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Found 7 results

  1. CDNSP GUI v6 - Made by Bob Hi it's me, the one that wrote a long as tutorial on how to download CDNSP "manually", I am back with a CDNSP GUI ! Github: Discord: Download: Note: The program will always download the latest update for a game You can update the game list by going to the top left "Option" menu bar and click on "update titlekey"! You will find your downloaded NSP file in the folder called "_NSPOUT" If the GUI goes unresponsive then it means that you are currently downloading the game files, check the Command Prompt (CMD) for download progress! It will be responsive after the download has completed! Instruction: Download Python 3 ([Hidden Content]) (3.7 is the latest version) Install Python 3, when installing make sure you tick "Add to Path" and untick install for "ALL USER" (See image 1, remember to tick "Add to path" and untick install for "All user", the image is a bit wrong but you'll get the idea) Extract the folder in the zip file to your Desktop (or wherever you want) Double click on "CDNSP - GUI - Bob - v1.py" and it should be opened in Python (See image 2) The program will check for the required modules and start when done! (See image 3) You can search for the game that you are looking for with the text box above the Game selection menu! (See image 4) Features: Get game size before download! (Not supported for DLC) Queue Downloading (See image 5) Different download options (Base game only, update only, or Both) You can also manually enter the titleID and titleKey Made in Python (anyone who knows Python can easily modify the scrip!) Kinda good looking interface (Will improve if there's any suggestions!) To-do List: (If you know Python and is willing to contribute and help me out, please DM me) Show game image (Like what Shogun Tool does) Add Mac support (already have a compiled version of hactool that should work with Mac, but I got some other errors when testing on a Mac) Make the interface more beautiful Scan for existing .NSP game files Scroll through the list faster Fix decryption, path error Sort the list (when the key is added, show new key on top) Update titlekey.txt within the program Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4: Image 5: Credit: Thanks to Zotan (DB and script), panda, AnalogMan, F!rsT-S0uL Design inspiration: Lucas Rey's GUI Check out my other tutorial here: Enjoy!
  2. Download and Play any eShop game with SX OS 1.3 (Beginner Friendly) If you don't want to follow this long tutorial on how you do it "manually" you can check our my GUI, it will automate the process for you: [Big thanks to Liam (Original author), Bulletstorm456, and the Switch Privacy discord for making this possible] I edited Liam's tutorial to make it more beginner friendly and added pictures! This tutorial is divided into sections if this is your first time trying then please follow the tutorial section by section. Setting Up: Downloading the eShop game (base game, without update): Downloading the Update/DLC: Installing the game: Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4: Image 5: Image 6: Image 7: Image 8: Image 9: Image 10: Image 11: Image 12: Image 13: Common Error Fixes: Enjoy !
  3. [Hidden Content] Credits goes to the SwitchHacks discord. EDIT: If you save/bookmark the link or anything, make sure you get the actual snipli link above, NOT the other link it redirects to. The snipil link constantly changes to a new text link on some site as new titlekeys are found, so it will always be updated.
  4. So I was getting very bad speeds with the default way CDNSP downloads files (single thread downloads with requests). So I figured hooking it up to aria2c would speed things up and it did! Requirements: aria2c in your path (and a build with openssl - you can find it here: [Hidden Content]) private key copied from nx_tls_client_cert.pem file to a new file "pkey" (yes just pkey - no extension) just copy paste it - plain and simple this new file "pkey" should be placed along with CDNSP.py Then simply replace the download_file() function in CDNSP.py with this block and you're set. # Adds a new sub function to do the actual downloading with aria2c # Certain config values are hardcoded def _dl(cmd): popen = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, universal_newlines=True) for stdout_line in iter(popen.stdout.readline, ""): yield stdout_line popen.stdout.close() return_code = popen.wait() dlheaders = {'User-Agent': 'NintendoSDK Firmware/%s (platform:NX; did:%s; eid:%s)' % ('5.1.0-0', '0000000000000000', 'lp1'), 'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip, deflate', 'Accept': '*/*', 'Connection': 'keep-alive'} dlheaders_list = list(map(lambda a: "--header=\"%s: %s\"" % (a, dlheaders[a]), dlheaders)) dlheaders_args = " ".join(dlheaders_list) dlcommand = 'aria2c --file-allocation=none --auto-file-renaming=false --check-certificate=false --certificate=nx_tls_client_cert.pem --private-key=pkey -x4 -s4 -k5M %s "%s" --dir="%s" -o "%s"' % (dlheaders_args, url, os.path.dirname(fPath), os.path.basename(fPath)) for ret in _dl(dlcommand): print(ret, end="") return fPath You can modify the command parameters to your liking for more threading Thanks to the community for everything.
  5. wolfden

    Xenoblade NSP DLC Titlekey

    Does anyone have the correct titlekeys for Xenoblade DLCs DLC Title ID then their version number on CDNSP Current Title key for below = 1526c4b882c1907d2be3ec78fae7d71e 0100e95004039002 v196608.nsp Current Title key for below = c10326eee1048b34f79ceeb12956eb43 0100e95004039003 v131072.nsp Current Title key for below = 298ca3a76ff2867a6addb2cec47101c4 0100e95004039004 v65536.nsp CDNSP throws out an error saying that different versions of DLC may have different title keys. So can anyone help me? BTW - I'm using Bob GUI v3.3 if anyone is asking
  6. Evening all, I am new to the whole switch mod scene so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong forum for this - I have just installed DevMenu using Pokémon Quest as the fork to access it and can install .NSP files fine. I was just wondering as to whether of I update the Pokémon Quest game, would DevMenu stop working? Probably a dumb question but I don't want to run the risk of not accessing the menu as I am now console banned ??? Cheers in advance all ✌️✌️✌️
  7. I would like the firmware update 5.1.0 for MANUAL updating, so you can update nintendo switch without burning fuses (retain ability to downgrade). For some reason I can't find dumps of it online even though it should be common. It's not on any game cartridge (newest ones like motogp18 have 5.0.2), which means it needs to either be downloaded via cdnsp with a command like "cdnsp.py -s 0" (doesn't work for me, can't get the script to work ) or dumped from anyone who is currently on 5.1.0 (not sure how exactly though) or maybe someone could do the work to get it from [hide][Hidden Content]] I got relevant information from [hide][Hidden Content]] and [hide][Hidden Content]] update: I think by now (july 30th) some newly released games should have the 5.1.0 update included if nswdb info is correct, for anyone who would like to just extract it from .xci