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Found 11 results

  1. This is a tutorial on how to add games to the snes app take note that not all roms are compatible with the app (mostly enix games and roms with more than 6mb) of course you need a CFW with layerdfs (atmosphere, sosx, etc) use this pack as the base LINK:[Hidden Content] (1.7.8 pack based on conex pack) the original has key that makes the importing impossible the pack its patch also you need tush:[Hidden Content] (to remove the header if your rom has one) Switch Toolbox:[Hidden Content] (to edit the cover and details image) (files and folders for points 1-8 are found in the folder 01008D300C50C000\romfs\titles) 1.grab the file 2016_e.sfrom (its mario kart) put it on a hex editor and copy everything from offset 80000-80015 (at the buttom) this is the footer 2.grab your rom put it on a hex editor and add the prevously copied footer to the buttom of the rom 3.name your rom as XXXX_e.sfrom and put it on a folder named S-XXXX_e 4.copy 2016_e.sfromsig and rename it XXXX_e.sfromsig 5.copy the files S-2016_e.xtx.z (cover) and S-2016_e-details.xtx.z (details image) rename the to S-XXXX_e.xtx.z and S-XXXX_e-details.xtx.z 6.open the 2 prevously rename files and open them on switchtoolbox replace the textures for the new cover and new details image respectively 7. open lclassics.titlesdb with notepad++ and add an entry like this "S-XXXX_e": { "code": "S-XXXX_e", "rom": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/XXXX_e.sfrom", "sort_title": "title lowercase only", "details_screen": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/S-XXXX_e-details.xtx.z", "copyright": "copyright of the game", "title": "Title", "armet_threshold": 0, "lcla6_release_date": "2019-09-01", "armet_version": "off", "sort_publisher": "publisher", "title_zhHant": "ー", "save_count": 1, "volume": 88, "title_zhHans": "ー", "publisher": "publisher", "title_ko": "ー", "rewind_interval": 1.5, "release_date": "date of release YYYY-MM-DD", "players_count": 1, the number of player supported "cover": "/titles/S-XXXX_e/S-XXXX_e.xtx.z", "simultaneous": false, true if theres multiplayer "autoplay": [] }, 8. save the lclassics.titlesdb 9. go to \01008D300C50C000\romfs\bootapp\resources\strings\en and open the strings.lng with notepad ++ 10. add an entry like this "META_TITLE_COMMENT_S_XXXX_e": "Description", 11. save the strings.lng and you are done. ask me anything if you dont understand something, i am here to help only the patch without the added roms [Hidden Content] (still can someone help me checking if this works,it would be appreciated) Theres a tool to convert sfc and smc files to sfrom files this tool only work for the snes mini and not the snes online. also remember that you should be able to change the sfrom files to sfc files and open them on your favorite emulator (even works with nintendo's roms), if it doesnt work probably something is wrong.
  2. Larsenv's DS Game Collection (6400 Games) Credit goes to Emuparadise for originally uploading these ROMs.. Game List: Descriptions: Download Here: 0001-0100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0101-0200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0201-0300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0301-0400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0401-0500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0501-0600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0601-0700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0701-0800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0801-0900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 0901-1000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1001-1100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1101-1200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1201-1300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1301-1400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1401-1500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1501-1600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1601-1700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1701-1800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1801-1900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 1901-2000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2001-2100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2101-2200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2201-2300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2301-2400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2401-2500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2501-2600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2601-2700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2701-2800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2801-2900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 2901-3000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3001-3100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3101-3200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3201-3300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3301-3400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3401-3500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3501-3600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3601-3700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3701-3800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3801-3900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3901-4000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4001-4100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4101-4200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4201-4300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4301-4400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4401-4500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4501-4600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4601-4700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4701-4800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4801-4900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 4901-5000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5001-5100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5101-5200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5201-5300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5301-5400: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5401-5500: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5501-5600: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5601-5700: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5701-5800: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5801-5900: [hide][Hidden Content]] 5901-6000: [hide][Hidden Content]] 6001-6100: [hide][Hidden Content]] 6101-6200: [hide][Hidden Content]] 6201-6300: [hide][Hidden Content]] 6301-6400: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. ALL Nintendo DS Roms 0001-XXXX Format: NDS Size: Single Parts / 1-500 MB Rom / ~400 GB Password: no Password [email protected] UploadGig.com, Uploaded.to, Share-Online.biz, Rapidgator.net, OBoom.com [Hidden Content] Use WinRar 5 please
  4. ALL Sony PSP Roms 0001-xxxx *currently online until 2400* Rom List: Format: ISO Size: 500 MB Parts / ~ 0,1-4 GB per Rom Password: no Password [email protected] Uploaded.to, Share-Online.biz, Openload.co, OBoom.com, Nitroflare.com Updates come gradually! Don´t ask for Rom XY! Thanks
  5. Can Someone dump The deer god For nintendo switch nsp format? I'm looking For it in all the web But there are no signs. Thanks!
  6. Update 11-23-11: Updated the forwarders in this package, as well as re-upped this into two parts. The first includes the app, the forwarders, and the CLEANED UP Romset (has 50 roms including official game releases, and the PD roms that were good and worked well). Now with most of the Overlays too! The second download has the complete romset only, with all the PD roms included. It's crap! Trust me, go with the cleaned up set, your not missing anything but crappy picture demo's, and games that don't work. Here is a package that includes: -Vectrex 0.3 Emulator -Cleaned Up Romset with most of the overlays! -Additional Downloadable Complete Romset (With PD roms) -3 Forwarders Here are the forwarders included: How to Install: Download Everything Here!! VectrexWii 0.3 App with Cleaned Up Romset, Overlays, and Forwarders (This Download is recommended!) [Hidden Content] Complete Romset (With PD roms) (There are a lot of CRAP roms in this set. That's why I cleaned 'em up!) [Hidden Content] Please hit the "Like" button if this helps you out! Thanks!
  7. kevinx98

    (Request) The Deer God nsp

    Please, i'm looking For this nsp on all the web But there are no signs. Thank you!
  8. Hi Guys, First of all greetings to many users in this fórum, ´cause of this we can retrieve more and more BBB games for NSW. Below, the games in Zippyshare, mediafire We transfer Files.FM GOOGLE DRIVE and MEGA... _____________________________________________________________________________________________ News 09 - 16 - 2018 - Updated TX SX OS plus NEW BOB GUI 5.0.1 plus JOY CON DRIVER TO PC etc external hdd on Docked mode, support for new models or 6.0 support ... is not a dream... Stay tuned _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ NSW GAMES + Game Updates + DLCs + Emulators + SX OS etc ( NCA/NSP Files ) CDNSP BOB GUI 3.5.4 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 : [Hidden Content] TEGRA RCM GUI 2.2 portable + installer: [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.4 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 [Hidden Content] RetroNX - Stable : (0.9.7b) [Hidden Content] Homebrew Enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.0.1 with game pics + TX SX OS Version 1.5 + TEGRA RCM GUI 2.0 + HB enabler 2.0.0 : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB GUI 4.1.1 with game pics : [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB Cert 2018/25/08 [Hidden Content] CDNSP BOB 5.01 with VALID CERT + Joycon driver + tegra gui 2.0 + SX OS 1.9 + HB enabler 2.0 : [Hidden Content] RetroNX -Nightly : UPDATED Till 16/08/2018 - [Hidden Content] _________________________________________________________________________ NSW (.XCI) GAMES LIST ZppyShare : Overcooked Special Edition : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 2 : [Hidden Content] Bomberman R : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Network Battle Crashers : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze : [Hidden Content] Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Kirby Star Allies : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Nights Of Azure 2 : [Hidden Content] Battle Chasers : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] Bayonetta 1 ( JAP+EUR ) - [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Pokken : [Hidden Content] Mario Kart 8 : [Hidden Content] Rayman : [Hidden Content] Skylanders Imaginators : [Hidden Content] Shaq-FU : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Minecraft complete : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle : [Hidden Content] __________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Transfer Iam Setsuna : [Hidden Content] Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Touhou Kobuto V : [Hidden Content] Cartoon Battle : [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes : [Hidden Content] SnipperClips : [Hidden Content] Puyo Puyo : [Hidden Content] Binding Isaac : [Hidden Content] Cave Story + : [Hidden Content] Mario Oddysey : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] Nba 2k18 : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Part 3 : [Hidden Content] Part 4: [Hidden Content] Part 5 : [Hidden Content] Yonder : the cloud: [Hidden Content] Lost Child : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] Mario Aces - Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] SteamWorld 2 : [Hidden Content] Thimbleweed Park - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Files.FM : Megaman Collection 1 : [Hidden Content] Overcooked : [Hidden Content] Penny Princess : [Hidden Content] Harvest Moon : [Hidden Content] 1,2,SWITCH : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion - [Hidden Content] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mega Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Minecraft : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Yonder : The cloud - [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Google Drive ( Just For NSW Games ) Zelda Btw : [Hidden Content] Mario KArt 8 : [Hidden Content] Arms : [Hidden Content] Has been Heroes : [Hidden Content] Sonix Forces : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] OWLBOY : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Litlle Nighmares : [Hidden Content] Legend Of Kay : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter 30Th : [Hidden Content] Max : The curse : [Hidden Content] Darkest Dungeon : [Hidden Content] Wild Guns Reloaded : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Lego Incredibles : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lego Worlds : [Hidden Content] Sine Mora EX: [Hidden Content] A.O.T 2 : [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2018 : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 JAP + ENG : [Hidden Content] Poi - explorer : [Hidden Content] Payday 2 : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Axiom Verge : [Hidden Content] R.B.I Baseball : [Hidden Content] City Rampage DX : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ JAP Only - NSW Games Winning Post : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest Alefgard : [Hidden Content] Zelda Musou : [Hidden Content] Urban Playgrounds : [Hidden Content] Musou Orochi 2 : [Hidden Content] PriPara : [Hidden Content] Naruto Trilogy : [Hidden Content] Farming Simulator : [Hidden Content] Gal Metal : [Hidden Content] Dragon Quest heroes 1 + 2 : [Hidden Content] Snack World : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameSET List 1 [Hidden Content] : NSW Games ( 30gb +-) Download : [Hidden Content] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Relaxing Songs from YOUTUBE to enjoy the games when you waiting for those files in this thread ;D JUST TO RELAX ;D [Hidden Content] - 1 Hour of Zelda relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Ori and the blind forest OST - [Hidden Content] - One hour Final Fantasy Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Kingdom Hearts Relaxing Music - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing Zelda Breath of the Wild Music + Night Ambience Sounds - [Hidden Content] - Relaxing & Beautiful Pokémon Piano Music - [Hidden Content] - DK Music Remix - [Hidden Content] - Yoshi Relax Music - [Hidden Content] - 5 hours of Mario Music - [Hidden Content] - Metroid Prime Relaxing Songs - [Hidden Content] - Summer Forest - Spyro 2 Music 1 HOUR - [Hidden Content] - Animal Crossing Relaxing - [Hidden Content] - Memento of Nights 1 Hour - [Hidden Content] - Top 300 Songs Nintendo (2018) ( 12hours ) - [Hidden Content] - Wild Arms Music the best - [Hidden Content] - Secret of mana SOngs - [Hidden Content] - Best of chibi studio 2016 - [Hidden Content] - Chrono cross relaxing music - [Hidden Content] - Dragon Quest Relaxing songs - [Hidden Content] - Calm Sega Genesis songs - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ GameTrailers : Zelda BTW : [Hidden Content] Lost Sphear : [Hidden Content] DK Frezee : [Hidden Content] Splatoon 2 : [Hidden Content] Tiny Troopers : [Hidden Content] DragonBall Xenoverse 2 : [Hidden Content] South Park Fractured : [Hidden Content] Mario Odyssey : [Hidden Content] Mario + Rabbits : [Hidden Content] Rime : [Hidden Content] Sonic Forces : [Hidden Content] Runner 3 : [Hidden Content] OwlBoy : [Hidden Content] Happy Birthdays : [Hidden Content] Gem Smashers : [Hidden Content] Neo Atlas : [Hidden Content] 1.2 Switch : [Hidden Content] Fallen Legion : [Hidden Content] Fifa 18 : [Hidden Content] Fate Extella : [Hidden Content] Lost Child : [Hidden Content] Mario Aces : [Hidden Content] Hyrule Warriors : [Hidden Content] Xenoblade 2 : [Hidden Content] PAyday 2 : [Hidden Content] ________________________________________________________________________________________ FAQ: How to in ZippyShare server : - Files are in 001.002... format Please use HJsplit : [Hidden Content] , to join the files in ONE .xci. - Zippyshare download files Please use a download manager. I suggest Mipony : [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello, Here is my No-Intro and Redump collection. I decided to post it because I risk losing everything because UptoBox me idt I do storage cold. Make it fun if you downloaded the isos will not be erased. Link inside file : ReDump - NEC PC ENGINE [Hidden Content] ReDump - SEGA CD [Hidden Content] ReDump - DREAMCAST [Hidden Content] ReDump - WII [Hidden Content] ReDump - NEO GEO CD [Hidden Content] ReDump - GameCube [Hidden Content] ReDump - PSX [Hidden Content] ReDump - SATURN [Hidden Content] No-Intro - NDS [Hidden Content] No-Intro - 3DS Encrypted - 1813 Roms [Hidden Content] Bye
  10. Softcobraweb

    fightcade 2 Fullset Roms

    Fightcade 2 Fullset Roms Download [Hidden Content]
  11. SeVeNaD


    I love that we have so many complete ROM packs for virtually every system, and I already have those.. but I can not find packs of hacked/remix roms for NES and SNES! Anybody have some bundles to spare? Thank you!