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Found 256 results

  1. Genre: Action Adventure > General Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher: Ubisoft (11/14/03) PEGI Rating: 7+ Never released in the Japan Also available on: PC, Xbox Original, Xbox 360, GameCube, PlayStation 3 Region: PAL Language: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish ID: SLES-51917 Media: DVD-5 Uncompessed Size: 2 172 944 384 Bytes Compessed Size: 1.50GB Type archive: rar Dumped from original media ( page): Edition: Original MD5: 18d8aa4240648c4dfce8f0f809eab1f9 SHA1: 03381d4d6a808059f3fcdfdce8d7765f3b741030 CRC32: 2f655487 For centuries, the planet Hillys has been bombarded by a relentless alien race. In Beyond Good and Evil, a rebellious action reporter named Jade sets out to capture the truth behind the invasion. Armed with her camera, dai-jo staff, and fierce determination, you must guide Jade as she discovers shocking evidence leading to a horrific government conspiracy and is forced to battle an evil she cannot possibly fathom. With the ability to perform stealth techniques, dai-jo staff moves, and tag-team fighting combos, you can stop at nothing to expose the truth. Gameplay video: Files on, (links are interchangeable): [Hidden Content]
  2. Wii U Games - Loadiine GX2 Ready 440+ Games [ 933.46 GB ] This Collection of games are for the WiiU, Loadiine GX2 Ready. It contains eShop and Disc based games Hosters are , , and [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello Here a nice Update for people that love Japanese Voices Extract and overwrite the files when needed. Make Backup before. [Hidden Content]
  4. Cooking Mama 2 World Kitchen
  5. Just Dance 2017 Schnapp dir deine Freunde und Familie: ES IST ZEIT ZU TANZEN! Share-Online [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Wii Game Manager [Hidden Content]
  6. Language: USA , Europe , Japan Source: Scene Releases Hoster: / / Packages/Folders = 2418 Happy Leeching! [Hidden Content]
  7. Red Dead Redemption Game of The Year Edition RF XBOX360 Erlebe eine epische Reise durch den todgeweihten Westen. Als Bundesagenten seine Familie bedrohen, muss der frühere Outlaw John Marston wieder zu den Waffen greifen und eine Bande von Verbrechern jagen, die einst seine Freunde waren. Erlebe die mit mehr als 160 „Spiel des Jahres“-Awards ausgezeichnete Reise Marstons durch die endlosen Weiten des amerikanischen Westens und Mexikos, während der er verzweifelt versucht, seine blutige Vergangenheit zu begraben und sich und seiner Familie eine Zukunft zu sichern. Region: RF FSK: ab 18 Jahren Languages: EN IT FR ES DE Untertitel: EN IT FR ES DE Größe: ca. 12,49 GB Format: ISO Hoster: Share-Online, Uploaded, Oboom Share-Online [Hidden Content] Uploaded [Hidden Content] OBOOM [Hidden Content]
  8. Super Smash Bros Project U Ultra Version NTSC
  9. Genre: Action Adventure > Survival Developer: Darkworks Publisher: Infogrames (09/28/01) ELSPA Rating: 15+ Never released in the Japan and USA Also available on: Dreamcast, PlayStation, PC, GameBoy Color Region: PAL Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish ID: SLES-50185 Media: DVD-5 Uncompessed Size: 4 474 568 704 Bytes Compessed Size: 3.63GB Type archive: rar Dumped from original media ( page): Edition: Original MD5: 4b693d0f112a2670852f24fc37a964ce SHA1: d5839ab6358179c4205984677d9d72dfdee6fb30 CRC32: 81b343f8 From the moment Edward Carnby and Alice Cedrac set foot on Shadow Island, they are confronted by mysterious, evil creatures intent on thwarting their progress to recover 3 ancient tablets believed to hold the secret key to some incredible menacing phenomena. Fears threaten from every corner. The slightest shadow could be hiding deep secrets. or concealing worse nightmares... Can you see beyond your fear? Gameplay video Files on, (links are interchangeable): [Hidden Content]
  10. Batman_Arkham_Origins_Blackgate_EUR_PSV-PSiCO - PCSB00353 [VPK] Machen Sie sich bereit für Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - nach 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' und 'Batman: Arkham City' das nächste große Blockbuster-Game mit dem Dunklen Ritter. anguage: MULTI / Deutsch <size: 1,22GB gepackt Dumper: Vitamin 2.0 Format: vpk elmo Hoster:
  11. Pikmin 3 EUR WiiU Loadiine READY2PLAY PW:elmo A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Tested on a PAL console [Hidden Content]
  12. Sniper Elite V2 EUR Wii U Loadiine READY2PLAY PW:elmo A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Tested on a PAL console [Hidden Content]
  13. No.Mans.Sky.The.Path.Finder-CODEX NFO Language: English Year: 2017 Source: Steam Format: iso Genre: Indie Hoster: / / / Size: 4,28 GB Parts: 5 Download CODEX [Hidden Content] Download GOG [Hidden Content]
  14. Fast And Furious Showdown EUR WiiU Loadiine READY2PLAY PW:elmo A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Only tested on a PAL console [Hidden Content]
  15. Good Morning Here a nice Collection with Games for your Wii. Size: 62,45 GB Hoster: UL - SO - Oboom - Openload Regions: JPN USA EUR [Hidden Content] Games list is in the attachement WII GAMES List.txt
  16. Hey there, I've searched the whole net for a working secret of mana, which i can play on the 3ds, but haven't found a legit VC or an injected VC. Injecting did not work as there were some graphic issues. Afterall I found an working one in english language and noticed it was using retroarch. So I've build one cia the same way the english one was done and it's working, I am currently playing it and having a lot of fun with it So it is a RetroArch Forwarder (Emulator), which is directly starting SOM I think it's only working for n3ds Have fun [Hidden Content]
  17. uploaded

    Amiibo Collection - Almost all of them I guess Includes the following Amiibo [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Note: Amiibo dumps can not be loaded with loadiine
  18. If you are not using a EUR 3DS then you will need to use the NTR CFW with the language plugin according to your region. Here is a pack with NTR 3.2 & all language plugins. All the files you'll need to make the game work are included in all download links. Tutorial source: 1. place the NTR.BIN in the ROOT OF SD CARD,the image (QRCODES) files are used only for NINJHAX. 2. place the PLUGIN folder in the ROOT OF THE SD CARD , i also recommend placing all the .PLG files in the ROOT OF SD CARD for easy access 4. now you'll need the Title ID 0004000000132800 5. Create that folder in the PLUGIN folder ( for example: D:/plugin/0004000000132800) 5.1. And then copy paste the .PLG of the game region in the Title ID folder (for example: D:/plugin/0004000000132800/langemu_en.plg) langemu_en.plg -> English/USA langemu_en_europe.plg -> English/EUR langemu_jp.plg -> Japanese/JPN langemu_cn.plg -> Simple Chinese langemu_cht.plg -> Traditional Chinese You probably won't use the chinese ones You can put any other .PLG here files here like cheats 6. Eject the SD CARD and put it in your 3DS,and BOOT EMUNAND (RXTOOLS OR GATEWAY-3DS) 7. If you haven't installed BootNTR.cia,enter FBI/Devmenu/BigBlue Menu and install it 8. BootNTR has chances to freeze during the "patching svc check",to reduce freeze chances,let some icons load first and then load an app like Health Safety, BigBlue Menu or Devmenu press home menu (then X to close it),and open BootNTR , if it freezes press the power button until it power off and redo it BootNTR,if the upper screen flashses it means success,and after the last line which says to press Home,press Home and load the game you want to play -The fixed "laziness edition" doesn't requires pressing home You can press XY to open the NTR CFW Menu , which has some options like hotkeys and screenshots If the upper screen flashes during the 3DS logo then the patches are applied and it will load the DLC Edit: this may not work with games that requires a "semi-reboot" like smash4 and MH4 because it wipes the NTR patches Note: Works on Old 3DSXL Gateway-3ds firmware spoof 10.3 Packed With WinRAR Password To Open Game File (LaLecheParaLosNinos):Milk Mega Decrytion Key:!HFHED9q61cv2UvUFk_U6ew [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Ultimate Shooting Collection NTSC
  20. Rabbits Land EUR Wii U Loadiine READY2PLAY PW:elmo A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Tested on a PAL console [Hidden Content]
  21. New Super Mario Bros U EUR MULTi WiiU Loadiine READY2PLAY PW:elmo Language: MULTI Size: 1,13GB A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Only tested on a PAL Console,use Loadiine 3.0,and start with MiiMaker! [Hidden Content]
  22. All Games are scrubbed and compressed. Hoster: / / / Size: 2,14 TB Games : 2875 Happy Leeching [Hidden Content]
  23. Just_Dance_2015_EUR_WiiU-ABSTRAKT PW:elmo Size:10,9GB Language: MULTI [Hidden Content]
  24. SingStar Die großen Solokünstler
  25. Genre: Action > Platformer > 2D Developer: Crave Publisher: Ignition Entertainment (03/28/08) PEGI Rating: 3+ USA title: George of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret Never released in the Japan Also available on: Nintendo Wii, DS Region: PAL Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish ID: SLES-54975 Media: DVD-5 Uncompessed Size: 4 183 556 096 Bytes Compessed Size: 445MB Type archive: rar Dumped from original media ( page): Edition: Original MD5: 7c7abddbfad16f61e6e3e97869575b3f SHA1: 96585d476454fb26f51e6480adfc76b677e229eb CRC32: b686bad3 Swing into the jungle with George of the Jungle. George lives in and protects the jungle of Mbebwe, a wild playground packed with quirky creatures, vicious villains and wacky wilderness adventures. Hang out with his best buddy, an Ape named Ape, his friends Ursula and Magnolia, his faithful dog Shep (actually an elephant) and Tookie Tookie Bird. Laugh your way through an assortment of obstacles while collecting bonus items along the way. Just watch out for that tree! Gameplay video: Files on, (links are interchangeable): [Hidden Content]