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Found 5 results

  1. Nintendo DS I spent a few weeks (not continuously, obviously) looking for an original Nintendo DS Firmware dump, since my NDS has been dead for years. Here on DarkUmbra we have some posted, and is not difficult to find dumps on the internet, but all of them that I found are FlashME dumps, a custom firmware. After a while, I finally found a dump of an original firmware posted on a Spanish site, but many do not master that language, and as it is in a file with a modified DeSmuME... I decided to bring the BIOS and the Firmware dump to here. It was posted on [Hidden Content] and I have not done any editing in the firmware published by them, so when booting this on a emulator, the logo and warning screen will be in Spanish, so just go in the settings and change the language, name, message and whatever else you want. [email protected] Uptobox.com, MediaFire.com: Uptobox.com: [Hidden Content] MediaFire.com: [Hidden Content] Direct link: [Hidden Content] And, if you ask me what is the need to have a firmware in an emulator that does not need it to emulate? Well, I just wish could have all the menus and that boot logo I've seen so many times in my old NDS, and Emulation is Preservation... and it was cool the challenge of trying to find this file. A big thank you to them for keeping this file there. Nintendo DSi When I started looking for an original Nintendo DS Firmware dump I also looked for an DSi NAND dump, but soon I saw that it would be almost impossible to find. At that time. For some time now the developer Martin Korth has worked on the compatibility of the No$GBA with the Nintendo DSi, but there has never been great interest in this update of the nostalgic NDS. Even so, apparently shortly after I has finished my searches for the Nintendo DS Firmware a Reddit user named ndizzIe made a dump of his NAND available there. I'm bringing to you a link to it, and again I have not done any editing on files published by there, I just has put the NAND dump and the required BIOS files in a compressed file, without the No$GBA files that is in the compressed file posted there. [email protected] Uptobox.com: Uptobox.com: [Hidden Content] MediaFire.com: [Hidden Content] Direct link: [Hidden Content] The photos, name, data, and NAND itself are of author of the dump, but you can use the "Format System Memory" option through the System Settings by running this in an emulator and data will be clean. All credits and thanks go to ndizzIe on Reddit, and you can check out more information and the link to the original file in the Reddit thread that is at this link: [Hidden Content] Preservation... I would be happy if you can post this in other places (as long as you cite the sources I quoted, my job was just to find the files), or even if you click the links and start downloading. This will keep the files alive, and I did this to make it happen, for preservation. But probably I will take a while to back here, and I can not guarantee that these mirrors will stay alive while I do not come back. So now it's up to you. See you later.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to set up an R4i card on my DSI XL and could do with a little help. I've got the correct kernal, I think, as that runs but games will not work. The card recognises the game as the logo comes up on the lower screen but when i try and run the game it shows like a crash dump on the top screen any ideas? I have an R4 in my normal DS wihich works fine, I've set this one up the same but with the correct kernal for that card.
  3. Hi, there is no Dsi forum so I hope you don't mind me posting here. Pirating DSi games and actually being able to install them on your DSi is impossible. You have to have a legitimate copy of it. I found no other website I could post these on so I'm using dark umbra. So I ripped all the ones I have off my dsi I was lucky to have a bunch of games though. There is no possible way for me to add more games unless somebody sends me more games so then I'll add it to the list. If you want to install these games then go to [Hidden Content] and follow the steps. You can ignore the parts about getting the 00000000.app and downloading the template and getting the tmd file because they're already set up so you would be wasting your time trying. Ok so I'm asking you. Any of you. To send me your games so I can add them to the list. I'll have a list of credits of who contributed and I'll put you in there. Extraction Method A: If you don't know how to extract these dsi games then I'll tell you how. If you already have a hacked dsi and you can boot up into TWLnf to install dsiware then great! if not... Then follow this guide [Hidden Content] up until the point until it asks you to create a NAND backup. Once you have created the nand backup you can just close out of the application by holding down the power button. There should be a file called nand.bin on your sd card. If you don't want to go through anymore process of extracting then just upload the file to some file service like MEGA or Mediafire and put the link in the comments then I'll extract it myself and add the games to the list. Extraction Method A Continued: If you want to keep going through the process of extracting the games then you'll need to download this [Hidden Content] and download OSFMount. Launch the dsi nand tool and follow the steps when it asks you for your ConsoleID and your CID you can get those from when you first boot up TWLnf and you'll see them. Once you've gone throught the setup type 2 to decrypt the nand. Oh and did I mention that you need the the nand named as nand_dsi.bin inside DSIs/YourDsi after it is done you should now have a file called NAND_DEC_yourDSIconsoleID.bin. if it isn't in a .bin format then just make into a .bin format. Mount the Decrypted in OSFmount when you do mount each partition individually. Then click on each of the partitions until you find one with a folder caled title. Inside it you should find more folders with random numbers click on the folder that ends in a 4 and all of your games and dsiware should be in there. Now post them online and I'll add them to the list. If you want to know what game is which then put them on your sd card and follow the dsiware installation guide then when you get to the point of actually installing it, it should tell you what game it is. Extraction Method B: You must have a hombrewed 3ds or 2ds with FBI on it or a way to boot into the homebrew launcher. Nonetheless you have to be able to boot up into FBI. Go into FBI and then go into TWL Nand then go to title and go into the folder that ends in a 4 all your dsiware should be in there. Click on current directory and copy all contents of the folder then go all the back and click on SD card then click on current directory and click paste. You should now have the games on your SD card now just upload them and give the link in the comments! Extraction Method B Continued: But if you want to keep going so that you can install that particular game then first delete the folder that says cmd. and follow the guide to get the right TMD file. That is all. This is the guide [Hidden Content] Download for Games I Already Have: [hide ] [Hidden Content] [/hide ]
  4. Go to this page, download the pack, and run PictoChat.nds on your flash cart (or install PictoChat.cia). Old Post:
  5. Wood R4 for R4i Gold 3DS v1.64 This was made by Yellow Wood Goblin.. Game Description: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]