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Found 1711 results

  1. This is my first thread: Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Wii U. Comes with title.tik file and update. Install using Wupinstaller. This is for U.S consoles. Download option #1: Mega Game: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Option #2 GDrive [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. How to install 1-(Skip this step if you have CFW) Download This File and extract it in your SD card 2-Start Homebrew Launcher and run CFW Booter 3-Go Back to Homebrew Launcher and run Wup installer 4-install the Game How to Play 1-Start Homebrew Launcher and run CFW Booter 2-Start the game you need to do those two steps every time you restart your WiiU Wii NDS,GBA,NES,N64
  3. [MEGA] [USB] Wii U Games EUR with tutorial (Update 12/5/16/) Games for Brazilian Exploit. Tested on EUR console. How to Use Download game to PC. Copy all files (*.app, *.h3, etc.) to SD card -> SD:/install/file_you_downloaded Download WUP installer -> HERE -> and put into SD -> SD:/wiiu/apps/wupinstaller Put SD into console and run Homebrew Launcher. Start WUP Installer. Press A to install game to system memory OR press X to install game to USB memory (must be formated to Wii U format in System Settings - all data on USB will be deleted) Wait until installation is complete and press Home button and go to Home Menu. Now you can play game from Home Menu like a boss... Note that you can install only one game at a time. Here is the tutorial for injecting save files from Loadiine to System Memory (or USB) -> part 1 : [Hidden Content] part 2 : [Hidden Content] NEW - Games for CFW --> HERE Games EUR - 106 games [Hidden Content] If you have any issues with installing ZombiU, try download this file and replace with this new one -> DOWNLOAD Dont worry to update before starting game.
  4. Professor Layton and the Curious Village (U) [UNDUB] PROPER [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Curious Village (E) [UNDUB] PROPER [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (U) [UNDUB] PROPER* [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (E) [UNDUB] PROPER* [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (U) [UNDUB] PROPER* (AP-patched) [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Lost Future (E) [UNDUB] PROPER* (AP-patched) [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Last Specter (U) [UNDUB] PROPER* (AP-patched) [Hidden Content] Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call (E) [UNDUB] PROPER* (AP-patched) [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ Diabolical Box / Unwound Future / Last Specter — FMV scenes weren't localised too faithfully in these, so be prepared for poorly timed and sometimes borderline made up subs. Apparently, it's possible to edit the FMV subs and even VN-style sequences' script with the Kuriimu but I haven't tried to confirm this yet. Regardless, I won't be attempting any kind of edits, since my English is too poor for that kind of work. ※ Unwound Future / Last Specter — There was no good way to address the cases of the padded localised script and straight-up altered scenes/characters, so the extra English* lines with no Japanese equivalents are now voiceless and the altered localised stuff left as-is with the "mismatched" Japanese dub. Rest assured, the dub has been tailored to avoid goofed lines like that as much as possible. Besides those, almost every instance of the shuffled sentences has been dealt with too. ※ Diabolical Box / Unwound Future / Last Specter — few minor Japanese lines didn't make it to the localised versions since there were no English* equivalents for those. Mostly grunts or the stuff that was cut from the international releases.. ※ Diabolical Box / Unwound Future / Last Specter — You can easily port these undubs to European single-language versions of the games, any NDS ROM editor/repacker will do the trick. Simply replace all of the audio files in your ROMs with the ones from these undubs. Kudos to vergil2012 for confirming this.
  5. Esppiral

    D2 (Widescreen Patched)

    [Hidden Content]
  6. Sonic Adventure 2, converted from clean GDI format to CHD, patched to display correctly in Widescreen, a forwarder is provided. Some screenshots. [Hidden Content]
  7. ARCADE ARCHIVES PACK INCLUDING 23 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED GAMES Time for the little guy to bring down a big pack. Arcade Archives pack containing all ACA NEO-GEO and Arcade Archives games with currently available keys as of 9/20, including 23 new NEO GEO games that aren't (presently) available anywhere else for a grand total of 89 games (and their updates) in this pack. I'm sure most people are familiar with my MO by now, but for those that don't files are provided NO BS, NO Ads, NO Captcha hell and most importantly monetization free. There are two lists available below. One is a complete list of all the files contained within the torrent. The other is a list of ONLY the games which were previously unavailable. All files are included in the MEGA link or in a single torrent but as with any torrent you can pick and choose which files you wish to download if you have no intention of seeding. To me, Piracy for Profit crosses a line that I am not willing to cross. If you are like me, reject adfly links, reject Share Online, reject all files that sit behind monetized links. If there is something you want that is only available behind paywalls and monetized links feel free to contact me and ask me if I will consider taking on the project. If you want to profit from the distribution of video games, make one. FILE LISTS NEW TITLES ONLY COMPLETE LIST LINKS TORRENT [Hidden Content] MEGA [Hidden Content]
  8. HervinHervey

    [MEGA] Cadence of Hyrule [NSP][XCI]

    Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda Size: 671 MB. Format: NSP. Firmware 8.0.1 MEGA: [Hidden Content] XCI firmware 7.0.1: [Hidden Content]
  9. ACA NEOGEO MUTATION NATION FOR NINTENDO SWITCH Size: 80.4 MB. Format: NSP. Mega: [Hidden Content]
  10. Softcobraweb

    ✅ Collection of mana (XCI+NSP)

    Collection of mana (Eshop) Lang: English,French,German,Spanish NSP Google Drive Download MEGA Download XCI Converted Google Drive Download MEGA Download
  11. [Hidden Content] languages: JA developer: publisher: Square-Enix release date: 2014-1-1 genre: rating: players: 1 req. accessories: accessories: online players: 0
  12. Contra anniversary collection (Eshop) Lang: English,Japanese XCI (Converted) Google Drive Download MEGA Download NSP Google Drive Download MEGA Download
  13. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe [XCI] Google Drive Download Mega Drive Download
  14. HervinHervey

    [MEGA] Collection of Mana [NSP]

    Collection of Mana Size: 325 MB. Format: NSP. MEGA: [Hidden Content]
  15. Contra Anniversary Collection Size: 495 MB. Format: NSP. MEGA: [Hidden Content]
  16. helo, This is Virtua striker 4 original ISO for Nintendont NOT the version .2006
  17. USA [Hidden Content] EUR [Hidden Content]
  18. This is Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, I've hacked the game to display in Widescreen and run at 60 fps, the game has been converted from the clean .GDI, so no video or audio loss. UPDATE! If you downloaded the game before 09/06/2019, redownload it again since the widescreen patch has been updated to fix some glitchy shadows-lights. Your reicast.nro should be located here /switch/reicast.nro The game here /reicast/games/Sonic Adventure International v1.003 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(M5)[!].chd Video in action. Download Link. [Hidden Content] If you like it and want more just ask, I've patched many games to display in widescreen with no artifacts or clipping outside the 4:3 area. Edit. Set Reicast options like this. Added rar with custom widescreen bios ( based on the devkit bios) and reicast configuration. [Hidden Content] Cheers.
  19. You can download a 100% Save File to play everything right off the bat here: [Hidden Content] This version is for USB Loaders only.. If you have Riivolution and the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii Disc, you can download the version to use that instead here: [Hidden Content] This hack was made by Skawo.. Screenshots: Game Description: Features: Covers: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. Game is Japanese. Tested using this version of Loadiine. Make sure you are using the latest version of WinRar when extracting. Before downloading, please keep in mind that to make the game run in Loadiine, you pretty much need to dedicate an entire SD Card to it. Only have homebrew launcher, loadiine and the game on the SD Card. No extra files, custom themes, SAVES, cover-art etc. When you've booted the game, after five minutes, the game will freeze on a message. Then you have to wait a further four minutes to continue and then the game will actually start. This is not an issue with Loadiine, it is an issue with the game... it does a check for files on the SD card (custom soundtracks are supported in AAC) when it boots and as the dumped game is made up of 30,000+ files it pretty much spazzes the game out. So, if you have problems and don't read this bit... you only have yourself to blame. D; Anyway... this is my own dump of the game and probably the last thing I will contribute to the community. Hope y'all enjoy it. Password:[Hidden Content] Download:[Hidden Content] Download:[hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Softcobraweb

    Resident Evil 4 (Eshop)

    Resident Evil 4 (Eshop) Google Drive Download
  22. Some of the menus are translated into english after replacing some files and repacking with NUS packer. Not my work, used a tutorial for a WIP english translation of puyo from another site. Puyo Puyo Tetris (JP) Partial English translation [Hidden Content][Hidden Content]]