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Found 8 results

  1. Network guard NetGuard is a simple block access to network applications - without having Root privileges. NetGuard provides a simple way to block access to the internet - no root required. Applications can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection. BLOCKING ACCESS TO THE INTERNET CAN HELP: • reduce your data usage • save your battery • increase your privacy Features: • No root required • Simple to use • Open source • No extra battery usage • No bandwidth reduction • No calling home • No tracking or analytics • No ads • No internet permission required • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported • Optionally allow when screen on • Optionally block when roaming • Optionally block system applications • Material design There is no other no-root firewall offering all these features. Most other firewall solutions are closed source, will use extra battery and will reduce the overall network speed. Most of these features are the result of sending selected traffic to a VPN sinkhole, instead of filtering all internet traffic. This means that advanced features, like address-based filtering (needed for hosts blocking), traffic logging, and on-demand configuration, are not possible. Since NetGuard has no internet permission, you know your internet traffic is not being sent anywhere. Size: 2.4 MB Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. FEATURES: - Animated charging icon - Able to change background - Blur the background - Custom Icon (hold icon to change/restore) - Gamepad supported - More to come on future updates. Change Log: v1.10 - Fixed "edit app icon" feature - Additional animations and sounds - Now support android TV and android tablets (you need to manually change the icon if blurred) - Fixed minor bugs - More features to come! I hope it works well on your device/s. It's still on Beta stage, but since I promised to released it on this date, now here it is. Enjoy!!! VIDEO: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD LINK for NS Launcher: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD LINK for Pokemon [Hidden Content]
  4. Syncios Audio Recorder Capture any sound made by your Android phones & tablets! For Rooted Android 4.1.2 to 5.1.1 Record audio on Android with fantastic sound quality. With clean efficient design and very simple to use. Start or end recording whenever your like. Record audio from any online stream. Multiple brand phones supported: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, XiaoMi and more. Hey guys, eatyerface here. For a few years now I have been recording audio streams on my computer from websites such as spotify in order to avoid the hassle of searching through various websites to find the music I want to download. This is the android alternative that I use. Enjoy! Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Click "LIKE" to reveal the download link!
  5. Research firm comScore today released the results of its latest survey of mobile phone users in the United States, finding that Google's Android and Apple's iOS continue to dominate the smartphone landscape. The highlight of comScore's report is Android passing 50% of installed smartphone user base for the first time, grabbing 50.1% of the market during the three-month period of December through February. That marks a gain of 3.2 percentage points since the previous three-month period and a gain of 17 percentage points over the past year. But Apple's iPhone has also seen strong performance, gaining 1.5 percentage points over the previous period and 5 percentage point year-over-year to hit 30.2% of the market. Notably, Apple has also moved passed Motorola in overall mobile phone user base in the United States, with Apple's share growing by 2.3 percentage points over the previous three-month period while Motorola's share shrank by 0.9 percentage points. Apple now holds the third highest share of mobile phone user base in the United States, placing behind Samsung and LG. comScore's data tracks installed user base rather than new handset sales, making it more reflective of real-world usage but slower to respond to shifting market trends than some other studies. The difference between those two types of studies was highlighted in a Nielsen report from last week which showed very similar number to comScore's data among "all smartphone owners" in the United States. But with the strength of the iPhone 4S launch, Nielsen's numbers showed that Android's 16-point lead over the iPhone was narrowed to 5 points when looking only at those who purchased their devices within the past three months. --Source: MacRumors.com
  6. The latest data from Nielsen suggests that between the two of them, Android and Apple's iOS have relegated other smartphone operating systems to sub-single digit market share. The closest competitor -- RIM's Blackberry -- counted only 5% of U.S. smartphone purchases in the past three months. Other operating systems, including Windows Phone, Symbian, HP/Palm's WebOS and others, added up to only 4% share combined. Android's performance is pretty constant, with 48% of existing smartphone owners and 48% of new smartphone purchasers choosing Android phones. Apple's iPhone has been more popular of late, with the recent release of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone is the device of choice for 32% of current smartphone owners, but has made up 43% of recent smartphone purchases -- entirely at the expense of BlackBerry and the other small-share operating systems. --Source: MacRumors.com This is good news, Android and iOS are the two best mobile platforms.
  7. SsJVasto

    Emulators for Android

    I was wondering if anyone had classic Retro emulators for Android... Recently (due to a lawsuite from Nintendo) Google removed all emulators from the Android Market (leaving ironically the ROM Downloaders... Go figure...) And the genius I am forgot to back up my apps before updating Cyanogenmod... I still have the APK for Nintendo 64 (I'll upload somewhere when I get home...), but I really wanted NES, SNES, Genesis, GBC and GBA, if anyone has them.