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Found 123 results

  1. .......................Press CTRL+F to search for specific game....................... If you want any game that is not on the list, just comment below. Leave a comment to help the thread stay alive. Thanks Push the follow button to get notification of latest updates daily. Game List : eShop + XCI Game List : Panda Hero [XCI+NSP] Psikyo Collection Vol.1 [JPN] [XCI] Big Buck Hunter [XCI] Mahjong Deluxe 3 [XCI] Dark Souls Remastered [XCI] Shadow Fight 2 [NSP] Tricky Towers [NSP] The Missing JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories [NSP] LEGO DC Super-Villains [XCI] Crayola Scoot [XCI] Scalextric [NSP] Voxel Shot [NSP] Light Fingers [NSP] Chasm [NSP] Child of Light Ultimate Edition [NSP] Boom Ball Boost Edition [NSP] Six Sides of the World [NSP] BattleGroup2 [NSP] All Star Fruit racing & Update 1.0.3 The Swindle [NSP] The World Ends with You: Final Remix [XCI] Shift Happens [NSP] STARLINK: BATTLE FOR ATLAS [XCI+NSP] Goosebumps The Game [XCI] Broken Age [NSP] The Spectrum Retreat [NSP] Mark of the Ninja Remastered [NSP] Disgaea 1 Complete [XCI] Gear Club Unlimited DLC Unlocker Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk DLC Unlocker Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk Update v1.02 Light Fall Update v1.1.2 Dragon Ball FighterZ Update v1.01 Runbow Deluxe Edition Update v1.0.1 Mario plus Rabbids Kingdom Battle Update v1.9 Gear Club Unlimited Update v1.2.0 Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition [NSP] oOo Ascension [NSP] NORN9 LOFN [XCI] Link SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Update v1.10 Overcooked 2 Surf n Turf [DLC] Overcooked 2 Too Many Cooks Pack [DLC] Overcooked 2 Update [v1.0.3] SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Thief Arthur [DLC] Slimesan Superslime Edition [USA] [XCI] Worms W.M.D [EUR] [XCI] NBA 2K19 Update [v1.02] Flashback Update [v1.0.3] Stay Update [v1.0.1] Work x Work [JPN] [XCI] Sumikko Gurashi Atsumare Sumikko Town [JPN] [XCI] Refrain no Chika Meikyuu to Majo no Ryodan [JPN] [XCI] Jettomero Hero of the Universe [NSP] Super Mario Party [XCI+NSP] FIFA 19 Update v1.0.1 Flipping Death Update v1.0.1 Hollow Knight Update v1.4.3.2 Pokken Tournament DX Update v1.3.3 Splatoon 2 Update v4.1.0 Valthirian Arc Hero School Story [NSP] Batman The Enemy Within [NSP] Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition v1.0.1 [XCI] Mega Man 11 [XCI+UPD] Musou Orochi 3 [JPN] [XCI] Link Wandersong [NSP] Lost Future Omega [NSP] Marble It Up! [NSP] Namco Museum Arcade Pac [XCI] Armello [NSP] Daisenryaku Perfect 4.0 [JPN] [XCI] Ultimate Chicken Horse [NSP] Fifa 19 [XCI+NSP] South Park The Stick of Truth [NSP] The Gardens Between + Update [NSP] Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Owltimate Edition [XCI] Valkyria Chronicles 4 [XCI] Dragon Ball FighterZ [XCI+NSP] The Banner Saga Trilogy [XCI] This Is the Police 2 [XCI] Go no akusei [JPN] [NSP] Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe [JPN] [NSP] Shinka no Himitsu [JPN] [NSP] Tallowmere [JPN] [NSP] [1F] Tetjis [JPN] [NSP] Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse [XCI] Risk of Rain + Update [XCI] Steins Gate Elite [JPN] [XCI] Atelier Meruru Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 DX[JPN] [XCI] Atelier Totori Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2 DX [JPN] [XCI] Atelier Rorona Arland no Renkinjutsushi DX [JPN] [XCI] Shinka no Himitsu [JPN] [NSP] Famicom Nintendo Switch Online [NSP] Capcom beat em up bundle [NSP] Velocity 2X [NSP] (New Added) Scribblenauts Megapack & Update [NSP] DARK SOUL REMASTERED NETWORK TEST VER. [NSP] NES – Nintendo Switch Online [NSP] Retimed [NSP] Labyrinth Of Refrain Coven Of Dusk [XCI] Code Realize Saikou no Hanataba [JPN] [XCI] A Magical High School Girl [NSP] ACA NEOGEO CROSSED SWORDS [NSP] ACA NEOGEO LEAGUE BOWLING [NSP] Calculation Castle Grecos Ghostly Challenge Addition [NSP] Calculation Castle Grecos Ghostly Challenge Subtraction [NSP] Devious Dungeon [NSP] Ludo Mania [NSP] Miles and Kilo [NSP] Paper Wars [NSP] [1F] Legendary Fishing [XCI] Hello Kitty Kruisers [XCI] Surgeon Simulator CPR [NSP] Cities Skylines [NSP] Wasteland 2 director's cut [NSP] The Warlock of Firetop Mountain & Update [NSP] Senran Kagura Reflexions [NSP] [DLC] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Brand New Story Content Pack] [NSP] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [UPD v2.0.0] [NSP] Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD + Update Nintendo Labo ToyCon 03 Vehicle Kit [XCI] Undertale [XCI] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [UPD] 1.5.2 Bastion [NSP] Old School Musical [NSP] Stay [NSP] [UPD] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Update v1.0.2 Dust An Elysian Tail [NSP] (New Added) My Riding Stables Life With Horses [EUR] [XCI] (New Added) Hakuoki Shinkai Fuukaden for Nintendo Switch [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Shin Den Ai Nani ga Hoshii no Ema Sakura [JPN] [NSP] (New Added) Gotcha Racing 2nd [NSP] (New Added) SamuraiAces for Nintendo Switch [NSP] (New Added) Spartan [NSP] (New Added) Super Inefficient Golf [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2K19 Update [v1.01] (New Added) Lifeless Planet [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO NINJA COMMANDO [NSP] (New Added) FullBlast [NSP] (New Added) KRC (Kentucky Robo Chicken) [NSP] (New Added) Ludo Mania [NSP] (New Added) Monkey King Master of the Clouds [NSP] (New Added) Mummy Pinball [NSP] (New Added) Ninjin Clash of Carrots [NSP] (New Added) Realpolitiks [NSP] (New Added) Slice Dice & Rice [NSP] + Update (New Added) ACA NEOGEO CROSSED SWORDS [NSP] + Update (New Added) ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN [NSP] (New Added) SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy+Update [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS 3 THE NEXT GLORY [NSP] (New Added) Mini Metro [NSP] (New Added) Super Inefficient Golf [NSP](New Added) BroForce + Update [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2k19 [NSP] (New Added) Hyper Light Drifter+Update [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2K19 [NSP+XCI] (New Added) SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy+Update [XCI] (New Added) Mutant Mudds Collection [EUR] [XCI] (New Added) The VideoKid [NSP] (New Added) Planet Alpha [NSP] (New Added) Fall of Light Darkest Edition [NSP] (New Added) Closed Nightmare [NSP] (New Added) Moonfall Ultimate [NSP] (New Added) My Hero Academia One's Justice English Patch [NSP] (New Added) Behind The Screen [NSP] (New Added) The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince [XCI] (New Added) Next Up Hero [NSP] (New Added) Agatha Knife [NSP] (New Added) [DLC] DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Anime Music Pack (New Added) [DLC] DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Extra Pack 3 (New Added) God Wars The Complete Legend [XCI] (New Added) World End Syndrome [XCI] (New Added) Psyvariar Delta [XCI] The Messenger+Update [NSP] Cubikolor [nsp] Jumping Joe & Friends [NSP] Polygod [NSP] Space Ribbon [NSP] Spectrum [NSP] The Lion's Song [NSP] Tiny Hands Adventure + Update [NSP] Rocket League Ultimate Edition_NSW [XCI] NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst [NSP] Shio [NSP] (New Added) Sigi - A Fart for Melusina+Update [NSP] (New Added) The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season[NSP] (New Added) Into The Breach[NSP] (New Added) Garage + Update[NSP] (New Added) Grid Mania + Update[NSP] (New Added) Graceful Explosion Machine + Update[NSP] (New Added) Typoman [NSP] (New Added) Detective Gallo [NSP] (New Added) Enchanting Mahjong Match [NSP] (New Added) Its Spring Again [NSP] (New Added) Metropolis Lux Obscura [NSP] (New Added) MyFarm 2018 [NSP] (New Added) Neverout [NSP] (New Added) Octocopter Double or Squids [NSP] (New Added) POISOFTs Thud [NSP] (New Added) Quad Fighter K [NSP] (New Added) Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders [NSP] (New Added) Toy Stunt Bike Tiptops Trials [NSP] (New Added) World Soccer Pinball [NSP] (New Added) Toby The Secret Mine [NSP] (New Added) Hollow Knight update version 1.4 [NSP] (New Added) Little Dragons Cafe [NSP] (New Added) (tnx to Senpairate] Castlestorm [NSP] (New Added) Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition [NSP] (New Added) Fear Effect Sedna [NSP] (New Added) Blade Strangers [NSP] (New Added) Flood of Light [NSP] (New Added) Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders [NSP] (New Added) MyFarm 2018 EU [NSP] (New Added) Toy Stunt Bike Tiptop's Trials [NSP] (New Added) My Hero Academia Ones Justice [JP] [XCI] ] (New Added) Code of Princess EX (USA) (New Added) ....[More on the download link].... Torrent Link: Click Here [Gdrive/1F] 300+ XCI Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] NSP Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] Game Updates Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] DLC Collection : Click Here Donation: [Note: Please mention romstorage.com or Link420 while donating] Bitcoin Address: 3Krt4H1QA2h3xdTLPfzE1TW5EkxzPaMG3q Tutorials: "v0" implies a base game, any version higher than 0 is an update. If you have trouble differentiating the title IDs, compare with the IDs listed here (Title Keys & ID) error 0x00000202 : DevMenu error 0x00000202 is from .NSP filenames being too long. File names must be less than 64 characters. Use a shorter filename before installing.
  2. selador64

    Gamecube emulator?

    Hi guys, I'm seeing Gamecube game ISOs knocking around in Switch ROM threads. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to install Gamecube games on my Switch? Currently running SX OS on SX GEAR Thanks
  3. backwardhero_aye

    How to play online post SX OS emunand

    I have a question that I think a lot of people share. It's probably been answered before many times, but with SX OS emunand out now I think it should be readdressed. I'll be as concise as possible because that I feel is the reason I am still unsure. Here goes: How do I play online on my original firmware after having sx os and many backups installed and played? In answering please address these topics: When do I use emunand? My custom firmware doesn't boot when it is active, but my original does. Does this mean I should have it on only when booting OFW or have I made a mistake? Do I need to delete everything on my home menu (game icons, logs, saves) before loading OFW or is it ok to leave them now that emunand exists? I have only recently installed sx os because I was waiting on emunand for ban protection; are there any programs I should know about to improve my experience or that are needed to help in my pursuit of normal online play? I mainly play rocket league and splatoon online so my decision to install the sx os was good I think. Eventually I am going to want to play Smash online, for sure, and I may get monster hunter and mario tennis before because they look popping right now. I kind of understand what emunand does and it looked like having two switches in one console, one that I bought that is normal and one for backups and the like that is completely private. If any of this is stupid, please don't be rude; I've looked for alot of this information and I never seem to have my questions answered by youtube and the like. You guys seem like you know what you're doing and I understand this just came out monday.
  4. Puts Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! songs into the Switch Taiko game. All credit to EmEE @ [Hidden Content] I simply did the work of acquiring the game files for you If you're using SXOS make a folder sdcard:\sxos\titles\0100D9A005ED6000 and extract romfs folder here. If your using anything else its pretty much the same Works for 1.0.3 v2 unlocks Miku DLC [Hidden Content] old ver
  5. Freak1234

    Piczle Lines DX

    I love the game and would love to get it back. Anyone can help me out?
  6. R-D-Ace

    Tricky Towers?

    So I've been looking for an NSP for Tricky Towers since Thursday 11th and haven't really found anything, does anyone know where i can find any info? Thanks in advance.
  7. Freak1234

    Piczle Lines DX

    Can anyone help me out with the game? Preferable as nsp but xci is fine, too! thanks in advance
  8. Nintendo Switch Emulators and Homebrews List : 20+ Homebrew Games SNES (pSNES 1.3) Installation copy "psnes" directory to "/switch/" directory on sdcard copy roms to "/switch/psnes/roms/" directory on sdcard GameBoy Advance (GBA) Nintendo DS (NDS) pFBA NX-Shell - Beta Release 3 Save Managers App Managers Direct Link: 20+ Homebrew Games SNES (pSNES 1.3) GameBoy Advance (GBA) pFBA Nintendo DS (NDS) NX-Shell - Beta Release 3 ROM Explorer ROM Trimmer Save Managers App Managers
  9. This is NOT a .NSP installer. Drop everything on the "root:/switch" folder App: dhewm3 port by fgsfds Tested with RajNX 7.5.1 on 5.1.0 Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil Google Drive 1Ficher issues: this will only run correctly through NSP hbmenu or if you make a standalone NSP out of it (i.e. as a regular app), if you run it through Album hbmenu (i.e. as an applet), it will run out of memory and crash as soon as you try to load any map; in the main menu you can control the cursor with the Right Analog, triggers act as mouse buttons; you can also use the touchscreen to control the main menu; left analog is a little wonky in game after loading, jiggle it for a second and it'll work; multiplayer is borked, selecting it will crash the game; loading and saving times are pretty long; by default, Video Quality (which is essentially texture detail) is set to Medium and shadows are disabled, but you can tweak any settings (except resolution) to your liking, some of which may require a restart; currently only 720p is supported; sometimes after loading a map your gun viewmodel will disappear, this is fixed by going into Options -> Game Options and toggling Show Gun Model off and back on, I have no idea why this happens at all; if you want massive amounts of "atmospheric" reverb on most in-game sounds, you can turn on "EAX4.0 HD" in Options -> System (not sure if it's even supposed to sound like this); Resurrection of Evil use a different .NRO if the game crashes for no apparent reason on startup, probably with a 2011-0301 error, try disabling any extra sysmodules you have loaded (sys-ftpd, xorplay, etc); as usual, if you have exFAT, better quit the game using the "Exit" option in the menu instead of just killing hbmenu. Run with LayerFS enable crash the app on boot
  10. [Hidden Content] Can someone dump this when it comes out, please? Thanks!
  11. The Messenger!!! release date 30/8/2018!!! Nsp + Update 10/10 on Destructoid. NSP [Hidden Content] UPDATE [Hidden Content] Enjoy!!!
  12. Please I need Overcooked 2 Surf 'n' Turf Overcooked! 2 [UPD][01006fd0080b2800][v196608] Overcooked! 2 [DLC][01006fd0080b3002][v0] BIG TKS
  13. Hi everyone, i'm new here. Can you say me how can I load games like "Mario Cart 8" or other in my nintendo switch? It's version 3.0.0
  14. ncody90

    NBA2k19 Update Not Extracting

    I have downloaded the update which is 26GB in total. When I go to extract it winrar will not allow me to. I get an error message saying I need a previous volume. Their is also another pop up that says i need (v-nba19u.r60) which isn't there. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.
  15. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker NSW-VENOM .____\ \/ / _ / _ \/ _ \/ \/ / | \ // / / / / / // \/ / _ | \ / _______/ / // _/ / / // rtx/ | VENOM \\ /\__________/_____/_____/\____\_____/______/_____/ /art : \ / `-------- \ / --> Proudly Presents: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker \/ Publisher.....: Nintendo Platform......: Nintendo Switch Developer.....: Nintendo Origin........: Region Free Release Date..: July 12, 2018 Size/Format...: 2048 Megabit Title.ID......: 01009BF0072D4000 -- Release Notes ----------------------------------------------------------> together to claim a Power Star. The villainous giant crow Wingo appears and steals the star, taking Toadette along with him when she grabs hold of it. The player guides Toad as he tracks Wingo down to his lair and rescues Toadette. In the second chapter of the story, the introductory scenario plays out again, but this time Toad is kidnapped and the player assumes control of Toadette. After Toad is rescued and Wingo reemerges again, Toadette is kidnapped and Toad is knocked off of Wingo's tower. Then, the third chapter of the story begins, in which both Toad and Toadette venture through levels on their way to the showdown with Wingo, along the way defeating Draggadon, the king of Pyropuff Peak, for the third time. -- Greetings --------------------------------------------------------------> Capital. Dual Crew Shining. Echelon. Eptiso. Kalisto. Menace. Mode Seven. __ ------------------------------------ \/ -----------------------------------> [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Hi Guys, First of all greetings to many users in this fórum, ´cause of this we can retrieve more and more BBB games for NSW. Below, the games in Zippyshare, mediafire We transfer Files.FM GOOGLE DRIVE and MEGA... _____________________________________________________________________________________________ News 09 - 16 - 2018 - Updated TX SX OS plus NEW BOB GUI 5.0.1 plus JOY CON DRIVER TO PC etc external hdd on Docked mode, support for new models or 6.0 support ... is not a dream... Stay tuned _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ NSW GAMES + Game Updates + DLCs + Emulators + SX OS etc ( NCA/NSP Files ) CDNSP BOB GUI 3.5.4 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 : [Hidden Content] TEGRA RCM GUI 2.2 portable + installer: [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 [Hidden Content] RetroNX - Stable : (0.9.7b) [Hidden Content] Homebrew Enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.5 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.1.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB Cert 2018/25/08 [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB 5.01 with VALID CERT + Joycon driver + tegra gui 2.0 + SX OS 1.9 + HB enabler 2.0 : [Hidden Content] RetroNX -Nightly : UPDATED Till 16/08/2018 - [Hidden Content] _________________________________________________________________________ NSW (.XCI) GAMES LIST ZppyShare : Overcooked Special Edition : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 2 : [Hidden Content] Bomberman R : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Network Battle Crashers : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze : [Hidden Content] Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Kirby Star Allies : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Nights Of Azure 2 : [Hidden Content] Battle Chasers : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 1 ( JAP+EUR ) - [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Pokken : [Hidden Content] Mario Kart 8 : [Hidden Content] Rayman : [Hidden Content] Skylanders Imaginators : [Hidden Content] Shaq-FU : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Minecraft complete : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle : [Hidden Content] __________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Transfer Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Touhou Kobuto V : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Battle : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Mario Oddysey : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Nba 2k18 : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Part 3 : [Hidden Content] Part 4: [Hidden Content] Part 5 : [Hidden Content] Yonder : the cloud: [Hidden Content] Lost Child : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] Mario Aces - Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] SteamWorld 2 : [Hidden Content] Thimbleweed Park - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Files.FM : Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] 1,2,SWITCH : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mega Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Minecraft : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Google Drive ( Just For NSW Games ) Zelda Btw : [Hidden Content] Mario KArt 8 : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Has been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Sonix Forces : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] OWLBOY : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Litlle Nighmares : [Hidden Content] Legend Of Kay : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter 30Th : [Hidden Content] Max : The curse : [Hidden Content] Darkest Dungeon : [Hidden Content] Wild Guns Reloaded : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Lego Incredibles : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lego Worlds : [Hidden Content] Sine Mora EX: [Hidden Content] A.O.T 2 : [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2018 : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Poi - explorer : [Hidden Content] Payday 2 : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Axiom Verge : [Hidden Content] R.B.I Baseball : [Hidden Content] City Rampage DX : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ JAP Only - NSW Games Winning Post : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Alefgard : [Hidden Content] Zelda Musou : [Hidden Content] Urban Playgrounds : [Hidden Content] Musou Orochi 2 : [Hidden Content] PriPara : [Hidden Content] Naruto Trilogy : [Hidden Content] Farming Simulator : [Hidden Content] Gal Metal : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest heroes 1 + 2 : [Hidden Content] Snack World : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameSET List 1 [Hidden Content] : NSW Games ( 30gb +-) Download : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Relaxing Songs from YOUTUBE to enjoy the games when you waiting for those files in this thread ;D JUST TO RELAX ;D [Hidden Content] - 1 Hour of Zelda relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Ori and the blind forest OST - [Hidden Content] - One hour Final Fantasy Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Kingdom Hearts Relaxing Music - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Music + Night Ambience Sounds - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing & Beautiful Pokémon Piano Music - [Hidden Content] - DK Music Remix - [Hidden Content] - Yoshi Relax Music - [Hidden Content] - 5 hours of Mario Music - [Hidden Content] - Metroid Prime Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Summer Forest - Spyro 2 Music 1 HOUR - [Hidden Content] - Animal Crossing Relaxing - [Hidden Content] - Memento of Nights 1 Hour - [Hidden Content] - Top 300 Songs Nintendo (2018) ( 12hours ) - [Hidden Content] - Wild Arms Music the best - [Hidden Content] - Secret of mana SOngs - [Hidden Content] - Best of chibi studio 2016 - [Hidden Content] - Chrono cross relaxing music - [Hidden Content] - Dragon Quest Relaxing songs - [Hidden Content] - Calm Sega Genesis songs - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameTrailers : Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] DK Frezee : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] South Park Fractured : [Hidden Content] Mario Odyssey : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] OwlBoy : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas : [Hidden Content] 1.2 Switch : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion : [Hidden Content] Fifa 18 : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 : [Hidden Content] PAyday 2 : [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________ FAQ: How to in ZippyShare server : - Files are in 001.002... format Please use HJsplit : [Hidden Content] , to join the files in ONE .xci. - Zippyshare download files Please use a download manager. I suggest Mipony : [Hidden Content]
  17. wolf45801

    Minecraft story mode season 2

    Could someone maybe upload Minecraft story mode season 2 kids asked for it the day Nintendo killed off cdnsp
  18. Dragon Ball Z Fighters XCI LINK --- No Ads No captcha No bullshit . [Hidden Content] LINK DLCs [Hidden Content] Enjoy!!!
  19. This here is the Pokken Tournament DX -"DLC" + Plus Update files.. "ONLY" The game is not included. Tutorial: 1. -Add the NSP files to the root of the SD Card 2. -Install only the "UPDATE" NSP with Dev Menu or SX OS Menu 3. -"DLC NSP Files" can only be installed with "SX OS" only Load the game Cartridge or XCI File and Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  20. Hello ! I'm looking for the nsp of The Pinball Arcade with all the tables unlock specially the Bally and Williams tables before they were remove due to Pinball Arcade losing the licenses to Bally and Williams machines. Thanks
  21. For this example, I will be using my Mario Tennis Aces files to demonstrate: See the post below. Tutorial: Download Fornite on your Switch. Download this ([Hidden Content]) Extract the folders and files inside the "SDFiles" folder to the root of your SD card. (See picture 1) You don't need the XCI file if you are gonna use my pre-made folder, so download the premade folder and put it in atmosphere/titles (See picture 2) Put your Switch into RCM mode (Personally, I use a jumper wire to connect pin 1 and pin 10. See the link for more info) ([Hidden Content]) Load the payload (Payload-LayeredHekate.bin) (found in the SDFile zip you downloaded) onto your switch using the TegraRcmGUI application ([Hidden Content]). Launch firmware -> RomFS When you get into the Switch, launch Fornite and you should see Mario Tennis Aces launched Feel free to ask me any questions! Picture 1: Picture 2:
  22. Im looking for this 2 games and cant find them in any page. Can someone please send me the nsp (?) pleaseeeee
  23. Now make full backups of your Nintendo Switch games. works perfectly with the new Xecuter SX OS, - SX PRO OS. Compatible with Firmware 5.0.1 & 5.0.2 - custom firmware. These will convert to a "XCI File" inside your SD Card. Step 1: is to extract "WAINCartDumperNX.nro.zip" into a folder. Step 2: copy "WAINCartDumperNX.nro Folder" with the ".NRO FIle" together inside the "switch" folder on your SD Card. Step 3: Now your ready to Backup your Game Carts. Before you load the "WAINCartDumperNX" on your Homebrew Launcher. Insert the game you want first. finally load, "Press A" it will begin ripping the cart into "game.xci" file. Finally, load the SD Card into your PC, go into swich folder, WAINCartDumperNX.nro Folder, you will see "game.XCI". "Please Note! your only allowed to Rip one game at a time. if you try to copy multiple games back to back. this will over write the existing backup. Use this website to mach up XCi files serial number [Hidden Content] example" Sonic Forces Japan "LA-H-ABQLC.xci" for SX OS place the games only on the root of your SD CARD. Enjoy! MEGA DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  24. Main Game The Messenger [0100dc300ac78000][v0] Update The Messenger [UPD][0100dc300ac78800][v65536] [hide]magnet link: [Hidden Content] Torrent file: [Hidden Content]]