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Found 9 results

  1. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  2. I haven't been able to find either .NSP anywhere. have they been dumped yet?
  3. Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Bandai Namco Games Release date: June 22, 2018 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy, is a series of fighting video games, based on the popular mangaand anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto Scene Group Release Name: Naruto_Shippuden_Ultimate_Ninja_Storm_Trilogy_JPN_NSW-HR However, this is a personal dump not a scene group dump. Please do not repost, if you want to share, link your friends to this post! Host: [GDRIVE] Format: .XCI Language: Japanese Minimum Firmware Requirement: 4.1.0 Cart Version: 2 SX OS 1.2 now have Cart 2 support! I have tested it and it is CONFIRMED WORKING WITH LAYEREDFS! Working donor (Saves working!): Fornite Pinball FX3 It seems that LayeredFS also works on version 4.1.0 consoles (Would try figure out how it works!) In order to get LayeredFS to work on 4.1.0 you need to use SwitchToolbox to get the "kernel-patched.bin" file for your switch using the KernelPatcher tool, and then replace that with your existing one. [Hidden Content] v1. I have uploaded the personal dump to Google Drive to save people's time trying to download from website that requires a premium subscription! Game XCI Download link: TUTORIAL: Also check out my other uploads: Enjoy!
  4. I would like the firmware update 5.1.0 for MANUAL updating, so you can update nintendo switch without burning fuses (retain ability to downgrade). For some reason I can't find dumps of it online even though it should be common. It's not on any game cartridge (newest ones like motogp18 have 5.0.2), which means it needs to either be downloaded via cdnsp with a command like "cdnsp.py -s 0" (doesn't work for me, can't get the script to work ) or dumped from anyone who is currently on 5.1.0 (not sure how exactly though) or maybe someone could do the work to get it from [hide][Hidden Content]] I got relevant information from [hide][Hidden Content]] and [hide][Hidden Content]] update: I think by now (july 30th) some newly released games should have the 5.1.0 update included if nswdb info is correct, for anyone who would like to just extract it from .xci
  5. neoryu

    REQUEST eShop dumps .NSP

    I wanna make this thread for ppl requesting in advance for .nsp eshop dumped games (like Yooka Laylee, Layers of fears or Brawlout) while we wait for SX SO to get support for this files. mire are: Ikaruga, Celeste, Golf Story and Worms WMD Also If anyone knows how to dump eshop games and wanna share how to do it here so ppl can dump and share their games feel free to do it
  6. Would really appreciate dumps for Shovel Knight and Hollow Knight, thanks!
  7. 4 New BBB releases just dumped, new links will be updated as soon as possible (USF already had a EUR dump this one is US) : Hyrule.Warriors.Definitive.Edition.NSW-BigBlueBox 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] UPTOBOX [Hidden Content] TORRENT [Hidden Content] The.LEGO.NINJAGO.Movie.Videogame.USA.NSW-BigBlueBox TORRENT [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER (EUR dump) [Hidden Content] Ultra.Street.Fighter.II.The.Final.Challengers.USA.NSW-BigBlueBox TORRENT [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] 1FICHIER (EUR dump) [Hidden Content] Farming.Simulator.Nintendo.Switch.Edition.NSW-BigBlueBox 1FICHIER [Hidden Content] UPTOBOX [Hidden Content] TORRENT [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi guys. I'm really curious as to why this game doesn't have a dump yet when Revelations 1's dump is everywhere and the two games are released together. I looked everywhere for it but all I found is the dump for the first game. Would really appreciate a dump, but now I suspect that it might not even be possible given how there's no dump yet. In that case I would really want to know what's preventing it from happening. Thanks a lot!
  9. mmmniple

    Dump 1 2 Switch and/or tutorial

    Hello,i am very interesting on have a romfs dump of 1 2 switch for reseaching about joycon's hd rumble. i own the game,if someone could upload it (or create a guide hotwo for make it myself would be great) Thanks