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Found 10 results

  1. SeVeNaD


    I love that we have so many complete ROM packs for virtually every system, and I already have those.. but I can not find packs of hacked/remix roms for NES and SNES! Anybody have some bundles to spare? Thank you!
  2. Sup ppl @DU Here we have the original 25th anniversary NES VC channels which came pre- installed on European PAL, Australian PAL and japanese NTSC Red Wii systems. This includes Super Mario Brothers NTSC-J, Super Mario Brothers PAL and DK Original Version PAL. All are original dumps, no need for injects here, one dump of NTSC-J SMB is from myself. All of them have seen scene release through Lakitu. Have fun guys. [Hidden Content]
  3. NES CLASSIC EDITION NES Classic contains 239 NES games: AdventureIsland AdventureIsland2 AdventureIsland3 AdventuresofBayouBilly AdventuresofGilligan'sIsland AdventuresofLolo2 AdventuresofLolo3 AirFortress Airwolf Aladdin AlfredChicken Alien3 AmericanGladiators Arkanoid BadDudes balloonFight BasesLoaded BasesLoaded3 BasesLoaded4 BatmanReturns BattleChess Battleship Battletoad Battletoadsanddoubledragon Beetlejuice BionicCommando BlackBass Blackjack BladesOfSteel BlasterMaster BluesBrothers BoJacksonBaseball Bomberman Bonk'sAdventure BoulderDash BreakThru bubbleBobble BubbleBobblePart2 BuckyO'Hare BugsBunnyBirthdayBlowout BurgerTime CaesarsPalace CaptainAmericaandtheAvengers castlevania CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurset castlevaniaIISimonsQuest ChampionshipBowling ChampionshipPool ChampionshipRally CityConnection ClassicConcentration Cliffhanger CobraCommand Commando Conan Conflict Contra ContraForce CoolWorld Darkman DarkwingDuck DaysofThunder DeadlyTowers DeathRace DickTracy DieHard DirtyHarry donkeyKong DonkeyKong3 DonkeyKongClassics donkeyKongJr DoubleDare DoubleDragon DoubleDragon2TheRevenge DoubleDragon3TheSacredStones DoubleDribble Dr.Chaos Dragon'sLair DragonWarrior drMario DuckHunt DuckTales excitebike FamilyFeud FelixtheCat Fester'sQuest finalFantasy Fridaythe13th galaga Gauntlet Ghostbusters ghostsNGoblins Golf GolfGrandSlam gradius GregNorman'sGolfPower GunSmoke HarlemGlobetrotters Hogan'sAlley HollywoodSquares Hook Hoops HudsonHawk iceClimber IceHockey IkariWarriors IndianaJonesandtheTempleofDoom Jackal Jaws Jeopardy! JohnElway'sQuarterback Joust JungleBook JurassicPark KarateKid Karnov kidIcarus kirbysAdventure KnightRider Krusty'sFunHouse Kung-FuHeroes KungFu LegendofKage Lemmings LionKing LittleMermaid LittleNemoTheDreamMaster LodeRunner MadMax MagicJohnson'sFastBreak MajorLeagueBaseball ManiacMansion MarbleMadness Mario'sTimeMachine marioBros MechanizedAttack MegaMan megaMan2 MegaMan3 MegaMan4 MegaMan5 MegaMan6 MetalGear MetalStorm metroid MickeyMousecapade MikeTysonsPunchOut Millipede MissionImpossible Monopoly MotorCityPatrol Ms.Pac-Man new.txt ninjaGaiden ninjaGaiden2 ninjaGaiden3 OperationWolf Orb3D Othello pacman Paperboy Paperboy2 Pinball PinballQuest Platoon Popeye POW PowerBlade PowerBlade2 Predator PrinceofPersia ProWrestling Punisher Q-bert R.B.I.Baseball R.B.I.Baseball2 RadRacer Rambo Rampage Rampart RC Pro-am Renegade RiverCityRansom RoadRunner RoboCop Rocketeer Rush'nAttack Rygar SilverSurfer Smurfs Solomon'sKey Spelunker SpyHunter StarshipHector StarTropics StarVoyager superC SuperDodgeBall Superman superMarioBros superMarioBros2 superMarioBros3 SuperPitfall SuperSpyHunter SwampThing SwordMaster TargetRenegade TecmoBaseball TecmoBowl TecmoSuperBowl TecmoWorldWrestling tetris Tetris2 theLegendOfZelda Thunderbirds Tiger-Heli Tmnt Tmnt2 Tmnt3 TopGun TotallyRad TotalRecall ToxicCrusaders TrackField2 UltimateStuntman Wario'sWoods Wayne'sWorld WayneGretzkyHockey WheelofFortune Where'sWaldo WhoFramedRogerRabbit Willow WinterGames Wolverine WorldCup WWFWrestlemania WWFWrestlemaniaChallenge Yo!Noid Yoshi'sCookie zeldaIITheAdventureOfLink Install Instructions: 1) Place "clover" folder in "switch" folder. 2) Install NES_Classic_Edition.nsp with tinfoil To Exit game Press "-" and "+" at same time to get to menu. At menu Press "B" then "UP" to exit. NES CLASSIC 239 games (MEGA) [hide][Hidden Content]] NES CLASSIC 239 Games (1Fichier) [hide][Hidden Content]] Original Uploader is NEOGEOKAI I just added some games I have NOT tested all games. The ones I did play ran great. Here's some batch tools to help with adding games to NES Classic: Just put "nconvert_Build_data.json.bat" in your NES rom folder and double click. It will create a data.json file with all the roms and it will make another copy of the roms without spaces. As NES classic uses roms without the spaces. Also it does not change the player count 1 is default. You will need to manually change if you want to. Also included is a Boxart resizer. Download JPG Boxart covers for your ROMs. **NOTE Make sure boxart height is bigger than width (ex. 330x550). Place Boxart JPGs in folder and double click "nconvert_Resize_JPG_Boxart.bat". It will resize files, convert them to PNG, and move them to boxart and thumbnail folders. **NOTE** Names of boxart and thumbnail must be the same as rom name with no spaces also. **UPDATE** NES Classic Tool Set v3: Fixed bug adding extra brackets! [hide][Hidden Content]] **UPDATED** NES CLASSIC EDITION + **NEW UPDATE** NES Classic contains 415 NES games: 10YardFight 1942 1943TheBattleofMidway 720Degrees AddamsFamilyThe AddamsFamilyThePugsleysScavengerHunt AdventureIsland AdventureIslandII AdventureIslandIII AdventuresofBayouBillyThe AdventuresofGilligansIslandThe AdventuresofLolo AdventuresofLolo2 AdventuresofLolo3 AdventuresofRockyandBullwinkleandFriendsThe AfterBurner AirFortress Airwolf AlfredChicken Alien3 AlienSyndrome AllProBasketball AlphaMission AlUnserJr AmericanGladiators ArchRivalsABasketbrawl! Arkanoid Astyanax AttackoftheKillerTomatoes BacktotheFuturePartIIIII BadDudes BadNewsBaseball BalloonFight BandaiGolfChallengePebbleBeach BasesLoaded BasesLoaded3 BasesLoaded4 BasesLoadedIISecondSeason BatmanReturnoftheJoker BatmanReturns BatmanTheVideoGame BattleChess Battleship Battletank Battletoads BattletoadsDoubleDragon BeautyandtheBeast Beetlejuice BestoftheBestChampionshipKarate BillElliottsNASCARChallenge BillTedsExcellentVideoGameAdventure BionicCommando BlackBassThe Blackjack BladesofSteel BlasterMaster BlueMarlinThe BluesBrothersThe BoJacksonBaseball Bomberman BombermanII BonksAdventure BoulderDash BoyandHisBlobATroubleonBlobolonia BramStokersDracula BreakThru BreakTimeTheNationalPoolTour BubbleBobble BubbleBobblePart2 BuckyOHare BugsBunnyBirthdayBlowoutThe BugsBunnyCrazyCastleThe BurgerTime Cabal CaesarsPalace CaliforniaGames Caltron6in1 CapcomsGoldMedalChallenge92 CaptainAmericaandtheAvengers CaptainPlanetandthePlaneteers CaptainSkyhawk Castlevania CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurse CastlevaniaIISimonsQuest ChampionshipBowling ChampionshipPool ChampionshipRally ChessmasterThe ChipnDaleRescueRangers ChipnDaleRescueRangers2 CityConnection Cliffhanger CobraCommand CobraTriangle Commando Conan Conflict ConquestoftheCrystalPalace Contra ContraForce CoolWorld CorvetteZR1Challenge Crystalis Darkman DarkwingDuck DaysofThunder DeadlyTowers DeathRace DemonSwordReleasethePower DickTracy DieHard DigDugIITroubleinParadise DirtyHarry DonkeyKong DonkeyKong3 DonkeyKongClassics DonkeyKongJr DoubleDare DoubleDragon DoubleDragonIIITheSacredStones DoubleDragonIITheRevenge DoubleDribble Dr.JekyllandMr.Hyde Dr.Mario DragonsLair DragonWarrior DragonWarriorII DragonWarriorIII DragonWarriorIV DuckHunt DuckTales DuckTales2 ElevatorAction Excitebike FamilyFeud Faxanadu FelixtheCat FerrariGrandPrixChallenge FestersQuest FinalFantasy FlintstonesTheTheRescueofDinoHoppy FlintstonesTheTheSurpriseatDinosaurPeak! FormulaOneBuilttoWin FrankensteinTheMonsterReturns Fridaythe13th G.I.JoeARealAmericanHero G.I.JoeTheAtlantisFactor GalagaDemonsofDeath GargoylesQuestII Gauntlet GauntletII GeorgeForemansKOBoxing Ghostbusters GhostbustersII GhostsnGoblins Goal! Goal!Two Godzilla2WaroftheMonsters GodzillaMonsterofMonsters! Golf GolfGrandSlam GooniesIIThe Gotcha!TheSport! Gradius GregNormansGolfPower Gremlins2TheNewBatch GuardianLegendThe GunSmoke HarlemGlobetrotters HighSpeed HogansAlley HollywoodSquares HomeAlone HomeAlone2LostinNewYork Hook Hoops HudsonHawk HuntforRedOctoberThe IceClimber IceHockey IkariWarriors IkariWarriorsIIITheRescue IkariWarriorsIIVictoryRoad IncredibleCrashDummiesThe IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade IndianaJonesandtheTempleofDoom Jackal JackieChansActionKungFu JamesBondJr Jaws Jeopardy! Jeopardy!25thAnniversaryEdition Jeopardy!JuniorEdition JetsonsTheCogswellsCaper JimmyConnorsTennis JohnElwaysQuarterback JordanvsBirdOneOnOne JourneytoSilius Joust JungleBookThe JurassicPark KarateChamp KarateKidThe Karnov KidIcarus KidNikiRadicalNinja KingsQuestV KirbysAdventure KnightRider KonamiHyperSoccer KrustysFunHouse KungFu KungFuHeroes LastActionHero LastStarfighterThe LegendaryWings LegendofKageThe LegendofZeldaIITheTheAdventureofLink LegendofZeldaThe Lemmings LethalWeapon LifeForce LittleMermaidThe LittleNemoTheDreamMaster LittleSamson LodeRunner LoneRangerThe Loopz MadMax MajorLeagueBaseball ManiacMansion MarbleMadness MarioBros MegaMan MegaMan2 MegaMan3 MegaMan4 MegaMan5 MegaMan6 MetalGear MetalStorm Metroid MichaelAndrettisWorldGP MickeyMousecapade MicroMachines MightyBombJack MightyFinalFight MikeTysonsPunchOut!! Millipede MilonsSecretCastle MissionImpossible Monopoly Ms.PacMan NARC NESOpenTournamentGolf NESPlayActionFootball NewGhostbustersII NFL NigelMansellsWorldChampionshipChallenge NightmareonElmStreetA Nightshade NinjaGaiden NinjaGaidenIIITheAncientShipofDoom NinjaGaidenIITheDarkSwordofChaos OperationWolf Orb3D Othello P.O.W.PrisonersofWar PacMan PacMania Paperboy Paperboy2 Pinball PinballQuest Pirates! Platoon Popeye PowerBlade PowerBlade2 PowerPunchII Predator PrinceofPersia ProWrestling PunchOut!! PunisherThe Qbert R.B.I.Baseball R.B.I.Baseball2 R.B.I.Baseball3 R.C.ProAm R.C.ProAmII RadRacer RadRacerII RadRacketDeluxeTennisII Rambo Rampage Rampart RemoteControl Renegade RescueTheEmbassyMission RingKing RiverCityRansom RoadRunner RobinHoodPrinceofThieves RoboCop RoboCop2 RoboCop3 RocketeerThe RogerClemensMVPBaseball RomanceoftheThreeKingdoms RomanceoftheThreeKingdomsII RushnAttack Rygar S.C.A.T.SpecialCyberneticAttackTeam SectionZ Shadowgate Shinobi SidePocket SilverSurfer SimpsonsTheBartmanMeetsRadioactiveMan SimpsonsTheBartvs.theSpaceMutants SimpsonsTheBartvs.theWorld SkateorDie SkateorDie2TheSearchforDoubleTrouble SkiorDie SmashT.V SmurfsThe SnakeRattlenRoll SnakesRevenge SolomonsKey SolomonsKey2 Spelunker SpiderManReturnoftheSinisterSix SpotTheVideoGame SpyHunter SpyvsSpy StarForce StarTrek25thAnniversary StarTrekTheNextGeneration StarTropics StarTropicsIIZodasRevenge StarVoyager StarWars StarWarsTheEmpireStrikesBack Stinger StreetFighter2010TheFinalFight SuperC SuperDodgeBall SuperJeopardy! Superman SuperMarioBros.2 SuperMarioBros.3 SuperMarioBros SuperPitfall SuperSpikeVBall+NintendoWorldCup SuperSpikeVBall SuperSpyHunter SwampThing SwordMaster TaleSpin TecmoBaseball TecmoBowl TecmoCupSoccerGame TecmoNBABasketball TecmoSuperBowl TecmoWorldCupSoccer TecmoWorldWrestling TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesFighters TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIIArcadeGame TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIII Tennis Terminator2JudgmentDay TerminatorThe Tetris Tetris2 ThreeStoogesThe TigerHeli TinyToonAdventures TinyToonAdventures2TroubleinWackyland TinyToonAdventuresCartoonWorkshop TopGun TopGunTheSecondMission TotalRecall ToxicCrusaders TrackField2 UltimateAirCombat UltimaWarriorsofDestiny UncannyXMenThe ViceProjectDoom Volleyball WariosWoods WayneGretzkyHockey WaynesWorld WCWWorldChampionshipWrestling WheelofFortune WheelofFortuneFamilyEdition WheelofFortuneJuniorEdition WheelofFortuneStarringVannaWhite WhoFramedRogerRabbit Willow WinLoseorDraw WinterGames WizardsWarriors WizardsWarriorsIIIKurosVisionsofPower WizardsWarriorsIIIronSword Wolverine WWFKingoftheRing WWFWrestlemania WWFWrestlemaniaChallenge WWFWrestlemaniaSteelCageChallenge Yo!Noid Yoshi YoshisCookie ZombieNation NES CLASSIC 415 GAMES (MEGA): [hide][Hidden Content]] NES CLASSIC 415 GAMES (Zippyshare): [hide][Hidden Content]] NES CLASSIC 415 GAMES (1Fichier): [hide][Hidden Content]] **NOTE** If you already installed the previous version Just open "clover" folder and replace "user" folder. No need to reinstall the entire package.
  4. Hey guys, for all OldSchool Boys & Girls under us i designed a NES Skin Theme with Lockscreen. - Clean Lockscreen - - Colored Icons - Tested on 6.2.0 CFW (SX OS Emunand) Packed with: Entrance & ResitendMenu ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download: [Hidden Content] Hope u like it
  5. This collects all my previous inject/vc posts and adds a ton of new stuff, figured it's better to have everything all in one spot and to try and organise it all a bit better. Pretty much everything has a meta folder, with icons and a background, it's nothing flashy... but, it's presentable. Have fun! (and if anybody can get hold of these or has them, lemme know!) (Part two, which is focused on GBC is here.) I am no-longer taking requests or adding to this list. [hide][Hidden Content]] DS Focused on 'hidden gem' titles, things that have received fan-translations and of course, RPGs. If you can't find something here, heading over to Yamaoka's NDS thread is a good idea. [hide][Hidden Content]] 7th Dragon (English Translation) 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors A Witch's Tale Advance Wars - Dark Conflict Advance Wars - Dual Strike Age of Empires - Mythologies Atelier Annie - Alchemist of Sera Island Bangai-O Spirits Big Bang Mini Blood Of Bahamut (English Translation) Contra 4 Culdcept DS (English Translation) Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry Etrian Odyssey Etrian Odyssey II - Heroes of Lagaard Etrian Odyssey III -The Drowned City Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon Front Mission Gunpey DS Hajime no Ippo the Fighting (English Translation) Henry Hatsworth Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics Hotel Dusk - Room 215 Inazuma Eleven Infinite Space InuYasha - Secret of the Divine Jewel Ivy The Kiwi Izuna - Legend of the Unemployed Ninja Izuna 2 -The Unemployed Ninja Returns Jump Ultimate Stars (English Translation) Knights in the Nightmare Last Window (DO NOT CHANGE THE CONFIG JSON unless you know what you are doing. ZR or HOME button simulates 'close ds' which is needed for a puzzle) Legacy of Ys - Books I & II Luminous Arc Meteos Metroid Prime: Hunters My World, My Way Nanostray Nanostray 2 Nostalgia Panzer Tactics DS Phantasy Star 0 Populous DS Puchi Puchi Virus Puyo Puyo 7 (English Translation) Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary (English Translation) Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords Ragnarok Retro Game Challenge Retro Game Challenge 2 (English Translation) Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure Rondo of Swords Rune Factory Rune Factory II Rune Factory III SaGa 2 - Goddess Of Destiny (English Translation) SaGa 3 - Shadow or Light (English Translation) Sands of Destruction Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters DS Sonic & The Dark Brotherhood Shiren the Wanderer Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga Space Invaders Extreme Space Invaders Extreme 2 Suikoden - Tierkreis Summon Night - Twin Age The Dark Spire Theresia, Dear Emile Tokyo Beat Down Ys Strategy Xenosaga I + II (Japanese Only - No English Patch) Zoo Keeper There are config json's located in the folder that enable a full-screen effect, quick guide... In 'game folder/content/0010/' replace 'configuration_cafe.json' with the file of the same name located in the 'fullscreen.zip' that can be grabbed from the same folder you get the games from. In the virtual console menu change the screen layout to large screen display. This will make playing some of these games a ton easier. To switch screens (top is bottom), just use the other zip folder. N64. [hide][Hidden Content]] Bomberman 64 Mario Kart 64 Mega Man 64 Mischief Makers Ogre Battle 64 Paper Mario Perfect Dark Sin & Punishment The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Snes As I tend to play all my Virtual Console on the gamepad, all of these injects are in a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you aren't a fan of that, you should head over to Walo's Snes Injects thread... there is some crossover and he keeps the original settings. [hide][Hidden Content]] Axelay Ball Bullet Gun (English Translation) Battletoads Breath Of Fire Breath Of Fire 2 Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster (English Translation) Castlevania Dracula X Clock Tower Chrono Trigger Chaos Seed (English Translation) Dark Half (English Translation) Der Langrisser (English Translation) Dragon Quest V (English Translation) Doremi Fantasy Dragon Squadron - Danzarb (English Translation) Earthbound Earth Defence Force Emerald Dragon (English Translation) Equinox Feda: Emblem Of Justice Fire Emblem 3 (English Translation) Fire Emblem 4 (English Translation) Fire Emblem 5 (English Translation) Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI Front Mission F-Zero Hiouden - Legend of the Scarlet King (English Translation) Jelly Boy 2 (English Translation) King of Demons (English Translation) Live A Live (English Translation) Magical Pop'n (English Translation) Mahou Poipoi Poitto! (English Translation) Metal Max Returns (English Translation) Miracle Girls (English Translation) Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes (English Translation) Ogre Battle Pilotwings Plok Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story (English Translation) Record of Lodoss War (English Translation) Slayers (English Translation) Space Megaforce Spriggan Powered Skyblazer Seiken Densetsu 3 (English Translation) Super Mario RPG Super Mario World + All Stars Super Mario World The Second Reality Project: Reloaded Super Metroid Super Gussun Oyoyo 2 (English Translation) Super Robot Wars 3 (English Translation) Super Shell Monster Story (English Translation) Tenchi Muyou! - Game Hen (English Translation) Tactics Ogre (English Translation) The Firemen The Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past GBA Using save states is heavily advised, better safe than sorry. A whole bunch more can be found over in this thread. [hide][Hidden Content]] Castlevania Double Pack Final Fantasy V (Sound Restoration) Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Grand Theft Auto Gensou Suikoden Golden Sun Love Hina (English Translation) Lufia - The Ruins Of Lure Lunar Advance Mario Kart - Super Circuit Megaman & Bass Megaman Zero 2 Mother 1+2 (English Translation) Mother 3 (English Translation) Napoleon (English Translation) Oriental Blue (English Translation) Phantasy Star Collection Rayman Collection Rhythm Tengoku Riviera - The Promised Land Shining Force - Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon Shining Soul Shining Soul II Summon Night - Swordcraft Story I Summon Night - Swordcraft Story II Super Robot Taisen (English Translation) Tactics Ogre - The Knights Of Lodis Tales Of Phantasia Super Mario Advance Zelda: Minish Cap Zone Of Enders - The Fist Of Mars GBA - Nes Emulator In some cases... this offers better performance than the VC Nes . You use the L&R buttons to change the emulator settings once you've selected a game. Go into 'display' if you want to take the flicker effect off. [hide][Hidden Content]] Akumajou Dracula Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula Battletoads Battletoads & Double Dragon Bomberman Bomberman 2 Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble 2 Contra Contra Force Double Dragon Double Dragon 3 Elevator Action Galaga Gauntlet Gauntlet 2 Ghosts & Goblins Gryzor Kid Icarus Legendary Wings Life Force Metroid Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden 2 Ninja Gaiden 3 Ms Pacman Pac Man Pac Mania Rampage Shinobi Star Wars Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Strider Super C Superman Tale Spin Tetris Tetris 2 GBA - Master System/Game Gear Emulator The only way to play some Sega consoles on the Wii U right now (other than vWii). It works pretty well for the most part, you can change some of the settings using the 'L' & 'R' buttons on your gamepad once you've selected a game from the menu.[hide][Hidden Content]] Aladdin Alex Kidd - BMX Trial Alex Kidd In High Tech World Alex Kidd in Miracle World Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Alien 3 Batman Returns Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Chuck Rock Chuck Rock II Earthworm Jim Ecco The Dolphin: Tides Of Time Fantasy Zone Fantasy Zone II Galaxy Force Jungle Book Judge Dredd James Pond 2- Codename Robocod Lunar Legend Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Lion King Magical Puzzle Popils MegaMan Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Micro Machines New Zealand Story OutRun Prince Of Persia R-Type Shadow Dancer Shinobi Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog II Sonic Chaos Sonic Spinball Wonderboy in Monster Land Wonderboy in Monster World Nes - 16:9 The NES VC is pretty horrible, there was a ton of stuff I could never get to work.... I really hope that somebody brings an emulator to the Wii U homebrew scene soon. There is a chance a few of the games will have an odd gfx glitch every now and then, sorry. =/ [hide][Hidden Content]] Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgus (English Translation) Balloon Fight Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Clash at Demonhead Cosmo Police Galivan (English Translation) Deja Vu Donkey Kong Duck Tales Duck Tales II Fire Emblem Gaiden (English Translation) Golgo 13 - The Mafat Conspiracy Golgo 13 - Top Secret Episode Gremlins 2 Journey to Silius Kart Fighter Kickle Cubicle Kirby's Adventure Kiwi Kraze Macross Magic of Scheherazade Mega Man Metal Gear Mighty Final Fight Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom Punch-Out!! Smash TV Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 3 Takeshi's Challenge (English Translation) The Guardian Legend The Legend Of Zelda Willow Yo Noid Yoshi.
  6. Balloon Fight Donkey Kong Kirby's Adventure Mega Man Punch-Out!! Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 3 The Legend Of Zelda Yoshi It works best whilst playing on the gamepad! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Kart Fighter ROM with FCEUGX cover support! Hello everyone! Here you will find an NES file ROM of the bootleg game titled "Kart Fighter". Not only is it a Kart Fighter ROM, but the ZIP File also contains four different (fan-made) covers of the title to function in FCEUGX, a popular NES emulator for the Nintendo Wii. You can either play the ROM on any NES emulator on a PC, or simply use it with one of the four covers in FCEUGX. How to install on FCEUGX First off, download the included ZIP file in the downloads section. Once that is done, put your SD card with FCEUGX already on it into your PC. Open up the ZIP file and drag the Kart Fighter ROM file into the roms folder. To get a cover for Kart Fighter, select the one you like and drag it into your covers folder. Once completed, remove the SD card and pop it into your Nintendo Wii. Load up FCEUGX, and just like that, you've got yourself your very own emulated copy of Kart Fighter. Cover Images 2D BOX ART 2D CARTRIDGE 3D BOX ART 3D CARTRIDGE DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] (I do not take credit for making the Kart Fighters ROM, as I did not create it myself. I also do not take credit for the image used in the covers, as I did not make it myself either, just simply modified it in Photoshop to match the FCEUGX look and requirements.)
  8. Grand Dad ROM with FCEUGX cover support! Hello everyone! Here you will find an NES file ROM of the bootleg game titled "Mario 7-in-1." This bootleg, better known as Mario 7 or Grand Dad, became popular from one of Vincesauce Joel's streams where he played bootleg games. Not only is it a Mario 7 in 1 ROM, but the ZIP File also contains four different (fan-made) covers of the title to function in FCEUGX, a popular NES emulator for the Nintendo Wii. You can either play the ROM on any NES emulator on a PC, or simply use it with one of the four covers in FCEUGX. How to install on FCEUGX First off, download the included ZIP file in the downloads section. Once that is done, put your SD card with FCEUGX already on it into your PC. Open up the ZIP file and drag the Mario 7 in 1 ROM file into the roms folder. To get a cover for Mario 7 in 1, select the one you like and drag it into your covers folder. Once completed, remove the SD card and pop it into your Nintendo Wii. Load up FCEUGX, and just like that, you've got yourself your very own emulated copy of Mario 7 in 1. Cover Images 2D BOX ART 2D CARTRIDGE 3D BOX ART 3D CARTRIDGE DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] (I do not take credit for making the Mario 7 in 1 ROM, as I did not create it myself. I also do not take credit for the image used in the covers, as I did not make it myself either, just simply modified it in Photoshop to match the FCEUGX look and requirements.)
  9. As is customary Google has once again delivered a brilliant April Fools joke this year. The firm has heard your cries for help and has create Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Maps 8 bit is a cartridge for your ageing NES console, and once inserted, allows you to view the world in 8 bit glory. You can read more about Google’s fabulous new project at the official blog here.