Rom Password: no Password Download@, [Hidden Content]
  5. This is a leaked build of the 3ds sdk. Everything is here not just the dev apps for the 3ds Download link: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Unity: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] If there something you want post it at [Hidden Content]
  6. ALL Nintendo 3DS eShop Roms 0001-XXXX Rom List: [Hidden Content] Format: .3DS File Size: 500 MB Parts / ~ 1 MB - 5 GB per Rom Password: no Password Download@,,,, [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Use WinRar 5 please [/CENTER]
  7. Language: USA , Europe , Japan Source: Scene Releases Hoster: / / Packages/Folders = 2418 Happy Leeching! [Hidden Content]
  8. Super Mario 3d Land Torrent (USA) [hide][Hidden Content]] Torrent (EUR) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Pokemon Omega Ruby 3ds Torrent (USA) [hide][Hidden Content]] Torrent (EUR) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Could somebody please post Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains?
  11. Super Smash Bros 3ds Torrent (USA) [hide][Hidden Content]] Torrent (EUR) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Should I update and loose access to Homebrew? (The reason I want to update is to update Hyrule warriors legends, or is there a way of doing so without Nintendo screwing me over?) I have the game in cartridge form.
  13. I was just curious on what others thought of the new game or even the prequels before it.
  14. this is a bootrom dump from the 3ds but please note that this is a ram dump so it will contain other information than just the bootrom [hide] [Hidden Content] [hide] also sorry for posting in the help and suport category im very new to this place also can someone tell me how to remove this post and place in a more apropriate place
  15. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent (USA) [hide][Hidden Content]] Torrent (EUR) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. I tried to find this game, but i just CANT. I would be rly glad if someoe can upload it.
  17. 3DS

    Windows Emulation is Fun!* *.3dsx and .cia versions are separate downloads * RAM boosts introduced in Hax 2.5 benefit the emulation speeds DSP sound automatically utilized in Hax 2.5 * Windows 3.1, 95, and 98 are bootable through DosBox Core, the files to do this are also in the folder for Retroarch *Windows Booting only works on the New 3ds only, DosBox will freeze if you try to boot Windows on the Old 3ds * The following cores are included: 81 - ZX81 2048 - 2048 Brick Game*** DosBox - Dos* FB Alpha 2012 - Various Arcade Units* FB Alpha 2012 CPS1 - CPS1 Arcade Unit* FB Alpha 2012 CPS2 - CPS2 Arcade Unit* FB Alpha - Same As Other Various One* FB Alpha Neo - Neo Geo MVS* FCEUMM - NES* FMSX - MSX PC** Fuse - (It should say what it is somewhere) Gambette - Gameboy/Gameboy Color** Genesis Plus GX - Sega Genesis/MD/SMS/SG1000/GG/CD/SC3000* GPSP - Gameboy Advance* GW - Game & Watch MAME 2000 - MAME*** MAME 2003 - MAME*** Mednafen NGP - Neo Geo Pocket/Color** Mednafen PCE - PC Engine/TG-16/Possibly CD* Mednafen VB - Virtual Boy* Mednafen WSwan - Wonderswan/Color** MGba - Faster Gameboy Advance* Gone For Good, Use the non-retroarch version NEStopia - NES* NXEngine - Cave Story Game Engine Clone*** PCSX ReArmed - PS1* PicoDrive - Supports 32X and SVP* QuickNES - NES** RetroArch Main Launcher SNES9x 2002 - SNES* SNES9x 2005 - More SNES* SNES9x 2005 Plus - Even More Snes* SNES9x 2010 - Can't Get Enough Of That Wonderful SNES* [hide][Hidden Content]] *New 3ds Only For Fastest Speed **Works Good On Old 3ds ***Not Sure
  18. Just a question, is there a video viewing cfw app for the 3DS already?
  19. Pokemon Y 3ds Torrent (USA) Torrent (EUR)
  20. PictoChat for 3DS NOTE: You need a 3DS compatible flash cart to do this.. NOTE 2: Depending on the flash cart you use, it can run on the latest firmware that the 3DS uses.. At least my R4i Gold 3DS does.. Instructions: In the menu which is Japanese (You don't need to know Japanese to use this), please hit the icon in the bottom left corner of the touch screen. Please hit the icon. Just like the original PictoChat, you can join 4 different chat rooms. You should now be at this screen. It doesn't really matter which one you join, just if you're using this with people around you or whatever the case may be, please make sure they join the same chat room. You should now be in PictoChat, and it should look something like this. (Yes, this was taken with an emulator, so that's why my profile name is DeSmuME. ) But there's one thing you might want to change if you're using this in English - it automatically loads up a Japanese keyboard. This is an easy fix to switch back to the English keyboard, please hit and it will load up the English keyboard. Please repeat steps 4-8 for each time you use this. Congratulations, you've successfully ran PictoChat on a 3DS. And it's also notable that this uses the username and favorite color used in System Settings > Other Settings > Profile > Nintendo DS Profile. Game Description: Download Here: Mega: MediaFire:
  21. Hi guys, I've bought loads of VC games for Wii, Wii U and 3DS. Am I going to have to buy these all over again for the Switch? Does anyone else think / agree that we shouldn't have to keep forking out money for the same game? I feel Nintendo are taking advantage of my loyalty! They should offer a discount at the very least? e.g. I have now bought Ocarina of Time 3 times N64, Wii and 3DS
  22. For anyone who wants them here are some places that have legit cia games for 3ds to download them click the game you want and then it will link you to an adfly, once there click skip ad at the top right and it will link you to a mega file downloader (You will need chrome or firefox) and download with browser, once its done you will get a .rar file, open that with unarchiver (Mac) or Winzip (Windows). If it asks you for a password enter "14lalo" and then it will download your .cia file, im not telling you how to download homebrew or FBI because you should already have it. Put the .cia file into a folder called cias on the root of your sd card and put it into your 3ds and open homebrew, go into FBI, once that has loaded select sd, then go into your cias folder and select the .cia file, then select "install and delete" and once that finished downloading it will be on your home screen. (Link to full web page) [Hidden Content] (Quick links) Edit v2* quick links below now work (adding more later) (Luigis Mansion dark moon usa) [Hidden Content] (animal crossing new leaf usa) [Hidden Content] You're welcome
  23. dose any body know if these are available in legit cia and where to find them tia
  24. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 3DS Video in 3D This video was made by iKurtiss, while Tecnical.K encoded this for 3DS.. Instructions: Download Here: Mega: MediaFire: