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Found 9 results

  1. Muy importante: Descargar los juegos del enlace de más abajo (Los cuales están adaptados a los núcleos de RetroArch), los que tienen instalados en el PC no son 100% compatibles. El video tutorial se realizó con la versión 1.6.7 de RetroArch y con el control clásico de Wii. Descargar RetroArch desde la página oficial: [Hidden Content] Juegos adaptados y funcionando al 100% (MAME, CPS1, CPS2, NEO-GEO, y otros) en el siguiente enlace: [Hidden Content]
  2. SDLMame-Wii & RetroArch-Wii v14 Forwarders The SDLMame-Wii forwarder was created from scratch by Close2Insanity. I love that forwarder, and wanted one that kind of matched for RetroArch, so I also re-skinned it and made a RetroArch-Wii forwarder. They both use Fix94's v14 source, and forward to both sd and usb. IOS 58 required! SDLMame-Wii Forwards to: sd/apps/sdlmame-wii/boot.dol sd/apps/sdlmame-wii/boot.elf usb/apps/sdlmame-wii/boot.dol usb/apps/sdlmame-wii/boot.elf RetroArch-Wii Forwards to: sd/apps/retroarch-wii/boot.dol sd/apps/retroarch-wii/boot.elf usb/apps/retroarch-wii/boot.dol usb/apps/retroarch-wii/boot.elf [Hidden Content] Please hit the "Like" button if you download these, thanks!
  3. The tutorial is in Spanish. But I have placed subtitles so they can enable automatic translation on YouTube 😉 The links to download the roms and core in the description of the video. Greetings.
  4. SDLMame-Wii Forwarder: Simpson's Arcade Edition I had a request for a Simpson's themed M.A.M.E. forwarder, and it turned out decent so I thought I'd share it. Vid is kinda crappy, I'll shoot a better one when I get time. Forwarder v14 Source Features: -Uses WiiXplorer as a forwarder base -NTFS, FAT32, ext2, ext3 and ext4 partition support -IOS58 for USB 2.0 speed -Can load from USB and SD -Can load dol, dollz and elf files -meta.xml arguments support Info & Download: Please Hit the "Like" button if you dig this!
  5. Nuevo tutorial. Todo lo necesario en la descripción del video.
  6. That's right folks, MAME is up to version 6 now and apparently running perfect. Give it a try...... [Hidden Content] EDIT Updated to Version 1.0
  7. Wii Homebrew Dev ToadKing has let loose his latest creation called the MAME Wii v1.0. Updates include a completely rewritten interface and better controllers. [Hidden Content]
  8. UME, MESS, and MAME with QMC2 (Front End) and ROMs NOTE: A Front End is basically a GUI.. Guide to set up QMC2: Descriptions: QMC2: MESS: MAME: Download Here: UME: [hide][Hidden Content]] MESS And MAME: [hide][Hidden Content]] MESS 0.151 BIOS ROM Collection: [hide][Hidden Content]] MESS 0.150 EXTRAs Collection: [hide][Hidden Content]] MAME 0.151 ROMs: [hide][Hidden Content]] You can get some of the other MESS And MAME Things Here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. irrelevant_pelican

    A Full Mame Rom set

    Hello, I am new to using Mame. I have been having a very hard time because the Mame roms I find never seem to match up to the version of the Mame program I have. My current solution is to download EVERY version of Mame i can find, and try each rom on each version. This is super tedious. I'm hoping there exists a FULL COMPLETE set of ALL roms for ONE particular version of Mame. For example- a full Mame rom set that works perfectly well and is compatible with Mame .166. Does such a thing exist? There has to be an easier way. Thank you. Any advice is appreciated.