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Found 12 results

  1. So, I've gotten almost every game, TV series or textbook I've set out to hunt down; I'd say I'm a pretty experienced pirate and have lots of ways of finding information. Then I came across a Flash game I wanted to download, and I figured that out too (Moon Waltz, in this case). However, when going through a "90's kid phase" where I downloaded some old stuff, I decided I wanted to download the Cartoon Network flash game Courage the Cowardly Dog: Creep TV; this one, despite looking it up on multiple different sites and trying multiple different methods on multiple different browsers, I have failed for a month to download. Any other experienced pirates got any tips?
  2. First go download uTikDownloadHelper.exe [hide][Hidden Content]] Save it in a new folder on your desktop or cut/paste the exe into a new folder on your desktop. You can name the folder whatever you want. Next, download ANY tik for any game you would like, ...that matches your console's region (usa, eur, jap) Right click the .tik file and hit open with... Then choose default program. Now hit browse, click desktop. find the folder you have uTikDownloadHelper stored in and select the exe. (MAKE SURE "Always use this program" is selected) Now hit ok... It will ask to select a folder, hit make a new folder and name it after the game you want. Now Every time you click a tik file you downloaded here, uTikDownloadHelper will automatically start up, ask you to select a folder and download everything you need to install... directly from Nintendo!! No more megaupload, no more rars, no more waiting for someone to upload the whole game when you have tiks and most of all, SAFE files to install..
  3. So im super new to Darkumbra and im trying super hard to understand how to reveal hidden content. I looked all over online for a video for a better understanding but there seems to be none. Can you pretty please make it easier to understand in away for rookies like me to understand?
  4. A Questions forum is set up to allow members to ask the community for help on any given topic. Ask a Question, and wait for Answers. Answers can be rated by up-voting or down-voting them. Answers with higher ratings appear at the top. This allows other members to participate by up-voting Answers they believe are correct or helpful. The "Best Answer" feature allows others to quickly see that your question has been answered satisfactorily and will allow other Questions to take higher priority in the Help & Support forum. Please mark the "Best Answer" when you no longer need help with the issue. If you have sorted out your own issue please let us know by posting your own Answer and marking it as 'Best Answer'. The Questions forum displays a list of topics like any other forum, however it's slightly different in that it will show by default Questions with No "Best Answer" (or Popular Questions) at the top of the forum, and below will show by last post date as normal. Example: For an example topic, read the Question Example Topic - DarkUmbra Staff
  5. Hey guys! My USBLoaderGX was working normally, but after some time it started to ignore all games on my HDD, exept one - Super Mario Galaxy (Fully playable, my msot played game). All other games are not showing up at all. My boot IOS is set to 200 - my brother was playng with these settings and I DON'T LIKE WHEN HE'S PLAYNG WITH MY THINGS! That may be the case. Or no? Please help. I'm desperate. Thanks for replies.
  6. I downloaded the USA DLC but I have two problems: 1) I'm playing the PAL version, so could I get the DLC to work with it? Apparently you can if you use Loadiine and load it with Smash Bros instead of Mii Maker but I haven't been able to test this because of my next point. 2) If it does work, where do I put the folder I downloaded? The first folder is named "aoc0005000c1017d800" and every folder inside of that is named 001A, 001B, all the way to "F" and then it starts again at 002A and continues like that. With Smash Bros, I simply put an update folder in the same directory as the code, content and meta folders and I was good to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hey so i downloaded xenoblade chronicles through utikdownloader and installed through wup. installed haxchi , rednand etc. The issue i have is that whenever i try to play the game it goes to a black screen with Wii U on it. It then resets the wii u and i am brought back to my wii u homescreen. This issue does not occur when use Wii u games through utikdownloader. Am i doing something wrong or have i not done further things to play pirated wii games on the wii u? Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell me where to download assassin's Creed 3 for wii u a link will be perfect. Please help
  9. I have Wiiflow 4.2.1 installed on my usb hard drive for my wii, and I have all of the boxcovers for it on my SD card. I am having an issue with boxart loading extremely slowly, on any emulator plugin. On normal Wii games the boxart will load very well and fast, but whenever I switch to any emulation plugin the boxcovers so slow it takes about 10 secends to even load in 2 covers. At random moments though, the boxart on the plugins will load really fast, and then return to loading extremely slow in a matter of like 3 seconds. Also, some of my boxart on the plugins just refuse to load what-so-ever. At first I thought I didn't have the covers, but then I realized that they were were in the boxart directory on my SD card. One of the many which refused to load, was Super Mario World. I checked to see if the boxart was the exact same name as the rom, it was. I then checked to see what extension the rom was, in my case all of my roms including this one are .smc. So I checked if I had the .smc extension at the end of the boxart name, and it was there also. This wasn't only happening with Super Mario World, but it was happening with a majority of my roms. Any help would be greatly appreciated, for I have been trying to fix this for about 3 days now, and have made no progress, no have found anything online that has helped. Again, it would be fantastic if you could help in any way possible
  10. I am on android on the default internet browser and I literally can't find the button on where to click to start a new topic. please help me
  11. Hey guys! So yesterday I downloaded a few "packs" that contained N64 and SNES games! when I extract the .rar file I am left with 1 folder that has the name of the game and 2 subfolders named "code" & "content" but the folder itself doesn't have a title ID and when I put it in the games folder with all the other games it just doesn't show up on loadiine. tried moving it to the root folder and create a directory there named games but that didn't do anything either.. What am I to do? Tried searching for title id on gametdb but that didn't yield anything either.
  12. How does one properly use the features of a Questions style forum?