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Found 8 results

  1. These are the Firmware Updates of the Nintendo Switch, if you want to update/Downgrade with ChoidujourNX for example^^ Download Links: [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi Darkumbra, So i'm here again, asking for your help and hoping you can answer my questions. I just wanted to know if there's a way to update the nintendo switch firmware having sx os installed. You see, i'm currently on 5.1, i never updated since i installed sx os, but now i want to update, i just want my switch on the last version... I think it's important to have everything up to day. If i can do it, how do i do it without getting my switch bricked? And the other thing i wanted to know if there's any possibilities of playing online games with sx os, maybe with another sx os users? or with official Nintendo servers, I remember when i had my Nintendo Wii hacked, I could actually play online having it hacked, the only thing i had to take care about was cheats, I was told not to use cheats. It's similar with Nintendo Switch? If i can play online, how do i do it? Thank you all, have a nice day!
  3. Nintendo DS I spent a few weeks (not continuously, obviously) looking for an original Nintendo DS Firmware dump, since my NDS has been dead for years. Here on DarkUmbra we have some posted, and is not difficult to find dumps on the internet, but all of them that I found are FlashME dumps, a custom firmware. After a while, I finally found a dump of an original firmware posted on a Spanish site, but many do not master that language, and as it is in a file with a modified DeSmuME... I decided to bring the BIOS and the Firmware dump to here. It was posted on [Hidden Content] and I have not done any editing in the firmware published by them, so when booting this on a emulator, the logo and warning screen will be in Spanish, so just go in the settings and change the language, name, message and whatever else you want. [email protected] Uptobox.com, MediaFire.com: Uptobox.com: [Hidden Content] MediaFire.com: [Hidden Content] Direct link: [Hidden Content] And, if you ask me what is the need to have a firmware in an emulator that does not need it to emulate? Well, I just wish could have all the menus and that boot logo I've seen so many times in my old NDS, and Emulation is Preservation... and it was cool the challenge of trying to find this file. A big thank you to them for keeping this file there. Nintendo DSi When I started looking for an original Nintendo DS Firmware dump I also looked for an DSi NAND dump, but soon I saw that it would be almost impossible to find. At that time. For some time now the developer Martin Korth has worked on the compatibility of the No$GBA with the Nintendo DSi, but there has never been great interest in this update of the nostalgic NDS. Even so, apparently shortly after I has finished my searches for the Nintendo DS Firmware a Reddit user named ndizzIe made a dump of his NAND available there. I'm bringing to you a link to it, and again I have not done any editing on files published by there, I just has put the NAND dump and the required BIOS files in a compressed file, without the No$GBA files that is in the compressed file posted there. [email protected] Uptobox.com: Uptobox.com: [Hidden Content] MediaFire.com: [Hidden Content] Direct link: [Hidden Content] The photos, name, data, and NAND itself are of author of the dump, but you can use the "Format System Memory" option through the System Settings by running this in an emulator and data will be clean. All credits and thanks go to ndizzIe on Reddit, and you can check out more information and the link to the original file in the Reddit thread that is at this link: [Hidden Content] Preservation... I would be happy if you can post this in other places (as long as you cite the sources I quoted, my job was just to find the files), or even if you click the links and start downloading. This will keep the files alive, and I did this to make it happen, for preservation. But probably I will take a while to back here, and I can not guarantee that these mirrors will stay alive while I do not come back. So now it's up to you. See you later.
  4. TrainerVG

    [WIP] All 3DS Firmwares

    Name Speaks for Itself. Planning on uploading every single 3DS Firmware Update ever released. All Regions will be uploaded as well. Firmware List (For Reference) (USA): Link (USA): [Hidden Content] List (USA😞 1.0.0-0U 1.1.0-1U 2.0.0-2U 2.1.0-4U 2.1.0-4U 2.2.0-4U 3.0.0-5U 3.0.0-6U 4.0.0-7U 4.1.0-8U (To Be Continued...)
  5. DarkStar84

    Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 Official

    Here is the official Firmware for 6.2.0 for the Switch. Now that custom firmware is out there to supporting the latest games made for the console. Complete with my text tutorial on how to install it. thanks for your support. -DarkStar84 Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  6. ddotwu

    My Serial starts with XAW1009

    Hi, My Serial starts with XAW1009, what are my options?
  7. Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 6.1.0 New System update [Hidden Content] ChoiDujourNXv101 [Hidden Content] Tutorial: 1. Place the "ChoDujourNX.nro" file into the Switch Folder. 2. Place "Firmware 6.1.0" Folder to the root of your "SD Card" 3. Once on your Switch Console, load "ChoDuiourNX" 4. Select the Firmware 6.1.0 Folder & select "Choose" - Now Select firmware with or without EXFAT & Continue. 5. Installation begins, Than select Firmware button. 6. Click on Start installation to begin upgrading the console firmware. Finally Press the "Reboot" button to complete installation. Now test the latest games and see how they fully work without being asked all the time to do a system update. Enjoy! - DarkStar84
  8. Tools are expected to be released soon. source: ps3hax