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Found 39 results

  1. Switch Games Collection (XCI) Note: All Download Link are (Google Drive) You can also Check FTP Server Link/Torrent Link N.B. I request all the visitor who face permission access, please mention the game title & i will fix as soon as possible. My Premium Google Drive is blocked for DMCA Check for upcoming game & details here & ID+Title Key Google Drive Download Limit bypass ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 250 XCI + Update + DLC PACK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter→ ‘#’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘A’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘B’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘C’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘D’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘F’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘G’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘H’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘I’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘J’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘K’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘L’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘M’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘N’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘O’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘P’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘R’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘S’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘T’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘U’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘V’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘W’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘X’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘Y’ [Hidden Content] Letter→ ‘Z’ [Hidden Content] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1000 Eshop + Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter→ '#' [Hidden Content] Letter→ 'A' [Hidden Content] Letter→ 'B' [Hidden Content] Letter→ 'C' [Hidden Content] Letter→ 'D' [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------ Download ------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It took a lot of times to make the post, Be kind enough to leave a comment -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 290+ Switch XCI Games If you want any game that is not on the list, comment below. Download Link: Click Here
  3. 220+ Switch XCI Games Download Link: Click Here
  4. Link420

    [1F] Penguin Wars [XCI]

    Penguin Wars [XCI] Download
  5. Genre: RPG Developer: Level-5 Format: .xci Language: Japanese Region: Jap (Free Region) Size : 14.56 Gb [Hidden Content]
  6. Enjoy Everybody ! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. myfw

    Overcooked 2

    Hi, Could someone upload Overcooked 2 title keys or NSP/XCI Game when game will be available? Thanks!
  8. Hi Guys, First of all greetings to many users in this fórum, ´cause of this we can retrieve more and more BBB games for NSW. Below, the games in Zippyshare, mediafire We transfer Files.FM GOOGLE DRIVE and MEGA... _____________________________________________________________________________________________ News 08 - 17 - 2018 - NEW CDNSP BOB 4.1.1 with imagens UPDATED _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ NSW GAMES + Game Updates + DLCs + Emulators + SX OS etc ( NCA/NSP Files ) CDNSP BOB GUI 3.5.4 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 : [Hidden Content] TEGRA RCM GUI 2.2 portable + installer: [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 [Hidden Content] RetroNX - Stable : (0.9.7b) [Hidden Content] RetroNX -Nightly : [Hidden Content] Homebrew Enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.5 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.1.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] _________________________________________________________________________ NSW (.XCI) GAMES LIST ZppyShare : Overcooked Special Edition : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 2 : [Hidden Content] Bomberman R : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Network Battle Crashers : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze : [Hidden Content] Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Kirby Star Allies : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Nights Of Azure 2 : [Hidden Content] Battle Chasers : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 1 ( JAP+EUR ) - [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Pokken : [Hidden Content] Mario Kart 8 : [Hidden Content] Rayman : [Hidden Content] Skylanders Imaginators : [Hidden Content] Shaq-FU : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Minecraft complete : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle : [Hidden Content] __________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Transfer Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Touhou Kobuto V : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Battle : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Mario Oddysey : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Nba 2k18 : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Part 3 : [Hidden Content] Part 4: [Hidden Content] Part 5 : [Hidden Content] Yonder : the cloud: [Hidden Content] Lost Child : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] Mario Aces - Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] SteamWorld 2 : [Hidden Content] Thimbleweed Park - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Files.FM : Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] 1,2,SWITCH : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mega Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Minecraft : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Google Drive ( Just For NSW Games ) Zelda Btw : [Hidden Content] Mario KArt 8 : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Has been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Sonix Forces : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] OWLBOY : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Litlle Nighmares : [Hidden Content] Legend Of Kay : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter 30Th : [Hidden Content] Max : The curse : [Hidden Content] Darkest Dungeon : [Hidden Content] Wild Guns Reloaded : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Lego Incredibles : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lego Worlds : [Hidden Content] Sine Mora EX: [Hidden Content] A.O.T 2 : [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2018 : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Poi - explorer : [Hidden Content] Payday 2 : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Axiom Verge : [Hidden Content] R.B.I Baseball : [Hidden Content] City Rampage DX : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ JAP Only - NSW Games Winning Post : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Alefgard : [Hidden Content] Zelda Musou : [Hidden Content] Urban Playgrounds : [Hidden Content] Musou Orochi 2 : [Hidden Content] PriPara : [Hidden Content] Naruto Trilogy : [Hidden Content] Farming Simulator : [Hidden Content] Gal Metal : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest heroes 1 + 2 : [Hidden Content] Snack World : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameSET List 1 [Hidden Content] : NSW Games ( 30gb +-) Download : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Relaxing Songs from YOUTUBE to enjoy the games when you waiting for those files in this thread ;D JUST TO RELAX ;D [Hidden Content] - 1 Hour of Zelda relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Ori and the blind forest OST - [Hidden Content] - One hour Final Fantasy Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Kingdom Hearts Relaxing Music - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Music + Night Ambience Sounds - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing & Beautiful Pokémon Piano Music - [Hidden Content] - DK Music Remix - [Hidden Content] - Yoshi Relax Music - [Hidden Content] - 5 hours of Mario Music - [Hidden Content] - Metroid Prime Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Summer Forest - Spyro 2 Music 1 HOUR - [Hidden Content] - Animal Crossing Relaxing - [Hidden Content] - Memento of Nights 1 Hour - [Hidden Content] - Top 300 Songs Nintendo (2018) ( 12hours ) - [Hidden Content] - Wild Arms Music the best - [Hidden Content] - Secret of mana SOngs - [Hidden Content] - Best of chibi studio 2016 - [Hidden Content] - Chrono cross relaxing music - [Hidden Content] - Dragon Quest Relaxing songs - [Hidden Content] - Calm Sega Genesis songs - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameTrailers : Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] DK Frezee : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] South Park Fractured : [Hidden Content] Mario Odyssey : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] OwlBoy : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas : [Hidden Content] 1.2 Switch : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion : [Hidden Content] Fifa 18 : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 : [Hidden Content] PAyday 2 : [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________ FAQ: How to in ZippyShare server : - Files are in 001.002... format Please use HJsplit : [Hidden Content] , to join the files in ONE .xci. - Zippyshare download files Please use a download manager. I suggest Mipony : [Hidden Content]
  9. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Library Party- Support : Nitendo Switch Publisher: ARIA Developer: August Genre: Dating Sim Player: 1 PEGI 16 Release: 07/26/2018 Size: 12,01 GB (Rar) , XCI 14,8 Go [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Wonder_Boy_The_Dragons_Trap_EUR_MULTi7_NSW-PUSSYCAT GameID: 01001B7008EE8000 Format: XCI Region: EUR Languages: En, Fr, De, It, Es, Ja, Pt Size: 1.14 GB [Hidden Content]
  11. OCTOPATH TRAVELER NSW-BigBlueBox Date 11/07/2018 Platform NSW Region EUR/USA Publisher Nintendo Imagesize 4GB Cart Game ID 010057D006492000 Game Revision 1.0.0 Languages En, Fr, De, It, Es, Ja [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Saiylem

    [REQUEST] Fast RMX in .xci

    I've read that Europe got a physical release to be able to pull this from.
  13. For this example, I will be using my Mario Tennis Aces files to demonstrate: See the post below. Tutorial: Download Fornite on your Switch. Download this ([Hidden Content]) Extract the folders and files inside the "SDFiles" folder to the root of your SD card. (See picture 1) You don't need the XCI file if you are gonna use my pre-made folder, so download the premade folder and put it in atmosphere/titles (See picture 2) Put your Switch into RCM mode (Personally, I use a jumper wire to connect pin 1 and pin 10. See the link for more info) ([Hidden Content]) Load the payload (Payload-LayeredHekate.bin) (found in the SDFile zip you downloaded) onto your switch using the TegraRcmGUI application ([Hidden Content]). Launch firmware -> RomFS When you get into the Switch, launch Fornite and you should see Mario Tennis Aces launched Feel free to ask me any questions! Picture 1: Picture 2:
  14. Hello, This is NOT TRIMMED yet here we have a magnet link [Hidden Content] and this is a Drive Link [hide][Hidden Content]] enjoy!
  15. Lets Sing 2018 Hits Francais EUR MULTi5 NSW-PUSSYCAT [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker NSW-VENOM .____\ \/ / _ / _ \/ _ \/ \/ / | \ // / / / / / // \/ / _ | \ / _______/ / // _/ / / // rtx/ | VENOM \\ /\__________/_____/_____/\____\_____/______/_____/ /art : \ / `-------- \ / --> Proudly Presents: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker \/ Publisher.....: Nintendo Platform......: Nintendo Switch Developer.....: Nintendo Origin........: Region Free Release Date..: July 12, 2018 Size/Format...: 2048 Megabit Title.ID......: 01009BF0072D4000 -- Release Notes ----------------------------------------------------------> together to claim a Power Star. The villainous giant crow Wingo appears and steals the star, taking Toadette along with him when she grabs hold of it. The player guides Toad as he tracks Wingo down to his lair and rescues Toadette. In the second chapter of the story, the introductory scenario plays out again, but this time Toad is kidnapped and the player assumes control of Toadette. After Toad is rescued and Wingo reemerges again, Toadette is kidnapped and Toad is knocked off of Wingo's tower. Then, the third chapter of the story begins, in which both Toad and Toadette venture through levels on their way to the showdown with Wingo, along the way defeating Draggadon, the king of Pyropuff Peak, for the third time. -- Greetings --------------------------------------------------------------> Capital. Dual Crew Shining. Echelon. Eptiso. Kalisto. Menace. Mode Seven. __ ------------------------------------ \/ -----------------------------------> [hide][Hidden Content]]

    Transfering Large Games to SD Card

    Hello! How is everyone? Thank you so much for the attention. Right up, I have a small issue with transfering large games (over FAT32 4GB limit), to my SD Card (any of them, really). As I couldn`t transfer big games to my SD, it was formatted with NTFS, and after, ExFat formats. Copied all files over again and, to no avail, boot.dat would not be recognized. Running out of options, my choice is now to project my worries to this excellent site, and forum. My hopes for some kind of light are pronounced, as I will remain patient in wait for help. Some useful infos about my console: Switch at latest firmware 32GB SD Card (actual: FAT32 format) SX OS 1.3 Thank you very much! Raymond
  18. Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Bandai Namco Games Release date: June 22, 2018 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy, is a series of fighting video games, based on the popular mangaand anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto Scene Group Release Name: Naruto_Shippuden_Ultimate_Ninja_Storm_Trilogy_JPN_NSW-HR However, this is a personal dump not a scene group dump. Please do not repost, if you want to share, link your friends to this post! Host: [GDRIVE] Format: .XCI Language: Japanese Minimum Firmware Requirement: 4.1.0 Cart Version: 2 SX OS 1.2 now have Cart 2 support! I have tested it and it is CONFIRMED WORKING WITH LAYEREDFS! Working donor (Saves working!): Fornite Pinball FX3 It seems that LayeredFS also works on version 4.1.0 consoles (Would try figure out how it works!) In order to get LayeredFS to work on 4.1.0 you need to use SwitchToolbox to get the "kernel-patched.bin" file for your switch using the KernelPatcher tool, and then replace that with your existing one. [Hidden Content] v1. I have uploaded the personal dump to Google Drive to save people's time trying to download from website that requires a premium subscription! Game XCI Download link: TUTORIAL: Also check out my other uploads: Enjoy!
  19. 214 Switch XCI Games Download Link: Click Here
  20. Shelter Generations EUR NSW-BigBlueBox ____ _ ____ _ ___ | \ (_) | _ \ | | | _ \ | |_) | _ __ | |_) || | _ _ ___ | |_) | ___ __ __ | _ < | | / _` || _ < | || | | | / _ \| _ < / _ \\ \/ / | |_) || || (_| || |_) || || |_| || __/| |_) || (_) |> < |____/ |_| \__, ||____/ |_| \__,_| \___||____/ \___//_/\_\ __/ | |___/ >>> BigBlueBox <<< Proudly Presents: Shelter Generations Release Information Date ............ ...... 12/07/2018 Platform ........ ...... NSW Region .......... ...... EUR Publisher........ ...... Super Rare Games Imagesize........ ...... 8GB Cart File Name ....... ...... bbb-h-affbb.xci Game ID ......... ...... 0100D8000B2EA000 Game Revision ... ...... 1.0.0 Languages ....... ...... En, Zh Release Notes: Time for another Switch release very pretty looking game this one, who doesnt like cats Super Rare Games #3 Enjoy as Always Greetings to everyone who likes to play our games [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. I've only ever seen Jackbox Party Pack 4, but it seems to have been removed by mega. If anyone has any info that'd be great!
  22. Atlxilance

    Hunting Simulator SWITCH

    I'm looking for Hunting Simulator, can't seem to find it anywhere even though it has been dumped already.
  23. Hi everyone, sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't find any answer online or in these forums. I transferred a XCI file over to my Sd card and it worked perfectly fine. The game played and nothing went wrong. Later on I put a new game onto my Sd card and the first game (puyo puyo tetris) would no longer work. In the sx menu puyo puyo showed up as a white box and said unknown game. Does anyone know what's going on or could it possibly be my Sd card or bad XCI file?
  24. liamhortonstokes87

    [Google Drive] World.Tennis.Tour.NSW.EUR.LHS

    So this will be my one and only Cart Dump so enjoy!!! Sorry guys but I am pretty busy so could only manage Google Drive for now... WORLD TENNIS TOUR NSW EUR [hide][Hidden Content]] Thanks to everyone that helped with the advice especially @SwitchHack @blemish31 @Mclovedog @Softstar @shealtspy
  25. Would really appreciate dumps for Shovel Knight and Hollow Knight, thanks!