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Found 38 results

  1. NandoMDK

    Mass Effect 3 Deluxe Wii U

    For some time I've been looking for this game and never found ... or the link was broken, or had expired, or a part was offline, bla bla bla. Well, I found it Online and working and I would like to share it with everyone. Enjoy! [hide ] [Hidden Content] [/hide ]
  2. AlexaBalu

    [MULTI] All games here!

    To all newbies. Wii U has theirs full games available on-line to anyone. In order to get any title you must be authenticated console which would then download such content from theirs official servers (full game, updates, dlc). To become such authenticated console just search in DuckDuckGo for such tools (Google is censoring theirs searching results, so don't use it). There were plenty of passionates who have created different tools which were actually doing what I have written above. It took me just 2 days to find out that truth and I've already tried different options to find my best. Cheers! PS. Don't know if such option exists for Wii and Switch.
  3. Hi everyone, I know that there are some threads providing some tickets and some with even more tickets I am providing here. However, I decided to give as much as I can and therefore present you the tickets I have collected over time... There are some for NTSCU and some for EU. Each has an unmodified as well as a modified tik inside and therefore can be used for all your needs. Download: [hide] [Hidden Content]] If you have questions, please contact me over at gbatemp, as It is hard too keep up with posts in these threads on DU as they get easily flooded. If you find working tickets not green in this cetgory, pleas write me a message so i can edit them to working. Following a list with games inside: Green: Tested and working Red: Not working (needs to be checked again) White: unconfirmed
  4. Back to Japanese imported games dumping! I'd really thanks M1ghty from GBATemp for fixing the bug I had in these games and of course Dimok for making so great improvement within WiiU scene ❤️ Still, I won't invite you to register yourself on GBAtemp nor even viewing threads over there, they are 95% insane and digged into pure bullshit and kids But the developpers are there so it was required for me watching that.. This release has come a little bit later than expected but I'm finally on time! It is good to underline the fact that once assembled, the whole game reach no less than 7.7Go! Ouchi my ladies, hope you have great SD capacity =D (Cover by @Ryan1865) Even with an entire game in Japanese, the concept is still simple to understand, righy? :3 [Hidden Content] If you love this release and in hope you'll appreciate the next to comes as the ones already out by here, do not forget to "Like" and spread the share spirit all around! Alternatively, you can still follow me on DarkUmbra to get informed first of a new release ^^ Dumped for you with love! Have fun :3 Exclusive simultaneous distribution : t411 - DarkUmbra
  5. Click the link for the loadiine file. Make sure to download as zip [Hidden Content]
  6. Métal Slug anthologie (USA) wii injecté pour wiiu installateur avec wup installer mod non compatible avec gamepad 1,6 go zip [Hidden Content] bon jeu
  7. First go download uTikDownloadHelper.exe [hide][Hidden Content]] Save it in a new folder on your desktop or cut/paste the exe into a new folder on your desktop. You can name the folder whatever you want. Next, download ANY tik for any game you would like, ...that matches your console's region (usa, eur, jap) Right click the .tik file and hit open with... Then choose default program. Now hit browse, click desktop. find the folder you have uTikDownloadHelper stored in and select the exe. (MAKE SURE "Always use this program" is selected) Now hit ok... It will ask to select a folder, hit make a new folder and name it after the game you want. Now Every time you click a tik file you downloaded here, uTikDownloadHelper will automatically start up, ask you to select a folder and download everything you need to install... directly from Nintendo!! No more megaupload, no more rars, no more waiting for someone to upload the whole game when you have tiks and most of all, SAFE files to install..
  8. Batman Arkham City Armored Edition USA [Hidden Content]
  9. skeer

    Wii U 5.5.2 homebrew

    I set up a 5.5.2 exploit on a remote server. No guarantee it will work for your though. I tested it on my NY server from PA, worked all 3 times I tried it. If it doesn't work for you, tell me and I'll see if I can figure the problem out. Thanks goes to the people at [Hidden Content] for the server code First, download homebrew launcher v1.4 from here: [Hidden Content] Extract the wiiu folder with its contents to your SD card. So sd:/wiiu Insert SD into WiiU, and start the wii u up. Load the Web browser on the wiiu and go to [Hidden Content] or wiiu.steamdragon.us for short. Click exploit WORKING and enjoy (hopefully) If anyone feels like donating to keep the server running, let me know. Not that I really need much money, my server setup is fairly cheap Edit: sorry for the temporary outage and moving the page, I have some stuff I want to try on the main page. It hopefully won't get taken down or moved again. Edit 2: Fixed a mistake with the link. Clicking it on PC takes you to wrong site. Edit 3: Server shut down. If you want it back up for temporary use let me know. Sadly keeping the server paid for is a bit too troublesome. Temporarily setting up is much cheaper and easier, so pm me if you really want it back up for short periods of time.
  10. Paulkr

    cars 3 eur wiiu loadiine ready2play

    I’m looking for cars 3 [eur] wiiu loadiine ready2play. Someone who can help and post the links or point in the right direction where to find? Many thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Paul
  11. Hi, i am looking for a download of the German Eur Version of the Game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for WiiU the only thing that i came across on the whole internet including torrent and nzb sites was this paid download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] would be epic if someone could post this, thanks a lot
  12. Hello, can someone share the game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for WiiU but in German? I need the EUR Version with German language. Searched everywhere... nearly impossible to find. I have one in English and i found one in spanish.... For WUP Installer GX2 ready would be nice. I Would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
  13. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Armillo EUR [WMLP9T]

    For a new week starting, a new bunch of games are waiting us! "Nah, I'm not late at all, my mind still on Monday ^o^" The full games list for this week should get published later tonight, after "Chasing Dead"'s release. Meanwhile, let's enjoy a cute giant billboard game --Psstt, I've almost reached my hundred likes thanks to you! <3 <3-- (Cover by @yamaoka) (( Running around and hitting walls, his headaches must be hard to deal with everyday )) [Hidden Content] If you love this release and in hope you'll appreciate the next to comes as the ones already out by here, do not forget to "Like" and spread the share spirit all around! Alternatively, you can still follow me on DarkUmbra to get informed first of a new release ^^ Dumped for you with love! Have fun :3 Exclusive simultaneous distribution : t411 - DarkUmbra
  14. papermanzero

    WUD Collection

    I am looking for WUD or WUX to archive my collection. Has anyone links for the EUR versions of: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Starfox Guard Wii Sports Club Wii Party U Wii Fit U WUD and especially WUX is the better archive to store WiiU games. Especially it is more comfortable than Loadiine with regard to cemu.
  15. Finally in mega links, here is Legend of kay anniversary, ready for loadiine [Hidden Content]
  16. Kristiqn5

    [WiiU] Bayonetta 2 .wud file

    Hello , can someone upload Bayonetta 2 .wud file (not extracted) on MEGA?
  17. Hello everyone can upload the fisrt xenoblade (WII) from the wiiu e-shop? Eur or RFree thanks a lot.
  18. Take this completely with a grain of salt but online publication Dual Pixels is under the impression that a source close to Nintendo has told them the games that will be available on the Wii U eShop when it launches alongside the console later this year. Among the games on offer are World of Warcraft and Counter Strike. Also notable is Sonic 4: ep 2 which was scheduled for NO Nintendo release (obviously current gen systems at time of launch). Here’s the full list:
  19. PlasmaShadow

    [WiiU] Pokemon Rumble U

    Anyone got or can dump Pokemon Rumble U? I cant find it anywhere and I know eShop games can be dumped (see Fast Racing Neo) Thanks!
  20. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Dreamals EUR [WRLP5V]

    For those who might be interested, a list of my future releases is available to let you know what to expect within this week :3 Allright, this time we offer ourselves a tiny cutie puzzle game called "Dreamals". Not a big deal actually, but cool to play with.. [Hidden Content] !! UPDATE !! It has been issued that some configurations may not run the game properly, resulting in a Memory Corruption message at launch. A new version of the game (V2) has been released in order to fix this problem. If you are one of them, I invite you to download this reworked version and test it out. Please inform me if this has resolved your issue, thank you ;w; Dumped for you with love! Have fun! Exclusive simultaneous distribution : t411 - DarkUmbra
  21. Keksfresser

    [Unity] Wii U Samples

    Unity Samples for WiiU Includes: Unity Project Files
  22. icw35

    [WiiU] Looking for these games...

    Looking for these games. Anyone has any links to NZB files or MEGA? The Amazing Spiderman 2 Lego City Undercover Batman: Arkham Origins Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition
  23. illfated

    [Wii U] [NTSC-U] A World of Keflings

    Hey, I know this is my first real post here but I was wondering if someone from the US could buy/dump the game called: "A World of Keflings" [Hidden Content] Title ID: 000500001017B300 I tried downloading it with UWizard but theres no ticket and title key available for the game. The game is not available in the EU eShop, I don't mind buying you a steam game, gift card or whatever for your time and money spent. I just want to play that game with my wife. Thanks in advance
  24. emuman100

    Dr Luigi Wii U

    If anyone has it, Dr. Luigi files for Loadiine. Thanks.