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Found 28 results

  1. RetroArch Core Package

    Hey y'all, I found this package of RetroArch cores for NS. Hope it gets you interested. [hide ] [Hidden Content] [/hide ] let me know if you're having some problem
  2. So far every game has been running properly but this one, i've tried disabling different plugins and applying the update but nothing seems to be getting it to work currently Details: It is nondprm and I do have the plugin installed The error that comes up is (C2-12828-1) Henkaku is properly installed. I'm also using sd2vita with the SD as my ux0. Your my only hope D=
  3. OpenBOR Latest (+GAMES)

    OpenBOR is the open source continuation of Beats of Rage, a Streets of Rage tribute game originally developed by Senile Team. In the years since it has grown into arguably the single most powerful two dimensional sprite based engine in the world and certainly the most versatile. While intended to allow creation of side scrolling beat em’ ups like Double Dragon or Final Fight, the engine is also capable of replicating Shumps, RPGs, platformers and the like. A built in scripting engine allows authors to take it even further, making imagination the only real limit. INSTRUCTIONS: Extract OPENBor to the root directory of your SD card. Move PAK file(s) into PAK folder located inside of app/OpenBOR/PAK/ ENJOY APP DOWNLOAD: [hide][Hidden Content]] GAMES: [hide][Hidden Content]] The games are archived in .7z format. Extract to get the games out. CHANNEL WAD: [hide][Hidden Content]] PLEASE HIT THANKS TO REVEAL THE DOWNLOAD LINKS!
  4. Hey guys. I made the process described here. It's all working fine, but sometimes the wii u crash on a white screen after trying to load the Homebrew. To start and launch the Mocha CFW, I just point the browser to loadiine.ovh but I would like to have an option to point to my computer (running MAMP on my LAN) to do that even if my internet become compromised. Were can I find the server files to Homebrew Launcher 1.4? Thanks and best!!!
  5. is there is a working way (not broken links) I can get "PAL" wii wads??? thx!!!
  6. After my last collection, I had quite a few enquiries about how to get Goomba (GBC/GB Emulator for GBA) working in GBA Injection and it seems people have a fair bit of difficulties getting it to work. I will say, it's not particularly hard, just a bit boring/time consuming. There is no magical way to get them done outside of the ways described in tutorials. Anyway, with this in mind and considering there aren't that many done..... I put together a collection of Goomba Color Injects that should keep you busy for a while. *L&R allows you to access the emulation settings (handy to change screen flicker etc) *Using the Virtual Console's save state feature is pretty much a must. *Putting loads of these on your SD Card at once and changing them over and over will cause loadiine to crash. D; Password [Hidden Content] Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Games List Angry Birds Collection (PocketNes) (Bootleg) Another Bible (English Translation) (J) Azure Dreams (E) Batman Of The Future - Return Of The Joker (E) Beatmania GB - Gotcha Mix 2 (J) Beatmania GB (J) Beatmania GB2 - Gotcha Mix (J) BladeBuster (PocketNes) (Homebrew) (J) [Developer Homepage] Bomberman Quest (E) Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Operation Carrots (E) Bust-A-Move 4 (U) Bust-A-Move Millennium (U) Cannon Fodder (E) Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 (E) Cave Noire (English Translation) (J) Chase HQ - Secret Police (E) Chu Chu Rocket (PocketNes) (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Classic Bubble Bobble (E) Colin McRae Rally (E) Columns GB - Tezuka Osamu Edition (J) Conker's Pocket Tales (E) Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U) D Pad Hero I & II (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Daikatana (E) Daisenryaku (English Translation) (J) Dance Dance Revolution GB - Disney Mix (J) Dance Dance Revolution GB (J) Denki Blocks (E) Dikki Painguin in TKO for the Third Reich (PocketNes) (Homebrew) Dragon Warrior I & II (U) Dragon Warrior III (U) DynaMike (E) (Proto) Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (U) Elevator Action EX (E) Evolution - Eternal Dungeons (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U) Faselei! (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U) Final Fantasy VII (PocketNes) (Bootleg) (English Translation) Flappy Bird (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Gex 3 - Deep Pocket Gecko (E) Glory of Heracles - The Snap Story (English Translation) (J) God Medicine - Hukkoku Ban (English Translation) (J) Grandia - Parallel Trippers (English Translation) (J) Harvest Moon 2 GBC (E) Holy Hell (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Hype - The Time Quest (E) International Track & Field (E) Konami GB Collection Vol 1-4 (E) Lufia - The Legend Returns (E) Luminesweeper (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Mario Golf (E) Mario Tennis (E) Megaman Xtreme I & II (U) Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II (English Translation) (J) Metal Gear Solid - Ghost Babel (E) Oddworld Adventures II (E) Penta Dragon (English Translation) (J) Perfect Dark (E) Pokemon Green (English Translation) (J) Pokemon Silver (U) Pokemon Trading Card Game (E) Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 (English Translation) (J) Pokemon Yellow (U) Rayman I & II (E) Resident Evil Gaiden (E) Shantae (U) Sonic The Hedgehog (Proof Of Concept) [Developer Homepage] SteinsGate 8-Bit (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams (E) Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (E) Tales of Phantasia - Narikiri Dungeon (Very Basic English Patch) (J) The Legend Of Zelda - Oracle Of Ages (E) The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons (E) Vulkanon (Homebrew) [Developer Homepage] Wario Land II (U) Wario Land III (U)
  7. Patching Smash 4 disk with DLC

    I was wondering if there was an easier way of playing the Smash 4 DLC other than downloading a copy and playing through loadiine as I don't want to constantly have to keep going to homebrew in order to play it? I've seen the downloads for the DLC but the method always end in failure even when using SDcafiine in supposedly the right way.
  8. Dark Umbra Theme for Nintendont MasterMod This was made by me.. NOTE: This is for the MasterMod version only.. Descriptions: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Wood R4 for R4i Gold 3DS v1.64 This was made by Yellow Wood Goblin.. Game Description: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Nintendont Themes and Custom Mods These themes were made by Abz.. Other things were made by other people.. Special thanks to JoostinOnline for updating Nintendont to let this happen.. NEW - Hot: Added 16 Gradient Themes for Nintendont App NEW: Added disable HDD pinging by enabling OSREPORT, default timer set to 2 mins NEW: Added Segaboot bios download for Triforce games Major update! Nintendont Master Mod can download these themes: 16 Nintendont App Light Themes: 16 Nintendont Gradient Themes: 16 Loader Themes with Progress Bars: Here's my Dark Umbra Nintendont Theme: Since many new themes get added periodically, you can get the removed themes here: If you want a pack of themes, please get them here: It also has an online internal updater.. For first time users or to manually install the latest mod download it from here: Source Patch: To manually update the backgrounds or to use your custom ones: Recommended USB Loaders: WiiFlow 1076 Mod: USB Loader GX 1234 DS3-WUP Default-GUI Mod: USB Loader GX 1234 DS3-WUP Tabs-GUI Mod: USB Loader GX 1243: CFG USB Loader rev 71 Taiwan: CFG USB Loader rev 70/78: CFG USB Loader Mod rev 70.78.8 by Nitraiolo: Other Stuff: And the source code: Special thanks to send0r for keeping this updated to the latest Nintendont version.
  11. This tool was made by Grhum909.. NOTE: You need to have Java installed to use this.. Screenshots: Descriptions: Download Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. [MF/MEGA] Goblin's Cube

    Goblin's Cube This homebrew game was made by Sponters.. Game Description: Controls: Cube: Movement: Rotating Faces: Buttons: Left Hand: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. [MF/MEGA] Tick Tock Boat Race

    Tick Tock Boat Race This homebrew game was made by ThatOtherPerson.. Videos: Game Description: Covers: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. [MF/MEGA] FridgeMagnets

    This homebrew app was made by Titmouse.. Videos: Screenshots: Game Description: Covers: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Abe's Amazing Adventure Wii This game was made by Psiko.. Screenshots: Game Description: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Priiloader HDE

    This tool was made by JoostinOnline, DacoTaco and Crediar. Description:
  17. [MF/MEGA] TetWiis

    TetWiis This homebrew game was made by Pembo.. Videos: Screenshots: Game Description: Credits: Controls: Classic Controller: In Game Controls: Classic Controller: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. [MF/MEGA] UFO Racer

    UFO Racer This homebrew game was made by ThatOtherPerson.. Videos: Game Description: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. [MF/MEGA] Tick Tock Car Race

    Tick Tock Car Race This homebrew game was made by ThatOtherPerson.. Videos: Game Description: Covers: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. Tick Tock Tank Fight This homebrew game was made by ThatOtherPerson.. Game Description: Covers: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Tick Tock Zombie Shooter This homebrew game was made by ThatOtherPerson.. Videos: Game Description: Covers: Controls: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. [MF/MEGA] Multi Mod Manager

    Made By Wiiwu, Icon Above made by JoostinOnline (app comes with different icon but you can replace it, it's easy and you can figure it out.) Features: Descriptions: Covers: Cover #2: Cover #3: Cover #4: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Sony has taken PSP game Everybody's Tennis down from the PSN store following reports that the Vita-compatible release allows pirates access to the console through an exploit. MotorStorm Arctic Edge was also recently removed from the store, prompting speculation that it was for the same reasons. PlayStation hackers have claimed that both titles allow a software trick to be used that gives access to the handheld's core functionality. As pointed out by homebrew blogger W.Ololo, however, the authors of the hack claim that it only allows users to run homebrew games and cannot be used to play pirated PSP or Vita releases. The letter, in which the creator details the hack, is actually pretty hilarious. [Hidden Content] source:edge via Wololonet
  24. PepXL's USB Loader GX Themed Forwarders Here's a collection of forwarders themed after the official USB Loader GX Forwarder. These weren't made by me, they were made by PepXL. They are all animated, but I haven't had time to shoot vids for all these, so I upped some Dolphin Screenshots. I just thought this was a decent collection worth sharing, so I updated all the forwarding sources, and changed out their titles to match GameTDB! Also note, that if you use any of my forwarders/channels, all the title ID's match for the same apps/emulators so they can be easily overwritten! No uninstalling, just installing over the old forwarder. It's nice if you like to swap out your channels every once in awhile, but don't like re-arranging everything. I can swap out my entire DU forwarder collection for my 2nd Edition forwarders, to these here PepXL forwarders, to my regular forwarders without having to re-arrange anything! See spoilers for additional info and download links. Update 09-24-14: Updated all forwarders to Fix94's v14 forwarding source, except for WiiEngine, which still used the v11 dollz only source. Update 12-25-11: I have started making a few more forwarders to match this theme. Today I have added forwarders for The HBC, and WiiMC. Also added a CFG USB Loader forwarder with updated logo's. They are not yet added to the all-inclusive .rar file, so grab 'em seperately for the moment! Check out my other forwarder threads: Forwarder v14 Source Features: -Uses WiiXplorer as a forwarder base -NTFS, FAT32, ext2, ext3 and ext4 partition support -IOS58 for USB 2.0 speed -Can load from USB and SD -Can load dol, dollz and elf files -meta.xml arguments support All Forwarders Include the Following Paths: SD:/apps/????/boot.dol SD:/apps/????/boot.elf USB:/apps/????/boot.dol USB:/apps/????/boot.elf You can Download them all in one file here: [Hidden Content] Emulator Forwarders Nintendo Entertainment System - (FceuGX) Super Nintendo Entertainment System - (Snes9xGX) Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Cover Flow- (Snes9xGX) Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance - (vbaGX) Nintendo 64 - (Wii64) Sega Master System - (SMSPlus) Sega Genesis - (GenPlusGX) PC Engine - (WiiEngine) Loaders CFG USB Loader CFG USB Loader 2 (Updated Icon & Banner Logo's) CoverFloader GameCube Backup Launcher Channel Gecko OS Loader NeoGamma uLoader WiiFlow HBC Apps FTPii Homebrew Browser HBC MPlayer-CE Multi-Mod Manager Priiloader Sneek2 SoftChip TriiForce Wad Manager 1.7 Channel WiiEarth WiiMC WiiRadio WiiXplorer Please Hit the "Like" Button if you Dig This!
  25. The "DU Brew Channel" Dark Umbra has taken over the Homebrew Channel!!! -Introducing the "DU Brew Channel"- (Also included my DU HBC theme, there's a preview of it at the end of the forwarder vid) Info: -Title ID: ZD51 -Forwards to HBC v1.0.7 - v1.1.0 -IOS 58 required! To Install: -Install with your favorite wad manager. -After installing, you will have 2 HBC on your wii menu, Just move the original Homebrew Channel into a corner somewhere. Don't delete your original Homebrew Channel!!! If you do, you will have to re-install it! Here's the forwarder: (Don't delete your original HB Channel!!!!) [Hidden Content] Here's the theme: (extract to "sd(usb)/apps/" and install via HB channel) [Hidden Content] Check out my other forwarder threads: Please hit the "Like" button if you dig this, Thanks!