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Found 145 results

  1. This is a collection of my personally ripped 1:1 original PS3 .iso files, few hard to find undubs or translations and just other .iso-format PS3 games. The 1:1 .iso files include the PS3 system update and should match against corresponding .ird file. I made these, because some scene releases are very VERY bad in quality (missing files, corrupted files, extra files (such as Thumbs.db)). I will always state on the game individually if it has been slightly modified (e.g. removing a ridiculous 9 GB padding file in one LEGO game). The two posts after this will be updated with games from time to time. I can't guarantee anything though. You'll encourage and support me to upload more if you use the links without AdBlock enabled. Password for all download links is: [Hidden Content] I used a handy website with .ird-files (IRD Library): [hide][Hidden Content]] along with PS3 ISO Rebuilder from that same site to verify .iso-files. Do note that some .ird-files are made with scene releases so they are not accurate!
  2. Update: I had to remove the collection due to it being over 1fichier filesize storage quota. I have no plans atm to reupload or renew my 1fichier premium due to the costs associated. My apologies. I wanted to remove my topics but apparently that is not an option.
  3. Title ID SLES53414 Size 980 MB uncompressed DL (603 MB): [Hidden Content] First things first: Yes, NTSC 60Hz support is there. So I stumbled upon a Russian fan-translated and undubbed version of the game – the undub was a bit incomplete but the game's archive was expanded nicely, which made it a breeze to restore the English language back and re-inject the Japanese dub, while also fixing every problematic voice clip along the way via some good ol' relinking and a little bit of silence trimming. Thanks to the ViT Company guys for their fan-translation and preliminary undub that made this undub a relatively easy one to make. I gutted all the bloat from the iso along with the 50Hz versions of intro and ending FMVs, so make sure to start the game in a 60Hz mode. Up-to-date widescreen solutions for the European version of the game: How to obtain the link:
  4. Title ID SLUS21344 Size 2.93 GB uncompressed DL (1.66 GB): [Hidden Content] Made from scratch, 100% undubbed. Unfortunately, the Japanese lip sync data wasn't restored. There's no other action-adventure game quite like this one, give it a try if you haven't yet. How to obtain the link:
  5. swosho

    Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update 2019-12-26 Restored the title screen song and squashed the remaining English sfx voice clips. Title ID SCUS97501 Size 2.2 GB uncompressed DL (1.5 GB): [Hidden Content] 100% undubbed. The videos are soft subbed. I'll pick NTSC over PAL50 any day, but I still kind of wanted to undub the European version instead. How to obtain the link:
  6. Download the Ultraman game for the PlayStation 2 console ISO format 1 link by MEGA Ultraman for PS2 Technical Sheet Format: ISO Region: NTSC-J Language: (Japanese) Platform: PlayStation 2 Weight: 600 MB Server: MEGA [Hidden Content]
  7. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Beta 6 Ps2 ISO Lat MF Download the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Beta 6 game in Latin Spanish and Spanish Spain for the PlayStation 2 console in ISO format 1 link by MEGA INFORMATION This is not an official version is a mod for the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 in which the sagas and characters of Dragon Ball super are added, therefore it will be constantly updated to be adding characters, dubbing, fighting, arenas, with form the project progresses, and the dubbing into Latin Spanish, and Spanish Spain. This project is being developed by BoinBoinChoc. Format: ISO Region: NTSC Language: (Audio in Latin Spanish) Platform: PlayStation 2 Weight: 2.10 GB - 1 Link Last update: 01/11/2019 BETA 6.6.6 [Hidden Content]
  8. Red Dead Redemption Game of The Year Edition RF XBOX360 Erlebe eine epische Reise durch den todgeweihten Westen. Als Bundesagenten seine Familie bedrohen, muss der frühere Outlaw John Marston wieder zu den Waffen greifen und eine Bande von Verbrechern jagen, die einst seine Freunde waren. Erlebe die mit mehr als 160 „Spiel des Jahres“-Awards ausgezeichnete Reise Marstons durch die endlosen Weiten des amerikanischen Westens und Mexikos, während der er verzweifelt versucht, seine blutige Vergangenheit zu begraben und sich und seiner Familie eine Zukunft zu sichern. Region: RF FSK: ab 18 Jahren Languages: EN IT FR ES DE Untertitel: EN IT FR ES DE Größe: ca. 12,49 GB Format: ISO Hoster: Share-Online, Uploaded, Oboom Share-Online [Hidden Content] Uploaded [Hidden Content] OBOOM [Hidden Content]
  9. Enjoy my list of FULL, untouched, unripped, PSP games. 100% pure for the best gameplay performance. No shrunken in-game media files, no compression, just raw awesomeness fresh out the oven. The list consists of 3 parts. An ISO list of games, PSX games converted for the PSP, and PSP Minis games. Please enjoy! Please don't forget to say thanks or +REP me if you use my uploads. ISO/CSO SET # [Hidden Content] A [Hidden Content] B [Hidden Content] C [Hidden Content] D [Hidden Content] E F [Hidden Content] G [Hidden Content] H [Hidden Content] I J [Hidden Content] K [Hidden Content] L [Hidden Content] M [Hidden Content] N [Hidden Content] O P [Hidden Content] Q R [Hidden Content] S [Hidden Content] T [Hidden Content] U [Hidden Content] V [Hidden Content] W [Hidden Content] X Y [Hidden Content] Z [Hidden Content] PSX SET [Hidden Content] minis SET [Hidden Content]
  10. Schmere

    Rayman Legends iMARS XBOX360

    Rayman Legends iMARS XBOX360 Rayman, Jump’n’Run-Spiel des Jahres und Gewinner zahlreicher künstlerischer und musikalischer Preise, erscheint mit einem neuen Abenteuer. Michel Ancel, der gefeierte Schöpfer von Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil und den Raving Rabbids widmet seine innovative Kreativität jetzt auch diesem neuen, aufregenden System. Region: Region Free FSK: ab 6 Jahren Languages: EN DE IT FR ES PL DÄ NO Untertitel: EN DE IT FR ES PL DÄ NO Größe: ca. 7,47 GB Format: ISO Hoster: Share-Online Share-Online [Hidden Content]
  11. [hide][Hidden Content]] Download Complete: [right-click] extract. done enjoy!
  12. Title ID SLUS21471 Size 934 MB uncompressed DL (584 MB): [Hidden Content] Some compromises had to be made for this one, though I'm still happy how it turned out despite the constraints I had to work with. Notes: ※ 49 lines had to be left mute, 48 Japanese voice clips didn't carry over to this undub. ※ There is a single instance of one of the characters delivering another character's lines (near the beginning of the game). ※ Rest assured, the undub has been tailored well to hide most of the imperfections. ※ I took the liberty to un-invert the camera controls. How to obtain the link:
  13. Title ID SLUS21779 Size 2.9 GB uncompressed DL (1.5 GB): [Hidden Content] Note: Apart from resolution, the FMV quality is PS1-grade in this game, so be mentally prepared for that. How to obtain the link:
  14. No rips, no trimming, no scrubbing. [Hidden Content]
  15. swosho

    Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Title ID SLUS20810 Size 860 MB uncompressed DL (560 MB): [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ The opening video is hardsubbed now, since you can't even watch it with soft captions until after beating the first level. *I goofed, the "I'm not so stupid to be done in by a puppet" line should've been: "I'm not a fool to be defeated by a puppet" to be more in line with Hibana's no-nonse ninja-talk, sorry about that oversight. ※ I also took the liberty to un-invert the camera controls. ※ Shinobi – a prequel to this game, is dual audio natively. How to obtain the link:
  16. A Agatha.Christie.The.ABC.Murders.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Alien.Isolation.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Angry.Birds.Star.Wars.XBOXONE Arslan.The.Warriors.of.Legend.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Assassins.Creed.Chronicles.Trilogy.Pack.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Assassins.Creed.IV.Black.Flag.XBOXONE Assassins.Creed.Syndicate.XBOXONE ASSASSINS.CREED.UNITY.XBOXONE B Back.to.the.Future.The.Game.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Batman.Arkham.Knight.XBOXONE Battlefield.4.XBOXONE Battlefield.Hardline.XBOXONE BLADESTORM.Nightmare.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Brothers.A.Tale.of.Two.Sons.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox C Call.of.Duty.Advanced.Warfare.XBOXONE Call.Of.Duty.Black.Ops.III.XBOXONE Call.of.Duty.Ghosts.XBOXONE-COMPLEX Crimes.and.Punishments.Sherlock.Holmes.XBOXONE D Dark.Souls.2.Scholar.of.the.First.Sin.XBOXONE Dark.Souls.III.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Darksiders.II.Deathinitive.Edition.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Dead.or.Alive.5.Last.Round.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Dead.Rising.2.HD.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Dead.Rising.3.Day.One.Edition.XBOXONE Dead.Rising.HD.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Deadpool.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Destiny.XBOXONE Diablo.III.Reaper.of.Souls.Ultimate.Evil.Edition.XBOXONE Disney.Fantasia.Music.Evolved.XBOXONE Disney.Infinity.2.0.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Disney.Infinity.3.0.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Divinity.Original.Sin.Enhanced.Edition.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox DmC.Devil.May.Cry.Definitive.Edition.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox DOOM.USA.XBOXONE Dragon.Age.Inquisition.XBOXONE Dragon.Ball.XenoVerse.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox Duck.Dynasty.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox DYING.LIGHT.XBOXONE Dynasty.Warriors.8.Empires.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox E EA.Sports.UFC.XBOXONE K Killer.Instinct.Combo.Breaker.Pack.XBOXONE F FALLOUT.4.XBOXONE FAR.CRY.4.XBOXONE Far.Cry.Primal.XBOXONE FIFA.14.XBOXONE FIFA.15.XBOXONE Fighter.Within.XBOXONE Final.Fantasy.Type.0.HD.USA.XBOXONE-BigBlueBox FORZA.HORIZON.2.XBOXONE Forza.Motorsport.5.XBOXONE FORZA.MOTORSPORT.6.XBOXONE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Hidden Content]
  17. BanjoKazooie644

    Anyone Have The Mario Kart Arcade GP ISO?

    It seems that the ISO file for Mario Kart Arcade GP has disappeared from the face of the Earth. Does anyone have the ISO file that works on Wii using Nintendon't.
  18. Update: I had to remove the collection due to it being over 1fichier filesize storage quota. I have no plans atm to reupload or renew my 1fichier premium due to the costs associated. My apologies. I wanted to remove my topics but apparently that is not an option.
  19. [Hidden Content]
  20. rafaelbrx

    WWE 2K17

    Release: October 11, 2016 Genre: Sports » Individual » Combat » Wrestling Language: EN, ES, FR, GE, IT Region: Free Format: ISO Welcome to Suplex City, courtesy of cover Superstar Brock Lesnar! WWE 2K17 arrives as the reigning and defending flagship WWE video game franchise champion! WWE 2K17 features stunning graphics, ultra-authentic gameplay and a massive roster of WWE and NXT's popular Superstars and Legends. Immersive Gameplay & More Experience the most authentic WWE gameplay ever, featuring thousands of new moves and animations, backstage and in-arena brawling, and the biggest roster of WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends to date. Powerful Creation Suite Create and develop your custom WWE Universe with the deepest Creation Suite to date, featuring new options such as Create a Video, Create a Victory and a Highlight Replay system. New features and additional content allow you to customize the most amazing Superstars, Arenas, and Championships. MyCAREER and WWE Universe with New Promo Engine The all-new Promo Engine brings the drama and personality of the WWE Superstars to life in MyCAREER and WWE Universe modes. Choose your words wisely and smack talk your opponents, start rivalries or form alliances. Your dialogue will shape your characters as they rise through the ranks of NXT and WWE to become WWE Hall of Famers! Soundtrack by Sean Diddy Combs aka Puff Daddy Enjoy a star-studded soundtrack featuring the top names in the music industry, such as Twenty One Pilots, French Montana and Black Sabbath, curated by Executive Soundtrack Producer Sean Diddy Combs aka Puff Daddy! Download (8.1GB) [hide][Hidden Content]] .dvd (62Bytes) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. rafaelbrx

    Galactic Crew

    Release: September 29, 2017 Genre: Action » General Format: ISO Size: 1.6 GB Galactic Crew is a roguelike sci-fi game that takes place in a galaxy far away. You start the game as a captain of a small spaceship, with only a few crew members and limited resources. During your journey through outer space, you will meet merchants, miners, scientists and notorious pirates. You will need to trade goods and resources to upgrade your ship and to get better equipment for you and your crew. Equip your ship with a teleporter to explore different types of planets and underground dungeons. Talk with scientists about their work, trade with merchants, rescue… Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz Memory: 4096 MB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 5000 MB available space Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Update 42 (39 MB) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. rafaelbrx


    Release Date: 30 May, 2019 Genre: Adventure Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Simplified Format: ISO Size: 4.6 GB Update Size: 4.1 GB From the studio that brought you Dreamfall Chapters, and the creative team behind The Longest Journey and The Secret World, comes a first-person psychological mystery set in 1920s Norway. The year is 1923. You play Edward Charles Harden, an American traveller who’s come to Norway to find his missing sister. But you’re not alone: at every step of the way, Edward’s accompanied by his ward, Lissie; a gregarious, independent and enigmatic young woman. Together, you must explore this scenic coastal community — nestled amongst the fjords and mountains of rural Norway — in your search for Edward’s sister, and unearth the darkness that lies beneath the picturesque surface. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Minimum: • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) • Processor: Intel Core i5 • Memory: 6 GB RAM • Graphics: GeForce GTX 670/AMD HD 7870 2GB VRAM • DirectX: Version 11 • Storage: 10 GB available space • Sound Card: Yes Recommended: • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) • Processor: Intel Core i7 • Memory: 8 GB RAM • Graphics: 4GB VRAM • DirectX: Version 12 • Storage: 10 GB available space • Sound Card: Yes Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Draugen Update v1.1-CODEX [hide][Hidden Content]]