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Found 2 results

  1. *FreeShopNX Official Release Installer for Noobs (NEWEST RELEASE v0.3.0)* Last Updated: 8/23/2018 Not to be confused with the ripoff "NXShop" This is the REAL DEAL. BEWARE: Using this will more than likely get you banned at this time. I, nor anyone else are responsible for you getting banned. Use at your OWN RISK. PEOPLE ARE NOW BEING SUPER BANNED(CDN BANNED) PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS! THERE ARE A LOT OF CONFIRMED BANS RIGHT NOW! IF YOU ARE GETTING A CERT ERROR USING THIS CHANCES ARE YOU ARE NOW SUPER BANNED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TEST THIS TO SEE SIMPLY TRY UPDATING A GAME CART OR TRY TO UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE. IF YOU ARE GREETED WITH AN ERROR THEN YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED. THIS USES YOUR CONSOLES OWN CERT. IF YOUR CERT IS BANNED IT WILL BE A HARD BAN KEEPING YOU FROM SYSTEM AND GAME/DLC UPDATES!!! No reason to mess around with any config files or find links. This installer includes everything you need! Just follow the instructions and you will be up and running in no time! SX OS USERS: If you've updated to the latest release of SX OS v1.6 you will need to disable Stealth Mode to download games. As you may or may not know these games are downloaded from Nintendo Servers. Stealth mode blocks all communication between Nintendo and your Switch which will make you unable to use FreeShopNX. It is highly recommended to re-enable it when not using FreeShopNX. ------------------------------------------------------ Instructions: ------------------------------------------------------ If you've used "NXShop" (Please be sure to remove any and all "NXShop" content from your SD card before continuing as it can result in conflicts.) ALSO, if you have any previous versions of FreeShopNX on your SD card make sure to remove them before copying the latest release. 1. Plug in your Switch’s SD card. 2. Open FreeShopNX Installer.exe 3. Follow the prompts until you get to the extract window. 4. Click browse and find your "switch" folder on your SD card. (Mine for example is H:\switch) 5. Click extract making sure that you are extracting to your switch folder. 6. Pop your SD card back into your switch 7. Open Homebrew menu (If on SX OS make sure you hold down the "R" button while opening album.) 8. You will now see FreeShopNX in your homebrew menu. 9. Enjoy downloading updated NSPs from your Switch! Credits: ------------------------------------------------------ AnalogMan151, Adubbz, XorTroll, Reisyukaku, AmiiboUGC. @ShabbyPenguinFor links to the most updated versions of FreeShopNX and the Updater If I missed anyone here please let me know so that I can add them. Disclaimer: ------------------------------------------------------ For some unknown reason Windows has started flagging this as ""Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock"" I promise there is nothing malicious about these files and I'm working to fix this issue. I did nothing other than package everything up to allow people easy access and setup. This is for educational purposes ONLY. What you do with the knowledge you've been presented is entirely up to you and any repercussions you incur are by your own choice. UPDATING: ------------------------------------------------------ @AnalogMan has built in updating so no need to worry if you are getting the latest releases For those who are curious: ------------------------------------------------------ FreeshopUpdater.nro and config.cfg stay in your FreeShopNX folder which is extracted to your switch folder. Due to issues, there is NO titlekeys in this download. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Windows 64-Bit Installer: [hide][Hidden Content]] Windows 32-Bit Installer: [hide][Hidden Content]] MAC OS // Core Files: [hide][Hidden Content]] *Using this link will require you to manually copy the FreeShopNX folder(In the download) into your switch folder (located on your Switchs SD card).* If this helped you out in any way please let me know
  2. Hey guys I've been hit by the Cdn ban I just want to ask is it possible to update the switch manually I know that I'm on version 5.1.0 but in the future if nintendo release a new update is it possible to update it