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Found 43 results

  1. .......................Press CTRL+F to search for specific game....................... If you want any game that is not on the list, just comment below. Leave a comment to help the thread stay top. Thanks Game List : eShop + XCI Game List : The Banner Saga Trilogy [XCI] This Is the Police 2 [XCI] Go no akusei [JPN] [NSP] Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe [JPN] [NSP] Shinka no Himitsu [JPN] [NSP] Tallowmere [JPN] [NSP] [1F] Tetjis [JPN] [NSP] Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse [XCI] Risk of Rain + Update [XCI] Steins Gate Elite [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Atelier Meruru Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 DX[JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Atelier Totori Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2 DX [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Atelier Rorona Arland no Renkinjutsushi DX [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Shinka no Himitsu [JPN] [NSP] (New Added) Famicom Nintendo Switch Online [NSP] (New Added) Capcom beat em up bundle [NSP] (New Added) Velocity 2X [NSP] (New Added) Scribblenauts Megapack & Update [NSP] (New Added) DARK SOUL REMASTERED NETWORK TEST VER. [NSP] (New Added) NES – Nintendo Switch Online [NSP] (New Added) Retimed [NSP] (New Added) Labyrinth_Of_Refrain_Coven_Of_Dusk [XCI] (New Added) Code_Realize_Saikou_no_Hanataba [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) A Magical High School Girl [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO CROSSED SWORDS [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO LEAGUE BOWLING [NSP] (New Added) Calculation Castle Grecos Ghostly Challenge Addition [NSP] (New Added) Calculation Castle Grecos Ghostly Challenge Subtraction [NSP] (New Added) Devious Dungeon [NSP] (New Added) Ludo Mania [NSP] (New Added) Miles and Kilo [NSP] (New Added) Paper Wars [NSP] (New Added) [1F] Legendary Fishing [XCI] (New Added) Hello Kitty Kruisers [XCI] (New Added) Surgeon Simulator CPR [NSP] (New Added) Cities Skylines [NSP] (New Added) Wasteland 2 director's cut [NSP] (New Added) The Warlock of Firetop Mountain & Update [NSP] (New Added) Senran Kagura Reflexions [NSP] (New Added) [DLC] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Brand New Story Content Pack] [NSP] (New Added) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [UPD v2.0.0] [NSP] (New Added) Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD + Update (New Added) Nintendo Labo ToyCon 03 Vehicle Kit [XCI] (New Added) Undertale [XCI] (New Added) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [UPD] 1.5.2 (New Added) Bastion [NSP] (New Added) Old School Musical [NSP] (New Added) Stay [NSP] (New Added) [UPD] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Update v1.0.2 (New Added) Dust An Elysian Tail [NSP] (New Added) My Riding Stables Life With Horses [EUR] [XCI] (New Added) Hakuoki Shinkai Fuukaden for Nintendo Switch [JPN] [XCI] (New Added) Shin Den Ai Nani ga Hoshii no Ema Sakura [JPN] [NSP] (New Added) Gotcha Racing 2nd [NSP] (New Added) SamuraiAces for Nintendo Switch [NSP] (New Added) Spartan [NSP] (New Added) Super Inefficient Golf [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2K19 Update [v1.01] (New Added) Lifeless Planet [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO NINJA COMMANDO [NSP] (New Added) FullBlast [NSP] (New Added) KRC (Kentucky Robo Chicken) [NSP] (New Added) Ludo Mania [NSP] (New Added) Monkey King Master of the Clouds [NSP] (New Added) Mummy Pinball [NSP] (New Added) Ninjin Clash of Carrots [NSP] (New Added) Realpolitiks [NSP] (New Added) Slice Dice & Rice [NSP] + Update (New Added) ACA NEOGEO CROSSED SWORDS [NSP] + Update (New Added) ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN [NSP] (New Added) SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy+Update [NSP] (New Added) ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS 3 THE NEXT GLORY [NSP] (New Added) Mini Metro [NSP] (New Added) Super Inefficient Golf [NSP](New Added) BroForce + Update [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2k19 [NSP] (New Added) Hyper Light Drifter+Update [NSP] (New Added) NBA 2K19 [NSP+XCI] (New Added) SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy+Update [XCI] (New Added) Mutant Mudds Collection [EUR] [XCI] (New Added) The VideoKid [NSP] (New Added) Planet Alpha [NSP] (New Added) Fall of Light Darkest Edition [NSP] (New Added) Closed Nightmare [NSP] (New Added) Moonfall Ultimate [NSP] (New Added) My Hero Academia One's Justice English Patch [NSP] (New Added) Behind The Screen [NSP] (New Added) The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince [XCI] (New Added) Next Up Hero [NSP] (New Added) Agatha Knife [NSP] (New Added) [DLC] DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Anime Music Pack (New Added) [DLC] DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Extra Pack 3 (New Added) God Wars The Complete Legend [XCI] (New Added) World End Syndrome [XCI] (New Added) Psyvariar Delta [XCI] The Messenger+Update [NSP] Cubikolor [nsp] Jumping Joe & Friends [NSP] Polygod [NSP] Space Ribbon [NSP] Spectrum [NSP] The Lion's Song [NSP] Tiny Hands Adventure + Update [NSP] Rocket League Ultimate Edition_NSW [XCI] NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst [NSP] Shio [NSP] (New Added) Sigi - A Fart for Melusina+Update [NSP] (New Added) The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season[NSP] (New Added) Into The Breach[NSP] (New Added) Garage + Update[NSP] (New Added) Grid Mania + Update[NSP] (New Added) Graceful Explosion Machine + Update[NSP] (New Added) Typoman [NSP] (New Added) Detective Gallo [NSP] (New Added) Enchanting Mahjong Match [NSP] (New Added) Its Spring Again [NSP] (New Added) Metropolis Lux Obscura [NSP] (New Added) MyFarm 2018 [NSP] (New Added) Neverout [NSP] (New Added) Octocopter Double or Squids [NSP] (New Added) POISOFTs Thud [NSP] (New Added) Quad Fighter K [NSP] (New Added) Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders [NSP] (New Added) Toy Stunt Bike Tiptops Trials [NSP] (New Added) World Soccer Pinball [NSP] (New Added) Toby The Secret Mine [NSP] (New Added) Hollow Knight update version 1.4 [NSP] (New Added) Little Dragons Cafe [NSP] (New Added) (tnx to Senpairate] Castlestorm [NSP] (New Added) Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition [NSP] (New Added) Fear Effect Sedna [NSP] (New Added) Blade Strangers [NSP] (New Added) Flood of Light [NSP] (New Added) Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders [NSP] (New Added) MyFarm 2018 EU [NSP] (New Added) Toy Stunt Bike Tiptop's Trials [NSP] (New Added) My Hero Academia Ones Justice [JP] [XCI] ] (New Added) Code of Princess EX (USA) (New Added) ....[More on the download link].... Torrent Link: Click Here [Gdrive/1F] 300+ XCI Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] NSP Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] Game Updates Collection : Click Here [GD/1F] DLC Collection : Click Here Tutorials: "v0" implies a base game, any version higher than 0 is an update. If you have trouble differentiating the title IDs, compare with the IDs listed here (Title Keys & ID) error 0x00000202 : DevMenu error 0x00000202 is from .NSP filenames being too long. File names must be less than 64 characters. Use a shorter filename before installing.
  2. *FreeShopNX Official Release Installer for Noobs (NEWEST RELEASE v0.3.0)* Last Updated: 8/23/2018 Not to be confused with the ripoff "NXShop" This is the REAL DEAL. BEWARE: Using this will more than likely get you banned at this time. I, nor anyone else are responsible for you getting banned. Use at your OWN RISK. PEOPLE ARE NOW BEING SUPER BANNED(CDN BANNED) PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS! THERE ARE A LOT OF CONFIRMED BANS RIGHT NOW! IF YOU ARE GETTING A CERT ERROR USING THIS CHANCES ARE YOU ARE NOW SUPER BANNED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TEST THIS TO SEE SIMPLY TRY UPDATING A GAME CART OR TRY TO UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE. IF YOU ARE GREETED WITH AN ERROR THEN YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED. THIS USES YOUR CONSOLES OWN CERT. IF YOUR CERT IS BANNED IT WILL BE A HARD BAN KEEPING YOU FROM SYSTEM AND GAME/DLC UPDATES!!! No reason to mess around with any config files or find links. This installer includes everything you need! Just follow the instructions and you will be up and running in no time! SX OS USERS: If you've updated to the latest release of SX OS v1.6 you will need to disable Stealth Mode to download games. As you may or may not know these games are downloaded from Nintendo Servers. Stealth mode blocks all communication between Nintendo and your Switch which will make you unable to use FreeShopNX. It is highly recommended to re-enable it when not using FreeShopNX. ------------------------------------------------------ Instructions: ------------------------------------------------------ If you've used "NXShop" (Please be sure to remove any and all "NXShop" content from your SD card before continuing as it can result in conflicts.) ALSO, if you have any previous versions of FreeShopNX on your SD card make sure to remove them before copying the latest release. 1. Plug in your Switch’s SD card. 2. Open FreeShopNX Installer.exe 3. Follow the prompts until you get to the extract window. 4. Click browse and find your "switch" folder on your SD card. (Mine for example is H:\switch) 5. Click extract making sure that you are extracting to your switch folder. 6. Pop your SD card back into your switch 7. Open Homebrew menu (If on SX OS make sure you hold down the "R" button while opening album.) 8. You will now see FreeShopNX in your homebrew menu. 9. Enjoy downloading updated NSPs from your Switch! Credits: ------------------------------------------------------ AnalogMan151, Adubbz, XorTroll, Reisyukaku, AmiiboUGC. @ShabbyPenguinFor links to the most updated versions of FreeShopNX and the Updater If I missed anyone here please let me know so that I can add them. Disclaimer: ------------------------------------------------------ For some unknown reason Windows has started flagging this as ""Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock"" I promise there is nothing malicious about these files and I'm working to fix this issue. I did nothing other than package everything up to allow people easy access and setup. This is for educational purposes ONLY. What you do with the knowledge you've been presented is entirely up to you and any repercussions you incur are by your own choice. UPDATING: ------------------------------------------------------ @AnalogMan has built in updating so no need to worry if you are getting the latest releases For those who are curious: ------------------------------------------------------ FreeshopUpdater.nro and config.cfg stay in your FreeShopNX folder which is extracted to your switch folder. Due to issues, there is NO titlekeys in this download. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Windows 64-Bit Installer: [hide][Hidden Content]] Windows 32-Bit Installer: [hide][Hidden Content]] MAC OS // Core Files: [hide][Hidden Content]] *Using this link will require you to manually copy the FreeShopNX folder(In the download) into your switch folder (located on your Switchs SD card).* If this helped you out in any way please let me know
  3. [GD/1F] Game Updates Collection [NSP] .......................Press CTRL+F to search for specific game....................... 1-2-Switch [UPD][01000320000cc800][v65536] 10 Second Run RETURNS [UPD][01004d1007926800][v131072] 6180 the moon [UPD][0100ecf008474800][v65536] A Robot Named Fight [UPD][0100eb600a4da800][v131072] A Robot Named Fight [UPD][0100eb600a4da800][v196608] ACA NEOGEO AERO FIGHTERS 2 [UPD][0100ac40038f4800][v65536] ACA NEOGEO GAROU MARK OF THE WOLVES [UPD][0100cb2001db8800][v65536] ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 3 [UPD][0100ba8001dc6800][v131072] ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG [UPD][0100ebe002b3e800][v65536] ACA NEOGEO SHOCK TROOPERS [UPD][01008a9001dc2800][v65536] ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS 2 [UPD][010055a00a300800][v65536]l ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 [UPD][0100b42001db4800][v65536] ACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES PERFECT [UPD][01009d4001dc4800][v65536] AQUA KITTY UDX [UPD][0100ac10085ce800][v65536] ARMS [UPD][01009b500007c800][v983040] Ace of Seafood [UPD][0100ff1004d56800][v65536] Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron [UPD][0100b28003440800][v65536] Aegis Defenders [UPD][01008e6006502800][v196608] Alteric [UPD][01004db00935a800][v65536] Anima Gate of Memories - Arcane Edition [UPD][010033f00b3fa800][v65536] Aqua Moto Racing Utopia [UPD][0100d0d00516a800][v65536] Arcade Archives MOON PATROL [UPD][01003000097fe800][v65536] Arcade Archives Mario Bros. [UPD][0100755004608800][v65536] Arcade Archives PUNCH-OUT [UPD][01001530097f8800][v65536] Arcade Archives Traverse USA [UPD][010029d006ed8800][v65536] Arcade Archives VS. SUPER MARIO BROS. [UPD][010021d00812a800][v131072] Arena of Valor [UPD][0100944009646800][v65536] Astro Duel Deluxe [UPD][0100f0400351c800][v196608] Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings~ [UPD][010009900947a800] [v196608] Attack on Titan 2 [UPD][010034500641a800][v393216] Axiom Verge [UPD][0100052004384800][v131072] Azure Striker GUNVOLT STRIKER PACK [UPD][0100192003fa4800][v262144] BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE US [UPD][0100b61008208800][v196608] BLEED 2 [UPD][0100a48008ae8800][v65536] BLEED [UPD][010042c006490800][v65536] BUTCHER [UPD][0100177005c8a800][v65536] Banner Saga 3 [UPD][010071e00875a800][v65536] Battle Chasers Nightwar [UPD][0100551001d88800][v131072] Battle Chef Brigade [UPD][0100cc2001c6c800][v131072] Binaries [UPD][01002a1004c48800][v65536] Blaster Master Zero [UPD][0100225000fee800][v327680] Bloodstained Curse of the Moon [UPD][01004b800af5a800][v65536] Bloody Zombies [UPD][0100875008000800][v65536] Bloons TD 5 [UPD][0100b8400a1c6800][v65536] Blossom Tales The Sleeping King [UPD][0100c1000706c800][v65536] Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch's StoryCOMBAT [UPD][01000f5003068800][v131072] Brawlout [UPD][01001fd0040f4800][v131072] Bridge Constructor Portal [UPD][010016e004796800][v65536] Bulb Boy EU [UPD][0100ec9004736800][v65536] Bulb Boy US [UPD][01006f900473a800][v65536] Cartoon Network Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion [UPD][0100c4e004406800][v65536] Cat Quest [UPD][0100a2f006fbe800][v131072] Cave Story+ EU [UPD][0100a55003b5c800][v131072] Cave Story+ US [UPD][0100b7d0022ee800][v131072] Caveman Warriors [UPD][01006db004566800][v131072] Celeste [UPD][01002b30028f6800][v196608] Chameleon Run Deluxe Edition [UPD][010024f008742800][v65536] Chess Ultra [UPD][0100a5900472e800][v131072] ChromaGun [UPD][010039a008e76800][v65536] ClusterPuck 99 [UPD][010085a00821a800][v131072] Clustertruck [UPD][010096900a4d2800][v65536] Conga Master Party [UPD][01007ef00399c800][v65536] Crypt of the Necrodancer [UPD][0100cea007d08800][v65536] DEEMO [UPD][01002cc0062b8800][v327680] DOOM [UPD][0100416004c00800][v131072] DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 FOR NINTENDO SWITCH [UPD][010078d000f88800][v327680] Dandara [UPD][0100bfc002b4e800][v131072] Danmaku Unlimited 3 [UPD][0100417007f78800][v131072] Darkest Dungeon [UPD][01008f1008da6800][v196608] Dead Cells [UPD][0100646009fbe800][v65536] Death Road to Canada [UPD][0100423009358800][v196608] Death Squared USEU [UPD][010085900337e800][v196608] Detention [UPD][0100730007a9c800][v65536] Die for Valhalla [UPD][0100d98005e8c800][v131072] Dimension Drive [UPD][0100401003a0c800][v196608] Disc Jam [UPD][0100510004d2c800][v131072] Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance [UPD][0100e5f0000c0800][v196608] Disgaea 5 Complete [UPD][01005700031ae800][v196608] Don't Knock Twice [UPD][0100e470067a8800][v65536] Don't Starve Nintendo Switch Edition [UPD][0100751007ada800][v196608] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze [UPD][0100c1f0051b6800][v65536] Double Dragon 4 [UPD][010001b005e5c800][v65536] DragonBlaze for Nintendo Switch [UPD][010099b00a2dc800][v65536] Drawful 2 [UPD][0100f7800a434800][v65536] Dungeon Rushers [UPD][01002cb006afa800][v131072] Earth Atlantis [UPD][0100e07006c84800][v65536] Earthlock [UPD][01006e50042ea800][v65536] Elliot Quest [UPD][0100128003a24800][v65536] Enter the Gungeon [UPD][01009d60076f6800][v327680] Enter the Gungeon [UPD][01009d60076f6800][v393216] FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ [UPD][0100767008502800][v65536] FAST RMX [UPD][01009510001ca800][v196608] FIFA 18 [UPD][0100f7b002340800][v393216] FRAMED COLLECTION [UPD][0100f1a00a5dc800][v131072] Fairune Collection [UPD][01008a6009758800][v65536] Fallen Legion Rise to Glory [UPD][0100a260094ee800][v131072] Fallout Shelter [UPD][010043500a17a800][v65536] Figment [UPD][0100118009c68800][v196608] Fire Emblem Warriors [UPD][0100f15003e64800][v327680] Flip Wars [UPD][010095a004040800][v131072] Floor Kids [UPD][0100df9005e7a800][v327680] Football Manager Touch 2018 [UPD][010097f0099b4800][v65536] Fortnite [UPD][010025400aece800][v524288] Fortnite [UPD][010025400aece800][v655360] forma.8 [UPD][01008ea00405c800][v65536] Frederic Resurrection of Music [UPD][01005b1006988800][v65536] GUNBARICH for Nintendo Switch [UPD][01002b2004f76800][v131072] GUNBIRD for Nintendo Switch [UPD][01003c6008940800][v131072] GUNBIRD for Nintendo Switch [UPD][01003c6008940800][v196608] GUNBIRD2 for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100bcb00ae98800][v65536] GalGun 2 US [UPD][010024700901a800][v131072] Garage [UPD][01000fa00a4e4800][v65536] Gear.Club Unlimited [UPD][010065e003fd8800][v131072] Gekido Kintaro's Revenge [UPD][010052a00942a800][v131072] Ghost 1.0 [UPD][0100eeb005acc800][v65536] GoNNER [UPD][01007c2002b3c800][v131072] Goetia [UPD][0100d82009024800][v65536] Golf Story [UPD][0100779004172800][v65536] Gorogoa [UPD][0100f2a005c98800][v262144] Graceful Explosion Machine [UPD][01004d10020f2800][v262144] Grid Mania [UPD][010031200981c800][v65536] HANDYMa Que [UPD][0100c8e0083c4800][v65536] Hammerwatch [UPD][01003b9007e86800][v65536] Hand of Fate 2 [UPD][01003620068ea800][v65536] Has-Been Heroes [UPD][0100e29001298800][v393216] Heart&Slash [UPD][0100d12008ee4800][v131072] Heroes of the Monkey Tavern [UPD][0100352006a10800][v65536] Hiragana Pixel Party [UPD][0100f3d008436800][v131072] Hollow Knight [UPD][0100633007d48800][v65536] Hollow [UPD][0100f210061e8800][v65536] Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop [UPD][0100fc5009e10800][v131072] Human Fall Flat [UPD][01000ca004dca800][v131072] Human Resource Machine [UPD][0100701001d92800][v131072] Hungry Shark World [UPD][0100e1a00af40800][v65536] Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition [UPD][0100ae00096ea800][v65536] I am Setsuna [UPD][0100849000bda800][v65536] I and Me [UPD][01005c40037c6800][v65536] IMPLOSION [UPD][0100737003190800][v65536] INSIDE [UPD][0100d2d009028800][v65536] INVERSUS Deluxe [UPD][01001d0003b96800][v262144] Ikaruga [UPD][01009f20086a0800][v65536] Immortal Redneck [UPD][01000f400435a800][v65536] Infernium [UPD][0100d4300a4ca800][v65536] Infinite Minigolf [UPD][010039c001296800][v131072] InnerSpace [UPD][0100f200049c8800][v131072] Ittle Dew 2+ [UPD][01004070022f0800][v131072] JYDGE [UPD][010035a0044e8800][v65536] Johnny Turbo's Arcade Bad Dudes [UPD][01006e4003832800][v65536] Jotun Valhalla Edition [UPD][0100340009736800][v65536] Jurassic Pinball [UPD][0100ce100a826800][v131072] Just Dance 2017 [UPD][0100bce000598800][v65536] Just Dance 2018 [UPD][0100a0500348a800][v65536] Just Shapes & Beats [UPD][0100830008426800][v65536] KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100ec8004762800][v65536] Kid Tripp [UPD][0100c0a004c2c800][v65536] Kingdom New Lands [UPD][0100bd9004ab6800][v131072] Kirby Star Allies [UPD][01007e3006dda800][v262144] L.A. Noire [UPD][0100830004fb6800][v131072] LEGO CITY Undercover US [UPD][01003a30012c0800][v131072] LEGO Worlds [UPD][0100838002aea800][v393216] LEGOr MARVEL Super Heroes 2 EU [UPD][01007690040a0800][v393216] LEGOr MARVEL Super Heroes 2 US [UPD][0100d3a00409e800][v393216] LEGOr The Incredibles [UPD][0100a01006e00800][v65536] LOST SPHEAR update for english lang [010077b0038b2000][v0] LOST SPHEAR update for english lang [UPD][010077b0038b2800][v327680] LUMINES REMASTERED [UPD][0100a4200a284800][v131072] Lanota [UPD][0100e7200b272800][v131072] Late Shift [UPD][0100055007b86800][v131072] Legendary Eleven [UPD][0100a73006e74800][v65536] Letter Quest Remastered [UPD][01008c300648e800][v196608] Levels+ Addictive Puzzle Game [UPD][0100c960041dc800][v131072] Lichtspeer Double Speer Edition [UPD][01004360045c8800][v196608] Little Inferno [UPD][0100b18001d8e800][v131072] Little Nightmares [UPD][01002fc00412c800][v65536] Lode Runner Legacy [UPD][010016c009374800][v65536] Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime [UPD][0100230005a52800][v196608] Lumo [UPD][0100ff00042ee800][v65536] MEMBRANE [UPD][0100ea6004516800][v196608] MIGHTY GUNVOLT BURST [UPD][01000e2003fa0800][v327680] MONSTER HUNTER XX Nintendo Switch Ver. [UPD][0100c3800049c800][v262144] Manticore - Galaxy on Fire [UPD][0100c9a00952a800][v131072] Mantis Burn Racing [UPD][0100e98002f6e800][v65536] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle USEU [UPD][010067300059a800][v458752] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [UPD][010067300059a800][v524288] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [UPD][0100e46003042800][v65536] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [UPD][0100152000022800][v458752] Mario Tennis Aces [UPD][0100bde00862a800][v196608] Mario Tennis Aces [UPD][0100bde00862a800][v262144] Masters of Anima [UPD][0100cc7009196800][v65536] Mercenaries Saga Chronicles [UPD][0100273008fbc800][v65536] Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition [UPD][01006bd001e06800][v1048576] Minecraft [UPD][0100d71004694800][v393216] Minecraft [UPD] [v458752] Monopoly for Nintendo Switch [UPD][01007430037f6800][v196608] Monster Jam Crush It EU [UPD][0100945003a0e800][v131072] Moon Hunters [UPD][01004fd00382a800][v131072] Morphite [UPD][0100776003f0c800][v131072] MotoGPtm18 [UPD][0100361007268800][v65536] Mr. Shifty [UPD][010031f002b66800][v65536] Muddledash [UPD][010087c009246800][v65536] Mugsters [UPD][010073e008e6e800][v65536] Mulaka [UPD][0100211005e94800][v262144] Mutant Mudds Collection [UPD][01004be004a86800][v65536] N++ NPLUSPLUS [UPD][01000d5005974800][v65536] NAMCO MUSEUM [UPD][010002f001220800][v65536] NBA 2K18 [UPD][0100760002048800][v393216] NBA Playgrounds [UPD][010002900294a800][v131072] NO THING [UPD][0100f7d00a1bc800][v65536] Neon Chrome [UPD][010075e0047f8800][v131072] Neonwall [UPD][0100743008694800][v131072] NeuroVoider [UPD][0100ba0004f38800][v196608] Never Stop Sneakin' [UPD][0100a70006b8a800][v65536] New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ [UPD][01004c200100e800][v65536] Night in the Woods [UPD][0100921006a04800][v65536] Nightmare Boy [UPD][01005f4009112800][v65536] Nights of Azure 2 Bride of the New Moon [UPD][0100628004bce800][v65536] niconico [UPD][01004040033ce800][v196608] niconico [UPD][01004040033ce800][v327680] Nine Parchments [UPD][0100d03003f0e800][v262144] Ninja Striker [UPD][010081d00a480800][v65536] OCTOPATH TRAVELER [UPD][010057d006492800][v131072] OPUS The Day We Found Earth [UPD][010049c0075f0800][v65536] Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas [UPD][01007d7001d0e800][v65536] Octodad Dadliest Catch [UPD][0100cab006f54800][v262144] Oh...Sir The Hollywood Roast [UPD][0100f45006a00800][v65536] One More Dungeon [UPD][0100bd3006a02800][v65536] One Strike [UPD][01003a800b102800][v65536] Othello [UPD][0100902001014800][v65536] Outlast Bundle of Terror [UPD][01008d4007a1e800][v65536] Overcooked Special Edition [UPD][01009b900401e800][v196608] Owlboy [UPD][0100bc2004ff4800][v327680] Oxenfree [UPD][01008b8004e36800][v65536] PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 PLUS [UPD][010024c001224800][v65536] PAC-MAN VS. Free Multiplayer-only Ver. [UPD][0100ba3003b70800][v65536] PAN-PAN A tiny big adventure [UPD][0100f0d004cae800][v65536] PICROSS S [UPD][0100ba0003eea800][v65536] Paladins - Founder's Pack [UPD][010023900aee0800][v327680] Paladins [UPD][010023900aee0800][v393216] Pankapu [UPD][0100635006c32800][v65536] Paranautical Activity [UPD][010063400b2ec800][v65536] Party Golf [UPD][0100b8e00359e800][v131072] Pato Box [UPD][010031f006e76800][v65536] Perception [UPD][0100563005b70800][v65536] Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive [UPD][0100063005c86800][v65536] Phantom Trigger [UPD][0100c31005a50800][v65536] Physical Contact SPEED [UPD][01008110036fe800][v65536] Pic-a-Pix Deluxe [UPD][01005f900416e800][v65536] Piczle Lines DX [UPD][0100d06003056800][v327680] Pinball FX3 [UPD][0100db7003828800][v196608] Pirates All Aboard [UPD][0100fc5009952800][v65536] Pode [UPD][01009440095fe800][v131072] Poi Explorer Edition [UPD][01005ec0039e4800][v65536] Pokemon Quest [UPD][01005d100807a800][v65536] Pokken Tournament DX [UPD][0100b3f000be2800][v393216] Poly Bridge [UPD][0100eab00605c800][v131072] Portal Knights [UPD][0100437004170800][v131072] Putty Pals [UPD][010049e003748800][v65536] Puyo Puyo Tetris EU [UPD][0100f3d001dee800][v131072] Puyo Puyo Tetris US [UPD][010073c001d5e800][v131072] Qbics Paint [UPD][0100a8d003bae800][v131072] Qbik [UPD][0100465009020800][v65536] Quest of Dungeons [UPD][01001de005012800][v131072] RAYMAN LEGENDS DEFINITIVE EDITION [UPD][01005ff002e2a800][v131072] RIVE Ultimate Edition [UPD][010069c00401a800][v65536] Radiation Island [UPD][01009e40095ee800][v65536] Raging Justice [UPD][01003d00099ec800][v65536] Regalia Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition [UPD][0100fdf0083a6800][v131072] RiME [UPD][0100a62002042800][v131072] Riptide GP Renegade [UPD][01002a6006aa4800][v65536] Robonauts [UPD][0100618004096800][v65536] Rock 'N Racing Grand Prix [UPD][0100d84005af6800][v65536] Rock'N Racing Off Road DX [UPD][0100513005af4800][v65536] Rocket League [UPD][01005ee0036ec800][v524288] Rocket League(r) [UPD][01005ee0036ec800][v589824] Rogue Trooper Redux [UPD][01001cc00416c800][v65536] Runner3 [UPD][01004b4002b6a800][v65536] SHIFT QUANTUM [UPD][01000e8009e1c800][v65536] SKYPEACE [UPD][010021a00abee800][v65536] SONIC FORCES Digital Bonus Edition [UPD][0100111004460800][v65536] SONIC FORCES [UPD][01001270012b6800][v65536] STRIKERS1945 for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100ff5005b76800][v196608] STRIKERS1945II for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100720008ed2800][v131072] SUPERBEAT XONiC EX [UPD][0100ff60051e2800][v65536] SUPERBEAT XONiC [UPD][01007020044f0800][v65536] SamuraiAces for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100adf0096f2800][v65536] Sausage Sports Club [UPD][01006ee00380c800][v65536] Scribblenauts Showdown [UPD][01001e40041be800][v65536] Semblance [UPD][010080f0099fc800][v65536] Semispheres [UPD][01009840046bc800][v65536] Serial Cleaner [UPD][0100818008004800][v65536] Shadow Bug [UPD][01007d9007792800][v65536] Shantae Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition [UPD][01006a200936c800][v65536] Shantae Half-Genie Hero [UPD][0100ae0003424800][v262144] Shantae Half-Genie Hero [UPD][0100ae0003424800][v327680] Shephy [UPD][010040b003e5e800][v65536] Shiftlings - Enhanced Edition [UPD][01000750084b2800][v131072] Shining Resonance Refrain [UPD][01009a5009a9e800][v65536] Shovel Knight Specter of Torment [UPD][01001180021fa800][v131072] Shovel Knight Treasure Trove [UPD][010057d0021e8800][v196608] Sine Mora EX [UPD][01002820036a8800][v65536] Skies of Fury [UPD][0100d67006f14800][v65536] Sky Force Reloaded [UPD][01006fe005b6e800][v65536] Sky Rogue [UPD][0100c5700434c800][v65536] Slain Back From Hell [UPD][0100224004004800][v131072] Slayaway Camp Butcher's Cut [UPD][0100501006494800][v65536] Sleep Tight [UPD][01004ac0081dc800][v65536] Slime-san [UPD][0100112003b8a800][v262144] Smoke and Sacrifice [UPD][0100207007eb2800][v131072] Smoke and Sacrifice [UPD][0100207007eb2800][v65536] Snake Pass [UPD][0100c0f0020e8800][v327680] Snipperclips Cut it out, together [UPD][0100704000b3a800][v65536] Snow Moto Racing Freedom [UPD][010045300516e800][v65536] SolDivide for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100590009c38800][v65536] Sonic Mania [UPD][01009aa000faa800][v131072] South Park(tm) The Fractured But Whole(tm) [UPD][01008f2005154800][v262144]. South Parktm The Fractured But Wholetm [UPD][01008f2005154800][v196608] SpiritSphere DX [UPD][01009d60080b4800][v65536] Splasher [UPD][0100ff9003f10800][v65536] Splatoon 2 EU [UPD][0100f8f0000a2800][v1572864] Splatoon 2 US [UPD][01003bc0000a0800][v1572864] Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition [UPD][0100de40068ca800][v65536] Stardew Valley [UPD][0100e65002bb8800][v131072] SteamWorld Dig 2 USEU [UPD][0100ca9002322800][v196608] Steredenn [UPD][0100775004794800][v131072] Stern Pinball Arcade [UPD][0100ae0006474800][v196608] Stick It to The Man [UPD][0100ad7003ff4800][v65536] Stikbold A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE [UPD][0100e24006fa8800][v131072] Street Fighter(r) 30th Anniversary Collection [UPD][0100024008310800][v131072] Street Fighterr 30th Anniversary Collection [UPD][0100024008310800][v65536] Super Beat Sports [UPD][0100f7000464a800][v131072] Super Bomberman R [UPD][01007ad00013e800][v655360] Super Daryl Deluxe [UPD][010078800869a800][v131072] Super Daryl Deluxe [UPD][010078800869a800][v65536] Super Destronaut DX [UPD][010008800b18a800][v65536] Super Mario Odyssey [UPD][0100000000010800][v196608] Super Meat Boy [UPD][01004f8006a78800][v131072] Super One More Jump [UPD][0100284007d6c800][v131072] Super Putty Squad [UPD][0100331005e8e800][v65536] Super Sportmatchen [UPD][0100a9300a4ae800][v65536] Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido [UPD][0100ddd0085a4800][v65536] Syberia [UPD][0100421003fd4800][v65536] TENGAI for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100b2600a398800][v65536] TINY METAL [UPD][010074800741a800][v131072] Tactical Mind [UPD][01000f20083a8800][v65536] Tai Gu noDa Ren Nintendo Switchba~ziyon [UPD][0100d9a005ed6800][v65536] Tales of the Tiny Planet [UPD][0100408007078800][v65536] Tallowmere [UPD][01006aa006be4800][v65536] The Adventures of Elena Temple [UPD][010035c00a4bc800][v131072] The Adventures of Elena Temple [UPD][010035c00a4bc800][v65536] The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ EU [UPD][01005b9002312800][v65536] The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ JPUS [UPD][010021c000b6a800][v131072] The Coma Recut [UPD][010033100691a800][v65536] The Count Lucanor [UPD][01000850037c0800][v131072] The Darkside Detective [UPD][01003de00918e800][v65536] The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim [UPD][01000a10041ea800][v65536] The Fall Part 2 Unbound [UPD][01003e5002320800][v131072] The Fall [UPD][01002dd00af9e800][v65536] The Flame In The Flood Complete Edition [UPD][0100c38004dcc800][v131072] The Jackbox Party Pack 4 [UPD][0100e1f003ee8800][v65536] The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Videogame [UPD][01000ce002072800][v131072] The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [UPD][01007ef00011e800][v720896] The Long Reach [UPD][010052b003a38800][v65536] The Mooseman [UPD][010033300ac1a800][v131072] The Mummy Demastered [UPD][0100496004194800][v131072] The Next Penelope [UPD][01000cf0084bc800][v131072] The Pinball Arcade [UPD][0100cd300880e800][v196608] The Sexy Brutale [UPD][0100f89003bc8800][v327680] Thimbleweed Park [UPD][01009bd003b36800][v131072] This Is the Police [UPD][0100066004d68800][v65536] Thumper [UPD][01006f6002840800][v65536] Timberman VS [UPD][0100ea1009022800][v65536] Titan Quest [UPD][0100605008268800][v65536] Toki Tori 2+ Nintendo Switch Edition [UPD][0100a2b008696800][v262144] TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- [UPD][0100d0b0093d8800][v65536] Transcripted [UPD][010009f004e66800][v65536] TumbleSeed [UPD][01004b1001d22800][v131072] Twin Robots Ultimate Edition [UPD][0100047009742800][v131072] ULTRA STREET FIGHTERtm II The Final Challengers [UPD][0100bbf0027ec800][v131072] UNBOX Newbie's Adventure [UPD][0100592005164800][v196608] UNO [UPD][01005aa00372a800][v196608] Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers US [UPD][01007330027ee800][v131072] Urban Trial Playground [UPD][01001b10068ec800][v131072] Urban Trial Playground [UPD][01001b10068ec800][v196608] Use Your Words [UPD][01007c0003aec800][v65536] VOEZ [UPD][0100a7f002830800][v393216] VVVVVV [UPD][0100b1e0022f8800][v65536] Violett [UPD][01005880063aa800][v65536] Volgarr the Viking [UPD][0100b1a0066dc800][v196608] Vostok Inc. [UPD][01004d8007368800][v131072] Vroom in the night sky [UPD][01004e90028a2800][v65536] West of Loathing [UPD][010031b00a4e8800][v65536] Wizard of Legend [UPD][0100522007aaa800][v196608] Wolfenstein II The New Colossus [UPD][01009040091e0800][v65536] Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap [UPD][0100a6300150c800][v131072] World Conqueror X [UPD][01009d500a194800][v65536] World of Goo [UPD][010009e001d90800][v65536] Worms W.M.D [UPD][01001ae005166800][v131072] Wulverblade [UPD][010033700418a800][v65536] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [UPD][0100e95004038800][v655360] Yesterday Origins [UPD][01004f4003fdc800][v65536] Yoku's Island Express [UPD][010002d00632e800][v131072] Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles [UPD][0100534009ff2800][v131072] Yono and the Celestial Elephants [UPD][0100be50042f6800][v65536] Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA [UPD][01007f200b0c0800][v262144] ZERO GUNNER 2- for Nintendo Switch [UPD][0100a6a00894c800][v131072] Zhen Dian Ai [minnaageru] ~sakuraema~ [UPD][010050300ac28800][v131072] Download Link : Click Here
  4. Hello Guys, All the links is on my drive. I'm going to upload the new games daily. I have to pay the spece on Google Drive every month. If you like it, you can support me by donation. Thank you so much. Paypal Donation: [email protected] I'm so grateful for your support. Click LIKE to see ALL GAMES's Pictures NEW GAMES ADDED Victor Vran Overkill Edition [ XCI ] [Hidden Content] Blade Strangers [ NSP ] [Hidden Content] Little Drgons Cafe (World) [ XCI ] [Hidden Content] De Blob 2 [ XCI ] [Hidden Content] MONSTER HUNTER GENERATIONS ULTIMATE [ NSP ] [Hidden Content] Prison Architect [ NSP ] [Hidden Content] Okami HD [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ XCI GAMES LETTER "#" 1-2 Switch [Hidden Content] 3D Minigolf [Hidden Content] 88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition [Hidden Content] LETTER "A" Aqua Moto Racing Utopia [Hidden Content] Arms [Hidden Content] Atelier Lydie & Suelle + Update + DLC Pack [Hidden Content] Attack on Titan 2 + Update [Hidden Content] Axiom Verge [Hidden Content] Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack [Hidden Content] All-Star Fruit Racing [Hidden Content] LETTER "B" Batman The Telltale Series [Hidden Content] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle [Hidden Content] Bayonetta [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 2 [Hidden Content] Ben 10 [Hidden Content] Brawlout [Hidden Content] LETTER "C" Cartoon Network Battle Crashers [Hidden Content] Cars 3 Driven to Win [Hidden Content] Cave Story+ [Hidden Content] Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilliogy [Hidden Content] Cube Creator X [Hidden Content] Captain Toad Treasure Tracker [Hidden Content] LETTER "D" Darkest Dungeon - Ancestral Edition (Europe) [Hidden Content] De Blob (World) [Hidden Content] Disgaea 5 Complete (USA, Europe) (En,Fr) [Hidden Content] Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [Hidden Content] DOOM [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Builders [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Heroes I&II for Nintendo Switch [Hidden Content] Dead cell [Hidden Content] LETTER "E" . . LETTER "F" Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory [Hidden Content] Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition [Hidden Content] Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star [Hidden Content] FIFA 18 [Hidden Content] Fire Emblem Warriors [Hidden Content] Firefighters – Airport Fire Department [Hidden Content] Flashback [Hidden Content] Fushigi no Gensokyo TOD Reloaded [Hidden Content] LETTER "G" Gal Metal! [Hidden Content] Gal*Gun 2 [Hidden Content] Gear Club Unlimited [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers [Hidden Content] God Wars: Nihon Shinwa Taisen [Hidden Content] Go Vacation [Hidden Content] Gotouchi Tetsudou for Nintendo Switch [Hidden Content] LETTER "H" Happy Birthdays [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes [Hidden Content] Hello Kitty Kruisers With Sanrio Friends [Hidden Content] Hotel Transylvania 3 Monsters Overboard [Hidden Content] Human: Fall Flat [Hidden Content] Hunting Simulator [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition [Hidden Content] LETTER " I " I Am Setsuna [Hidden Content] Island Flight Simulator [Hidden Content] LETTER " J " Just Dance 2017 [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2018 [Hidden Content] LETTER " K " Kirby Star Allies [Hidden Content] LETTER " L " L.A. Noire [Hidden Content] Legend of Kay Anniversary [Hidden Content] LEGO City: Undercover [Hidden Content] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 [Hidden Content] LEGO NINJAGO Movie The Game [Hidden Content] LEGO The Incredibles [Hidden Content] Lets Sing 10 [Hidden Content] Lets Sing 2018 [Hidden Content] Little Nightmares Complete Edition [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear [Hidden Content] Lumo [Hidden Content] Lego Worlds Update [Hidden Content] LETTER " M " Makai Senki Disgaea Refine [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [Hidden Content] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Hidden Content] Mario Tennis Aces [Hidden Content] Max: The Curse of Brotherhood [Hidden Content] Mega Man Legacy Collection [Hidden Content] Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 [Hidden Content] Minecraft [Hidden Content] Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure [Hidden Content] Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker [Hidden Content] Monopoly [Hidden Content] Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame [Hidden Content] Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. [Hidden Content] Monster Jam Crush It! [Hidden Content] MotoGP 18 [Hidden Content] MUSYNX [Hidden Content] MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame [Hidden Content] LETTER " N " Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy (JP) [Hidden Content] NBA 2K18 [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas 1469 [Hidden Content] Nights of Azure 2 [Hidden Content] Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit [Hidden Content] Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit [Hidden Content] Nobunaga no Yabou: Taishi [Hidden Content] LETTER " O " Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas [Hidden Content] Octopath Traveler [Hidden Content] One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 – Deluxe Edition [Hidden Content] One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition [Hidden Content] Ostwind – Das Spiel [Hidden Content] Overcooked: Special Edition [Hidden Content] Overcooked 2 [Hidden Content] Owlboy [Hidden Content] LETTER " P " Party Planet [Hidden Content] Payday 2 [Hidden Content] Penny-Punching Princess [Hidden Content] Poi: Explorer Edition [Hidden Content] Pokken Tournament DX [Hidden Content] Portal Knights [Hidden Content] PriPara: All Idol Perfect Stage [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo Tetris [Hidden Content] professional construction the simulation [Hidden Content] LETTER " Q " . . . LETTER " R " R.B.I. Baseball 2017 [Hidden Content] R.B.I. Baseball 2018 [Hidden Content] Rayman Legends for Nintendo Switch (JP) [Hidden Content] Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition [Hidden Content] Resident Evil: Revelations [Hidden Content] Retro City Rampage DX [Hidden Content] Rime [Hidden Content] Rocket League [Hidden Content] Runner3 [Hidden Content] LETTER " S " Schlag den Star [Hidden Content] Scribblenauts: Showdown [Hidden Content] SD Gundam G Generation Genesis [Hidden Content] Seiken Densetsu Collection [Hidden Content] Shantae: Half- Genie Hero Ultimate Edition [Hidden Content] Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn [Hidden Content] Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Empires [Hidden Content] Sine Mora EX [Hidden Content] Skylanders: Imaginators [Hidden Content] Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together [Hidden Content] Snow Moto Racing Freedom [Hidden Content] Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces [Hidden Content] South Park: The Fractured But Whole [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 [Hidden Content] SteamWorld Dig 2 [Hidden Content] Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection [Hidden Content] Sumikko Gurashi Sumikko Park e Youkoso [Hidden Content] Super Bomberman R [Hidden Content] Super Chariot [Hidden Content] Super Mario Odyssey [Hidden Content] Super Putty Squad [Hidden Content] SUPERBEAT: XONiC [Hidden Content] Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido [Hidden Content] Syberia [Hidden Content] Syberia 2 [Hidden Content] Stern Pinball Arcade [Hidden Content] Shining Resonance Refrain [Hidden Content] Shelter Generations [Hidden Content] Slain Back From Hell [Hidden Content] Sonic Mania Plus [Hidden Content] LETTER " T " Tales of the Tiny Planet [Hidden Content] Tennis World Tour [Hidden Content] The Coma Recut [Hidden Content] The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus [Hidden Content] The Count Lucanor [Hidden Content] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Hidden Content] The End Is Nigh [Hidden Content] The Flame in the Flood [Hidden Content] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (REV2) [Hidden Content] The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Videogame [Hidden Content] The Longest Five Minutes [Hidden Content] The Lost Child [Hidden Content] The Mahjong [Hidden Content] The Snack World [Hidden Content] Thimbleweed Park [Hidden Content] This is the Police [Hidden Content] Tiny Barbarian DX [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL [Hidden Content] Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle [Hidden Content] Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded [Hidden Content] Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version! [Hidden Content] LETTER " U " ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II: The Final Challenger [Hidden Content] UNBOX Newbies Adventure [Hidden Content] Urban Trial Playground [Hidden Content] Usotsuki Hime to Moumoku Ouji [Hidden Content] LETTER " V " Vegas Party [Hidden Content] VOEZ [Hidden Content] LETTER " W " Wild Guns Reloaded [Hidden Content] Winning Post 8 2018 [Hidden Content] Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus [Hidden Content] Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap [Hidden Content] WWE 2K18 [Hidden Content] LETTER " X " Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Hidden Content] LETTER " Y " Yesterday Origins [Hidden Content] Yokus Island Express [Hidden Content] Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles [Hidden Content] Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA [Hidden Content] LETTER " Z " Zelda Musou: Hyrule All Stars DX [Hidden Content] NSP GAMES + DLC is coming.....
  5. Hello ! I'm looking for the nsp of The Pinball Arcade with all the tables unlock specially the Bally and Williams tables before they were remove due to Pinball Arcade losing the licenses to Bally and Williams machines. Thanks
  6. Hello! As title says, if anybody can be so kind to upload a dump of said game i'd be super thankful, Thanks
  7. Publisher (s) / Developer (s): マーベラス Release date: 2017-11-24 Genre (s): 伝わりますか? この胸の鼓動が…。 放課後の教室で、彼女とはじめる心と体のリフレクソロジー Host: [GDRIVE] Format: .NSP Language: Japanese Install the NSP (eShop) using devMenu on SX OS 1.3, If you do not know how to do this a full tutorial will come soon (with pictures)! Download the file for now! Download:
  8. widiscgolfer

    [REQUEST] Spectrum Retreat

    Could someone upload this one!? 9/13/18
  9. Im looking for this 2 games and cant find them in any page. Can someone please send me the nsp (?) pleaseeeee
  10. The Messenger!!! release date 30/8/2018!!! Nsp + Update 10/10 on Destructoid. NSP [Hidden Content] UPDATE [Hidden Content] Enjoy!!!
  11. caitsith2

    [1F] Agatha Knife (NSP)

    Agatha Knife 1Fichier Link [Hidden Content]
  12. RickyBamBam

    [Request] De Blob 2 update nsp

    Generous members have shared the xci of this title, but being on a banned cert, I’m unable to update it. Not sure what the current version is as it’s fairly new. Thanks in advance!
  13. [Google Drive] Blade Strangers [NSP] No quota limit yet. Download Full Speed on My Drive. Please click LIKE to see the LINK. Thank you. [Hidden Content]
  14. This is an urgent command! Make a sally with your new comrades and destroy the mysterious terrorist organization! Game Description: "METAL SLUG 4" is an action shooting game released by SNK in 2002 andit marks as the fifth title in the METAL SLUG series. In addition to Marco and Fio, the brand new characters, Trevor and Nadia have joined the battle! Use the new items effectively and get the highest score with the new Metallish System! The "ACA NEOGEO" series has faithfully reproduced many classic NEOGEO masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. Release Date: Aug 9, 2018 Publisher: HAMSTER, Co. Category: Action,Arcade Rating: Teen Game Size: 145.00 MB Number of Players: 2 players simultaneous US eShop Game Price: $7.99 ENjoy! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Hunting season is open! Game Description: This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. Take on epic hunts on the go or from the comfort of your own home! Choose from 14 different weapon types, mix and match them with unique Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, or even play as an adorable but ferocious Felyne in Prowler Mode! Featuring the largest cast of monsters for any game in the series, from returning fan favourites to mysterious never-before-seen monsters! You can join up to three other players for co-op multiplayer action, either online or in person using local wireless. Join the hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch! Release Date: Aug 28, 2018 Publisher: Capcom Category: Action,Role-Playing Rating: Teen Game Size: 11.33 GB Number of Players: up to 4 players US eShop Game Price: $59.99 Language (subtitles): French, German, Italian, Spanish, English [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy!!
  16. Looking for: ACA NEOGEO Money Puzzle Exchanger Switch NSP
  17. Walking Dead: The Final Season + DLC [NSP] Download
  18. Anyone has this nsp? Im searching it for several days Tnx!
  19. Enjoy Guys [Hidden Content] XCI on 1Fichier : [Hidden Content]
  20. Enjoy Everybody ! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  21. timewolf

    [REQUEST] The Wardrobe

    ciao i'm looking for The Wardrobe, eshop. thanks Fabio
  22. myfw

    Overcooked 2

    Hi, Could someone upload Overcooked 2 title keys or NSP/XCI Game when game will be available? Thanks!
  23. Hello Neighbor Format: NSP File Size: 2.33GB Notes: Couldn't find this anywhere, so thought I'd throw it on here. Pulled from CDNSP and then uploaded after testing. Installed via the installer from SX OS 1.4. [Hidden Content]
  24. Looking for a dump of the arcade game Gate of Doom from the eshop plus any updates. Thanks!
  25. ZASchwarz

    [REQUEST] Animal super squad

    I have located an update title key and id but I cant find the base game