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Found 10 results

  1. The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker HD EUR WiiU VENOM NOTE: Extract the WUD with DiscU or Uwizard to boot it with Loadiine Title Key (required for extracting the game): 86352AF010C87E10C4B39DBC42C874E9 GameTDB Page: [Hidden Content]
  2. The Legend of Yoshi This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by Yoshivert99. Screenshots: Game Description: Credits: Download Here: Mega: Regular Version: [hide][Hidden Content]] DLC Version: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. zamoktexas

    Super Street The Game SWITCH

    Hello, would appreciate any news about SUPER STREET The GAME!
  4. Calling to my own traditions, I'm late once again ;^; Nevermind that fact though, I now make use of my paranormals gift to hypnotize you thus you'll forget all my past lateness and you won't mind in it happens again! Please dear friends, take a good stare at this cutie for around 15 minutes, afterward nothing will never be as befoire : (( /ME Break in your house while you're at it, rob your fridge from all its substences, kiss your waifu for you & take your Wii U for further selling on eBay :D)) Allrighty, now let's continue with 'yestoday''s release which is a premium request from a generous donator <3 [And no, I don't ask for donation, but that don't prevent me from accepting them if asked, with a bonus like this :3] (( Hey dude! How was your first minutes testing this game? -- Boing! BIng! Boung Boung Bing! Boing! Bang! Pppfffhhhssssss! SBLAF!! -- Thank you ^o^ )) [Hidden Content] If you love this release and in hope you'll appreciate the next to comes as the ones already out by here, do not forget to "Like" and spread the share spirit all around! Alternatively, you can still follow me on DarkUmbra to get informed first of a new release ^^ Dumped for you with love! Have fun :3 Exclusive simultaneous distribution : t411 - DarkUmbra
  5. The Wonderful 101 USA WiiU RETRiBUTION Title Key (required for extracting the game): GameTDB Page: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Help I need updates for zelda breath of the wild, I have US Version 1.1.0 and to play cemu I require updates I cannot use mappleseed or WiiU USB Helper because I download these games from phone so I cannot download the updates from computer, please help me, post links down below I would be highly obliged to you.
  7. Initial release date: November 14, 2006 Series: Sonic the Hedgehog Developer: Sonic Team [Hidden Content] Anyone have this game in PS3?
  8. These are rather hard files to come across now-a-days. I grabbed these off BTJunkie back in the day and haven't seen them uploaded in good quality since. What you're getting is The Duskfall's complete discography consisting of their first four albums before they broke up, their demo which was re-released as bonus tracks on the dual re-release of Souce/Frailty, the bonus track on Source/Frailty "Unspoken" (which is a recording from an HQ rupload of Youtube video that someone sent me of the song), and the very rare demo tracks they recorded as 'Soulash' that aren't found anywhere else but here. There's only two people that have them collected and the other person is TheDuskfall'sNo1Fan, which I sent to him to upload as I found them scattered across the web. [Hidden Content] Bio: The Duskfall are a melodic death metal formed in Lulea, Sweden in the early 2000's by lead guitarist Mikael Sandorf after his previous project, Gates of Ishtar, split. With Mikael switching from guitar/vocals to drums he recruited Par Johansson on vocals, Tommi Kuno on bass, Glenn Svensson on lead, and Johnny Alghren on rhythm. They jammed together for a bit before forming together as Soulash releasing their first demo: Tears Are Soulash (which can be found here). Sometime in 2001, Par left the band and Mikael was able to get Deathchain/Monsterspank/ex-Deathbound vocalist Kai Jakkola to take up vocals for Soulash while losing Johnny and Tommi shortly after Par. Sometime in 2001, Mikael was able to fill drums again with ex-Gates of Ishtar drummer Oskar Karlsson and filling bass with Kaj Molin. As The Duskfall, they released their first demo: Deliverance. Shortly after, they were picked up by Black Lotus Records and released their first full album in 2002: Frailty. In 2003, The Duskfall released Source and signed on to Nuclear Blast records. Shortly after the release of Source, the band lost Glenn but signed Lambs/Monsterspank vocalist and guitarist Antti Lindholm was their rhythm guitarist. Shortly after Glenn's departure, Koj left the band as well. 2005 saw the band sign to Nuclear Blast records and they released of Lifetime Supply of Guilt. In 2006, the band gained ex-Inrage/ex-Lost Souls bassist Matte Jarnil and released Lifetime Supply of Guilt in 2007 on Massacre Records. After years of line-up changes and lost checks in the mail, Mikael officially left The Duskfall. Without their lead guitarist and songwriter, the banded decided it best to offically break-up in 2008. From 2008 to 2013, the band members did their own projects: Matte and Mikael joined the rot'n'band Helltrain in 2009, who already had Oskar on drums, Kai went back to Deathbound and joined Deathchain, and Antti went back to the bands he had formed with his brothers: Lambs and Monsterspank. In 2013, Mikael decided it was time to revive The Duskfall. The Duskfall signed over to Apostasy Records. The band gained Jonatan Storm on bass, Fredrick Andersson on drums, Ronnie Endlund on guitars, and ex-Engel vocalist Magnus Kalvborn on vocals. In 2015, Mikael was left as the sole member of The Duskfall and recruited bassist Anton Lindback, Perfect Chaos/ex-National Napalm Syndicate vocalist Aki Hakkinen, Sebastian Lindgren on drums and Autumn Death guitarist Jakob Bjornfot. In late 2016, the band entered the studio to begin recording their sixth studio album: The Everlasting Shadows.
  9. This tool was made by Grhum909.. NOTE: You need to have Java installed to use this.. Screenshots: Descriptions: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. animekai

    [WII] Rodea the sky soldier (NTSC)

    Can i request the game Rodea the Sky soldier for wii, amerca version, can someone dump it and upload it? plz