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Found 21 results

  1. I made a small repository where I save my custom Wii Virtual Console custom games and custom Channels for the following systems: NES, SNES, SEGA Master System, SEGA Genesis, TurboGrafx-16. I started making custom WADs with custom banner, custom save icons and custom save titles when I learned how to inject WADs bashed on 0RANGECHiCKEN's method to inject VC WADs. So, here's the official link to get my creations: [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy!!!!!!!!!
  2. As the title of the thread says these are some virtual console injects that I would like to share with you all. All of my injects are region free and from the ntsc versions of the game unless the game was not available in the US. I would also like to thank JJ-Kwik for helping me be able to make these injects. A very important thing to note is that there is always a risk for installing wads so I am not responsible for any possible bricks or problems that could happen to your wii. Other than that I hope you all enjoy the games! NES NES Injects: 9 Adventures of Lolo 3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Bionic Commando [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: This game runs perfectly Contra [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. DuckTales [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. DuckTales 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. EarthBound Beginnings (rom from the Wii U vc release) [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Due to the official release of Mother 1 now known as "EarthBound Beginnings" I decided to upload it with the official wii u vc usa rom injected into it. This game runs perfectly. Mega Man 3 (Improvement 2.1) [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: This is a rom hack of megaman 3 by kuja killer which fixes bugs and takes ideas from the original vision of megaman 3. The latest version is 2.1 Mike Tyson's Punchout [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: This game runs perfectly Tetris [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly SNES SNES Injects: 10 Breath of Fire [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: This game runs perfectly. EarthBound (rom from the Wii U vc release) [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: This inject uses the official wii u vc usa rom of earthbound so it should not have any anti-piracy measures in it. Front Mission English Patched [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Q*Bert 3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Tetris Attack [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Tetris 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Mega Man 7 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Mega Man & Bass English Patched [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Mega Man Soccer [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Super Mario AllStars + World [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Genesis Genesis Injects: 4 Blaster Master 2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly. Castlevania Bloodlines [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly Contra Hard Corps [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs perfectly Mega Man The Wily Wars [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs well with minor graphic issues. TG16 TG16 Injects: 1 Castlevania Rondo of Blood English Patched [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Some cutscenes audio lag behind a little bit but it is not a major issue. N64 N64 Injects: 11 Asteroids Hyper 64 [hide][Hidden Content]] BattleTanx [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game cannot save but it can use passwords. BattleTanx Global Assualt [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game cannot save but it can use passwords. Mega Man 64 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game has major graphics bugs and crashes when trying to save. Quest 64 [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game runs well and cannot save. Rampage World Tour [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game runs well Spider-Man [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game cannot save and the menus have major graphic bugs like missing letters and 3d models not fully appearing. Super Mario 64 Multiplayer 1.3.5a [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game has minor text glitch. (1.3.5a is now the latest version as of now.) The New Tetris [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: The game says it can save but it doesn't actually save at all. It even makes a save block on the wii so I don't know why it does that. Winback Covert Operations [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game has major graphical bugs and cannot save. Worms Armageddon [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: Game cannot save so the game can only be played using quick play since you need to save to create team to play other modes.
  3. Been hunting Japanese Virtual Console goodies, here's what I got so far Starblade, Starblade with applied English menu hack All 3 Pokémon Mystery Dungeons, Line Attack Heroes, Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball, Pole's Big Adventure Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games have been set to NTSC-U, weren't working for me in USB LOADER GX in NTSC-J I made covers for Dodgeball, Starblade, and Line attack heroes not on Database, 3D ones actually fairly decent [Hidden Content]
  4. Sup ppl @DU Here we have the original 25th anniversary NES VC channels which came pre- installed on European PAL, Australian PAL and japanese NTSC Red Wii systems. This includes Super Mario Brothers NTSC-J, Super Mario Brothers PAL and DK Original Version PAL. All are original dumps, no need for injects here, one dump of NTSC-J SMB is from myself. All of them have seen scene release through Lakitu. Have fun guys. [Hidden Content]
  5. --Estos son algunos de mis inyectados, mis juegos favoritos en la consola virtual de la wiiu (wup installer),la mayoría están en español, instalar con wup installer, y usar cfw region free (mocha) antes de instalar y jugar, edición hecha por mi en cada inyectado, para los juegos de gamecube necesitas tener desbloqueada tu vWii (virtual wii) voy a ir actualizando a cada cierto tiempo que pueda. No te preocupes por el ID de mis juegos ya que utilizo un número único para cada uno ya que no utilizo programa para hacer la inyección. disfrútalo! --I want to share with you my some of my favorite Vc injects for Wiiu (wup installer), install vc games using wup installer, use cfw region free (mocha) before installing and when you want to play, for gamecube games you will need to unlock your Vwii (virtual Wii). I will update as I can. Don´t worry about install my games, because I always use a unique ID for each game, I don´t use any programs to inject games. enjoy! Descargar/Download MOCHA CFW [Hidden Content] SOLO GAMECUBE/ONLY FOR GAMECUBE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *si tienes problemas con juegos de GAMECUBE es importante que desbloquees la Wii virtual (no se desbloquea de la misma manera como la wii original, porque son cios especiales por eso dejo los videos) para ya no tener problemas con ningún juego (no solo los míos) te dejo dos links para hacerlo en dos pasos fácil y rápido * If you have issues with GAMECUBE games, you will need to unlock your Vwii (is not the same way to unlock original wii, there are especial cios, that´s why I give you tutorial links) , tutorials are in spanish however it´s easy to understand, only follow the steps on the videos. 1. instal HBC on your Vwii 2. Install Cios (custom ios) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL ON USB-INSTALAR EN USB GC: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 60 hz patch PAL (español-spanish) peso/size: 2.5 gb aprox. (mi videojuego favorito) [Hidden Content] GC: F-zero GX (English-Inglés) ntsc peso/size: 1.5 gb aprox. [Hidden Content] GC: Ikaruga (English-Inglés) ntsc peso/size: 1.5 gb aprox. [Hidden Content] GC: Super Smash bros Melee 20XX (english-inglés) ntsc peso/size: 1.5 gb aprox. [Hidden Content] DS: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow peso/size: 39 mb. Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] English-versión en inglés (no touchscreen patched) [Hidden Content] DS: Castlevania Order of Eclessia peso/size: 44 mb. Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] English version-inglés [Hidden Content] DS: Castlevania Portrait of Ruin peso/size: 41 mb. Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] English version-inglés [Hidden Content] DS: Megaman ZX peso/size: 51 mb. Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] English version-inglés [Hidden Content] DS: Chrono Trigger peso/size: 75 mb. English-inglés version: [Hidden Content] Español-spanish version: [Hidden Content] DS: Super Robot Taisen: Endless Frontier OG Saga (Traducción hecha por Artema Translations) peso/size: 103 mb. Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] English version-inglés [Hidden Content] DS: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days peso/size: 230 mb. aprox. English-inglés version [Hidden Content] Español-spanish version [Hidden Content] GBA: Mother 3 (traducción realizada por Jimmytrius, David Durán, hohohohoho, Rock, YellowSlime, Starmen.net, YellowSlime, J. Seigal, aldorock, JFDP13, dawgun, vfp, odin89, Nagisa) peso/size: 54 mb. English-inglés version: [Hidden Content] Spanish-versión en español [Hidden Content] GBA: Fire Emblem 6: The Binding Blade (jap) (Roy is our boy!) size: 48 mb. English-inglés version (Translated by Dark Twilkitri) [Hidden Content]
  6. New Link [hide][Hidden Content]] Old Link (doesn't have all the games, will delete in a few days if there's no issues with the new one) [hide][Hidden Content]] Here's the game list (added some more titles)
  7. Balloon Fight Donkey Kong Kirby's Adventure Mega Man Punch-Out!! Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 3 The Legend Of Zelda Yoshi It works best whilst playing on the gamepad! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Henry62187

    Golden Sun REGIONFREE

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  9. This tutorial is pretty much outdated now, check here for a more updated method. Do you like injecting VC games? Do you want to inject Wii U VC games after having all the fun with injecting Wii VC games? Well here is a tutorial on how to inject VC games on the Wii U. You need TCPGecko/PyGecko for this to work. 1. First download wiiu-vc-inject.exe either from the Internet, or simply from this page. Then put it in a folder along with a few ROMs. 2. Next, open the folder and create a new text document called ip.txt. Type your Wii U's IP address in this document and save it. 3. Turn on your Wii U and start a Virtual Console game. It could either be downloaded from Nintendo eShop, or opened using Loadiine (GX2). 4. When the game is started, access the Virtual Console menu. On your PC, drag a ROM corresponding to the type of Virtual Console game into wiiu-vc-inject.exe. It will determine the type of ROM, then start to inject it. After it's done, on your Wii U, reset the game. And voila! You got your injected Virtual Console game on your Wii U! If you want to inject another corresponding ROM into the same game, repeat step 4. Restore points are safe to create on the Wii U using the injected game. This method has best results with SNES, GBA and NDS games because the application was specially designed to work with them. For N64 and NES games you have to use Caffiine to replace the ROM files rather than this. NOTE: Your ROM has to be the same console as your Virtual Console game, and has to have a lower or identical ROM size as the Virtual Console game, otherwise it won't work! This only works for Wii U Virtual Console games, original Wii VC games on vWii don't work with this method! Digital Wii games on eShop won't work, since they were designed to work with vWii mode! I hope this tutorial helped! [Hidden Content]
  10. Henry62187

    DKC Competition NTSCU.wad

    [/hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide]
  11. mmpr20

    mmpr20's VC hack games

    [hide][Hidden Content]] This is my first time doing three VC injection games . Super Mario Bros. 3 Mix is very neat, it's like SMB to SMG games into a Super Mario Bros. 3 dream game but can be hard. Doki Doki Panic is a rom hack of Super Mario Bros. 2 became a usa version of Doki Doki Panic with the characters, story, and items back in. Sonic 1 is just Sonic 1 but with the year 1994 and we know Sonic 1 is a classic game to play
  12. Almost perfect. Injected on F-Zero X V16. If you feel uncomfortable with the controls, just comment out/edit the StickLimit option on the ini. Tried to make it a bit less sensitive, the Gamepad's sticks range is horrible. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Hey-o! I'd like to ask anyone who is able to do VC injects to help me out. I'd like to get these two games ready to play on the Wii U VC with Loadiine: Battletanx Battletanx: Global Assault A search of the forums showed me that someone had made a Battletanx inject for the Wii VC, but no results for Wii U. I took a look at a compatibility list from GBATemp ([Hidden Content]) but the games don't even show up in the list. RIP.
  14. Meant to upload this and forgot, a request reminded me. It's the PAL version of Ocarina of Time, useful if you have problems with the American release that is floating around (I did). It's an inject, Mario Kart 64 is the base and it seems to work quite well. The artwork for the meta folder was quickly made, it's not that great ;). [hide][Hidden Content]] This thread is kinda old btw. Might want to download from the thread below.....
  15. Hello, If someone here has a workinG snowboard kids 1 or 2 for loadiine VC on the wii U this would be epic, Thanks
  16. So I haven't unlocked the vWii of my Wii U because I don't have any of the required games(in my country Nintendo stopped selling so even old games got overpriced). I really wanted to play Skyward Sword and when i heard that it was released on the Eshop using Virtual console(source: [Hidden Content] in the end of the article) I couldn't hold but ask if some of you has cracked it.
  17. Lankbald

    [Wii U VC] Zelda Skyward Sword

    Hello, I search The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword for Wii U. I talk about the VC Wii game : [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance !
  18. Hi there, first time posting a request here but I'm in the need of any leads or assistance finding this file. I've been able to locate the original Metal Gear on MSX for Wii VC, already translated by 0RANGE CHICKEN back in the day, but now I'm looking for any leads on acquiring a Metal Gear 2 MSX WAD, official or non-official. I've searched as thorough as possible and have no success. If anyone has this .WAD or any .WAD's that would assist injecting a translated MG2 for MSX, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
  19. N8master

    [REQUEST] N64 and SNES Zelda Injection

    Hi there, is anybody here capable of injecting N64 and SNES games? All I want is to play again through all Zelda games on my Wii U gamepad so I'd love to have the PAL games injected instead of the US games which are floating around. Here are the rom download links: EXTERNAL ROM LINKS DELETED
  20. If possible, can someone please dump all required GBA virtual console files for Super Mario Advance 4 GBA Virtual Console? This would include the code and content folders for use with Loadiine. I think the only way for this to work is to spoof the Wii U firmware to the latest and access the eshop to download it and use something like Dumpiine, XML Dumper, or something similar.