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Found 5 results

  1. Oh hey! Look who's back dumping & releasing stuff? Leaving without a single announcment about how things are going on? Yes I know, I'm irrecoverable <รง< . Life is like it is, we can't predict what might happens from one day to another and we have to deal with it, ghhhh ;^; Nevermind guys, soon enough I will catch up with my lateness by publishing a new release schedule, and to be forgiven please let me present you one of those famous indie games that were out few days ago on eShop : Super Meat Boy! \\O// As always when it comes to a over-known title I'll pass on the presentations and leave you with the links to play it out alread Please notice however that this game has some long loading times at its start and also when you're loading a whole world. Hopefully once fully loaded the levels are switching smoothly so it shouldn't be a big problem :3 (( Slapping my girlfliend, will ya?!? I will die thousounds times to find and kill you once!! YOU HEAR ME?? THOUSOUNDS FOR ONCE!!! )) (Cover By @Mitcha) [Off-Topic Announcement : More than 14K visits everyday for loadiine.ovh ! YEY <3 <3 <3] [Hidden Content] If you love this release and in hope you'll appreciate the next to comes as the ones already out by here, do not forget to "Like" and spread the share spirit all around! Alternatively, you can still follow me on DarkUmbra to get informed first of a new release ^^ Dumped for you with love! Have fun :3 Exclusive simultaneous distribution : t411 - DarkUmbra
  2. Virtual Boy English Patched Roms Space Squash & SD Gundam - Dimension War Ben and Greg Stevens over at Planet Virtual Boy have teamed up to create an English translation patch for both SD Gundam Dimension War as well as Space Squash. I have already applied the patches to these roms, so they are good to go. Enjoy DU! [Hidden Content] Please hit the "Like" button if you download these, thanks!
  3. Virtual Boy Prototype "Space Pinball" Released 12/30/11 I found this on Planet VB, Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Please hit the "Like" button if you download this, thanks!
  4. Ultimate vbaGX 2.2.5 v3 Cover Mod 2D, 3D, & 2D Cart Collection -EVERYTHING included is properly matched, and will display a cover!!! (except gba_bios) -Easily switch between both 2D and 3D Coversets!! -Setup a lot of covers for these collections from scratch. -Covers are already setup in the app download! Just D/L the matching romsets, and drag them into there given rom folder. Here's what's currently included: Gameboy Classic: 598 Roms; 602 2D Covers; 602 3D Covers Gameboy Classic (J): 34 Roms; 34 2D Covers; 34 3D Covers Gameboy Color: 569 Roms; 569 2D Covers; 569 3D Covers; 570 Cartridge Covers Gameboy Advance: 1159 Roms; 1159 2D Covers; 1159 3D Covers; 1159 Cartridge Covers Here is a preview of what you get (Not updated to show 3D Covers) Preview the files on Photobucket here: To Install: Download The App With Matching Coversets Here: vbaGX 2.2.5 v3 Cover Mod by Wiimpathy (I added custom folders for the roms and covers) App with Full 2D & 3D Coversets [Hidden Content] App with Full 3D Coverset Only [hide][Hidden Content]] App with Full 2D Coverset Only [hide][Hidden Content]] Download All The Roms Here: Game Boy Classic Roms [hide][Hidden Content]] Game Boy Classic (J) Roms [hide][Hidden Content]] Game Boy Color Roms [hide][Hidden Content]] Game Boy Advance Roms #-A [hide][Hidden Content]] B-C [hide][Hidden Content]] D-E [hide][Hidden Content]] F-H [hide][Hidden Content]] I-K [hide][Hidden Content]] L-N [hide][Hidden Content]] O-R [hide][Hidden Content]] S [hide][Hidden Content]] T-Z [hide][Hidden Content]] If you just want the covers, you can get them here: Gameboy Classic 2D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Classic 3D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Classic (J) 2D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Classic (J) 3D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Color 2D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Color 3D Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Color Cart Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Advance 2D Covers [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Advance 3D Covers [hide][Hidden Content]] Gameboy Advance Cart Covers: [hide][Hidden Content]] If you just want the app (no covers included) you can get it here: vbaGX 2.2.5 v3 Cover Mod by Wiimpathy (I customized the folders to split up the GBA roms) [hide][Hidden Content]] Check out my other Cover Mod Threads: Ultimate FCE Ultra GX 3.2.9 v1 Cover Mod 2D & 3D Collection Ultimate Snes9xGX 4.2.9 v2 Cover Mod 2D & 3D Collection Please "Like" this if it helps you out!
  5. Here is a package that includes: -WiirtualBoy 0.1 Emulator -Complete Romset (and some homebrew games as well) -3 Forwarders Games List: Here are the forwarders included: To Install: Download Everything Here!! Wiirtual Boy v0.1 with complete Rom set! [Hidden Content] Please hit the "Like" button if this helps you out! Thanks!