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Found 34 results

  1. This version is for USB Loaders only. If you have the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl Disc, and want to use that instead, you can download that version here: [Hidden Content] This hack was made by TheytahK.. Hackless Installation: Dolphin Installation: Other Notes: Covers: Download Here: Note: Download both parts and copy each one as you would with a regular game. The game's so big that it's split into two parts.. It might be slow to download for some of you, but it's worth the wait if it takes a while.. Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Title ID: RQREXJ DL (3.68 GB, wbfs): [hide][Hidden Content]] Another simple copy-and-paste job. I've no clue how no one bothered to make an undub for this game until now. No stray English lines were left over, as well as no mute lines were brought in, and the speech matches the subtitles rather well throughout. As a cherry on top of it, the anime FMVs are softsubbed, so they should also play fine with the usual European languages too.
  3. DL (539 MB, cso): [hide][Hidden Content]] The undub that's been floating around until now have only the battle voices undubbed, the anime cutscenes remain raw unsubbed. This is an attempt at getting the cutscenes subtitled. I have very little confidence both in my English and Japanese, so I've decided to play it safe and make a transcription of the English videos' script and cook the subtitles based on that (though I'm already kind of regretting that decision). In case you want to make your own twist on these subtitles, here you go. This whole sub job was inspired by relatively recent similar addendums to the undubs of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Jeanne d'Arc. If you recall any other PSP games that need to be subtitled or need to have their videos' audio tracks swapped for the Japanese ones – let me know. Any criticism is welcomed! If you'd like to see how the subs are styled: 
  4. DL (291 MB, cso): [hide][Hidden Content]] Replaced the FMVs' audio tracks, intro & credits, and a single tiny audio bank. I also relinked everything regarding the German, French, Spanish and Italian languages, since they're massive bloat.
  5. Straight up copy-and-paste kind of an undub, but it works perfectly fine, except for a stray English line at the beginning of a first cutscene. Hopefully, will be able to actually fix that sometime later. DL (404MB): [hide][Hidden Content]] If you have a EU version of the game: delete reAddcont folder, rename PCSE00015 folder to PCSB00049.
  6. NA (En, Fr, Sp) 0004000000036800 CTR-ADLE DL (1.27 GB): [Hidden Content] EU (En, Fr, Sp, Ge, It) 0004000000056200 CTR-ADLP DL (1.32 GB): [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ There are three dozens of the story and side quests' related silent lines, which were all voiced in English originally but they're just minor cases of the padded script that can't be addressed in any better way because they have no Japanese equivalents. A drop in an ocean, considering the sheer amount of voiced lines in this game but it is what it is. ※ The western release of the game has some minor events voiced while making other minor events non-voiced. Sadly, all of those are silent now. In all fairness though, they don't add up to much. ※ Few of the splits may sound a bit rough. Obligatory: Don't skip the side quests – pretty much all the character development and nearly half of the game's script are buried there. If you've encountered any bugs related to this undub or noticed some oversights on my part, please let me know and I'll try to resolve the issue ASAP.
  7. x9dw66

    Reinx 2.4 Problem Solution

    Hello guys i think is my first ever post on a forum in my 30 years of life but yeah as you are aware reinx 2.4 has been released to run with 8.1.0 i did download the files but there seemed to be something not quite working. anyway i was on the gba website and found a link with the fixed reinx 2.4 files, installed them and everything will be back to normal for you im just helping you guys out, im sure others prob knew the fix but for the people that didnt [Hidden Content]
  8. DL (698 MB, cso): [hide][Hidden Content]] If you're like me and could not power through this game due to below-average or often straight-up poor voice acting, then this release is for you. US release of the game lacks the voiced short narration intro and a sparse dozen or so voice clips spread through the story, yet instead it kind of oddly have a hand over KO/JP versions of the game, in a way – almost every important story sequence is fully voiced, which would be great if said voice acting wasn't piss poor. This is not a restoration of the Japanese/Korean voice clips that were lost in localisation, I just replaced OP+ED and all of the battle voices/grunts for the Japanese ones and completely removed US-exclusive lengthy voice acting from story sequences. I wish I could restore the original voice clips but I was unable to reencrypt .as files to see if modding them would even work. I may or may not return later to make the possible restoration part of this undub happen. Please comment if there's any issues with this undub.
  9. Larsenv

    [MF/MEGA] Multi Mod Manager

    Made By Wiiwu, Icon Above made by JoostinOnline (app comes with different icon but you can replace it, it's easy and you can figure it out.) Features: Descriptions: Covers: Cover #2: Cover #3: Cover #4: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]] MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Professor Layton and the Curious Village (U) [UNDUB] [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Curious Village (E) [UNDUB] [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (U) [UNDUB] [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (E) [UNDUB] [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (U) [UNDUB] (AP-patched) [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Lost Future (E) [UNDUB] (AP-patched) [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Last Specter (U) [UNDUB] (AP-patched) [hide][Hidden Content]] Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call (E) [UNDUB] (AP-patched) [hide][Hidden Content]] Notes: ※ FMV scenes weren't localized too faithfully, so be prepared for poorly timed and sometimes borderline made-up subs. It is possible to edit the FMV subs and even VN-style sequences' script with the Kuriimu (or even Tinke, to some extent). Regardless, I won't be attempting any kind of edits, since my English is too poor for that kind of task. ※ Unwound Future / Last Specter — There was no good way to address cases of the padded localized script and straight-up altered scenes/characters, so the extra localized lines with no Japanese equivalents are now voiceless and the altered localized stuff left as-is with the "mismatched" Japanese dub. Rest assured, the dub has been tailored to avoid goofed up lines like that as much as possible. Besides those, almost every instance of the shuffled sentences has been dealt with too. ※ Diabolical Box / Unwound Future / Last Specter — Few minor Japanese lines didn't make it to the localized versions since there were no English* equivalents for those. Mostly grunts or the stuff that was cut from the international releases. ※ You can easily port these undubs to European single-language versions of the games, any NDS ROM editor/repacker will do the trick. Simply replace all of the audio files in your ROMs with the ones from these undubs. Kudos to vergil2012 for confirming this.
  11. This hack makes a bevvy of dialogue changes to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The basic, no-frills mod fixes errors and oversights in the game’s script, and reverts changes made during the game’s localization (cola = alcohol, the whole business with Vivian’s gender, etc.) There is also an optional mod that adds some fun extras; a couple of gags from the Spanish localization are added to the mix, some of Vivian’s story-relevant dialogue has been tweaked, and much more. The “extras” .txt file in the zip details all of the changes, check it out and see if it strikes your fancy. Should you be so inclined, there is also a third mod included that updates certain enemies and items to make their appearances more in-line with the modern Mario games. Do note that these modernized textures are only visible in Dolphin, as they rely on Dolphin’s built-in texture swapping feature. The other two mods are primarily dialogue-based, however, and work just fine on a hacked Wii / Wii U. [Hidden Content]
  12. Full uncut gore + Japanese audio for both games. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus: you can apply this undub to European version of the game if you wish to do so, but you'll miss out on uncut gore. DL (782MB): [hide][Hidden Content]] Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus: this one is different due to it being a save "mod". Works with every region. Not mandatory but highly recommended to use it in conjunction with LOLIcon + VitaGrafix combo and 1st & 3rd person camera speed set to fast. DL (celan save, Japanese audio and full gore enabled): [hide][Hidden Content]] OG reddit post – if you want to read a short version on how this was achieved and how to make one yourself (stupid easy). If you're confused about what to do with this save or you already have a save with some progress on it but want to enable gore or Japanese audio, read here.
  13. The Legend of Yoshi This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by Yoshivert99. Screenshots: Game Description: Credits: Download Here: Mega: Regular Version: [hide][Hidden Content]] DLC Version: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by me, but most of the content came from other people. I give credit to those people. List of Everything This Game Includes: Game Description: Download Here: MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Guitar Hero III Customs in a Folder These games were uploaded by Clock, and these games were made by different people, and special credit goes to JJ-KwiK for sending me the links to these.. List of Games: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Puts Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! songs into the Switch Taiko game. All credit to EmEE @ [Hidden Content] I simply did the work of acquiring the game files for you If you're using SXOS make a folder sdcard:\sxos\titles\0100D9A005ED6000 and extract romfs folder here. If your using anything else its pretty much the same Updated with newest DLC. GAME VERSION 1.0.3 ONLY [Hidden Content] NEW HOTFIX: Fix missing songs. Same installation method (install on top of mod) [Hidden Content] song list in this ver: [Hidden Content] old ver
  17. Tested all the way through, works without an issue. Might help some poor soul who's just finished the undubbed SC to cope with SC2 being forever cancelled. DL (138 MB, cso): [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Scrubbed to fit on a single-layer DVD. USB Loading works too. Hit like, and enjoy.
  19. eatyerface

    [Wii] Standby Fan Hardmod

    Occasionally I had problems with my Wii overheating while in standby with wiiconnect24 turned on. I found this information while browsing the internet and wanted to share it with you guys. If you use riiconnect24 then this mod is for you. Otherwise just don't do this because it's not needed, just turn wiiconnect24 off in the settings. WARNING : I am not responsible if you attempt this and screw up. This will require some fairly simple soldering. If you are unsure if you can do it, have someone else do it for you. You can optionally connect the two contact points with a switch if you want to be able to cut the fan on or off instead of having it permanently on. How to keep your Wii from overheating Are you worried about your CPU or GPU overheating while your Wii is in standby? This can be caused by WiiConnect24 being turned on, causing the Wii to continue operating while it is turned off. Here is a simple solution to cool down your Wii in standby. This mod will keep the fan on at all times, when the Wii is on or off, provided WiiConnect24 is enabled. If WiiConnect24 is disabled, then the fan will stay off when in standby, because it is not needed. To turn your fan on in standby, simply solder a wire from TP49 to 5V. Both of these points are located on the bottom side of the motherboard. It is recommended to not use too thin of wire (26awg would be good). This mod is perfectly safe to do and because the fan is so silent, you will not even notice it.
  20. Ghostly Super Ghost Boos Wii This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by LOrbSheddy. Features: Screenshots: Story: Videos: By Superkingboo: Download Here: MEGA: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Larsenv

    [MF] Another Super Mario Bros. 2

    Another Super Mario Bros. 2 This hack was made by Skawo.. Videos: Game Description: Download Here: MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. BluShell Kart Wii You need the original Mario Kart Wii Disc in order to use this. You also need Riivolution. Please copy the apps folder from the Riivolution download to your USB Drive/SD Card, and also the game files folder from this download as well. Launch Riivolution from The Homebrew Channel with your original Mario Kart Wii Disc in the Wii U/Wii, and select what options you want to have when playing (if any). Then hit Launch, and it should then work. This mod was made by ThePrimalYoshi. Credits: Videos: Download Here: CTGP Revolution Version: Information: [hide][Hidden Content]] Patch Files for PAL and NTSC-J Games: Information: [hide][Hidden Content]] Regular Version: Information: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Larsenv

    [MF] Smash Bros. Infinite

    Smash Bros. Infinite You need the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl Disc to use this.. This hack was made By SecretChaos1, PhantomWings, And Nebulon.. Videos: Screenshots: Features: Download Here: NOTE: When you have extracted the ZIP File, open up the Codes folder. You should see four subfolders inside, and copy one of the GCTs to the Codes directly accordingly. Then delete the subfolders when the GCT you chose is in the root of the Codes directory. Basic - The default codelist setup for those familiar with loading smash mods through homebrew. Hackless - The same as basic however Stage Builder stages are disabled to prevent crashing with the Smash Stack exploit. SDHC Basic - Same as basic but with the SDHC support code. The Project M launcher or cios are required in order to make the SDHC code compatible. (The developer used d2x cios and it works fine) SDHC Hackless - Untested codeset that uses the SDHC basic, along with the stage builder disabled code. Might be able to swap out SD cards with the P:M Launcher to use it? Untested, but feel free to give it a shot if you need to. MediaFire: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  24. Kirby's Return to Dream Land Hacks NOTE: I'm not making any covers for this one, but you can download the original cover here. Rename it to use the ID that the game has (You can find the ID below.) [hide][Hidden Content]] Description: Download Here: Mega: If you want to be Yellow Kirby, download here. [hide][Hidden Content]] If you want to be Green Kirby, download here. [hide][Hidden Content]] If you want to be Blue Kirby, download here. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  25. Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2015-3 v2 This version is for USB Loaders only. This mod was made by Wiimm. NOTE: Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2015-03 supports different languages but this one is based on US English. Covers: Cover #2: Game Description: Track List: German: Download Here: Mega: [hide][Hidden Content]]