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Found 6 results

  1. sdbinwiiexe

    Partial GameCube Redump Collection

    Here are some ISOs I managed to back up before the UpToBox links were taken down. Bokujō Monogatari: Wonderful Life [NTSC-J] (v1.00) 牧場物語~ワンダフルライフ Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [hide][Hidden Content]] Bokujō Monogatari: Wonderful Life [NTSC-J] (v1.01) 牧場物語~ワンダフルライフ Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [hide][Hidden Content]] Bokujō Monogatari: Wonderful Life for Girl [NTSC-J] 牧場物語 ワンダフルライフ for ガール Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life [hide][Hidden Content]] Crash Bandicoot: Bakuso! Nitro Kart [NTSC-J] クラッシュ・バンディクー 爆走!� �トロカート Crash Nitro Kart [hide][Hidden Content]] Crash Bandicoot: Gacchanko World [NTSC-J] クラッシュ・バンディクー がっちゃんこワールド Crash Tag Team Racing [hide][Hidden Content]] Crazy Taxi [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Custom Robo: Battle Revolution [NTSC-J] カスタムロボ バトルレボリューシ� �ン Custom Robo [hide][Hidden Content]] FIFA 2002: Road to FIFA World Cup [NTSC-J] FIFA 2002: ロード トゥ FIFA ワールドカップ FIFA Soccer 2002 [hide][Hidden Content]] Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles [NTSC-J] ファイナルファンタジー・クリスタ� �クロニクル [hide][Hidden Content]] Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Godzilla: Kaijuu Dairantou [NTSC-J] ゴジラ 怪獣大乱闘 Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee [hide][Hidden Content]] Gotcha Force [NTSC-J] ガチャフォース [hide][Hidden Content]] GT Cube [NTSC-J] (v1.00) ジーティーキューブ [hide][Hidden Content]] GT Cube [NTSC-J] (v1.01) ジーティーキューブ [hide][Hidden Content]] Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [PAL] (German) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Deutsch) [hide][Hidden Content]] Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [PAL] [hide][Hidden Content]] Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Hudson Selection Vol. 1: Cubic Lode Runner [NTSC-J] ハドソンセレクションVol.1 キュービックロードランナー [hide][Hidden Content]] Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Soldier [NTSC-J] ハドソンセレクションVol.2 スターソルジャー [hide][Hidden Content]] Hudson Selection Vol. 3: PC Genjin: Pithecanthropus Computerurus [NTSC-J] ハドソンセレクションVol.3 PC原人 Hudson Selection Vol. 3: Bonk's Adventure [hide][Hidden Content]] Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Takahashi-Meijin no Boukenjima [NTSC-J] ハドソンセレクションVol.4 高橋名人の冒険島 Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Adventure Island [hide][Hidden Content]] Ikaruga [NTSC-J] 斑鳩 [hide][Hidden Content]] Kero Kero King DX [NTSC-J] ケロケロキングDX Ribbit King [hide][Hidden Content]] Kururin Squash! [NTSC-J] くるりんスカッシュ! [hide][Hidden Content]] Kyojin no Doshin [NTSC-J] 巨人のドシン Doshin the Giant [hide][Hidden Content]] Medal of Honor: European Assault [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Mortal Kombat: Deception [NTSC-U] [hide][Hidden Content]] Ribbit King [PAL] [hide][Hidden Content]] Ribbit King Plus! [NTSC-U] Ribbit King Bonus Disc [hide][Hidden Content]] Rune II: Koruten no Kagi no Himitsu [NTSC-J] (Taikenban) ルーンII コルテンの鍵の秘密 (体験版) Lost Kingdoms II (Demo) [hide][Hidden Content]] Shadow The Hedgehog [NTSC-J] シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ [hide][Hidden Content]] Sonic Adventure 2: Battle [NTSC-J] ソニックアドベンチャー2 バトル [hide][Hidden Content]] Sonic Adventure DX [NTSC-J] ソニック アドベンチャー DX デラックス [hide][Hidden Content]] Sonic Riders [NTSC-J] ソニックライダーズ [hide][Hidden Content]] Spider-Man 2 [PAL] (French) Spider-Man 2 (Français) [hide][Hidden Content]] Spider-Man 2 [PAL] (German) Spider-Man 2 (Deutsch) [hide][Hidden Content]] Spider-Man 2 [PAL] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. ALTSURAKI's INJECT SELECTS These are Wii and GC injects to be installed on your Wii U with WUP Installer MOD Y and previously running a Custom Firmware (like fw.img). I tested all of these with a NTSC-U console. If it's not said otherwise, the game is Gamepad Compatible. If you play with Gamepad a Wii game, you can't play with additional Wiimotes. Some games include a text file with specific instructions for the game to be played. This is because I included special games like Resident Evil 4 playable with Gamepad, or Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 playable with gamepad. I'm not sure if I'll be able to respond to everything you comment here since I'm not that active on the forums, so please read it before asking "why I can't play with the gamepad on this game that says you can" or "my directional buttons are swapped". Those are things I'm covering on the textfiles. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. zymotoxic

    Looking for JPN Star Fox Assault ISO

    Cant find it anywhere, not even in emuparadise. Need Japanese version. Maybe someone have it? If so please share us link. Thank you.
  4. [Gamecube] [NTSC-J] [PZLJ01] The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition ゼルダコレクション There are PAL and NTSC-U versions But I can't find NTSC-J. Somebody please share for me!
  5. ToxicZombie845

    [REQUEST] Resident Evil 4 (USA)

    [Gamecube] I am looking for Resident Evil 4 (USA) (if possible in DiscEX format. If not, the ISO is fine.) "I've searched and searched and can not find this game, anywhere. I have it for Wii but it's not the same." Anything will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! in advance, -Steve
  6. Hi I would like to request just a couple Gamecube games to be uploaded to Mega. Over the Hedge The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures I hope someone has these